1.      Departmental Mission :

          The mission of the department is to impart knowledge and create consciousness by instilling socio-political awareness through learning and Practice, thereby building a politically aware and socially responsible society.


2.      Departmental Objective :

          The objectives of the department are :

                   i)       To create environments of learning for students to fully realize their potential and encourage innovative thinking.

                   ii)      To put emphasis on learning by doing method through seminar, group discussion, survey etc.

                   iii)     To help the academically disadvantaged students through the conduct  of remedial classes.

                   iv)     To conduct seminar, visiting lectures, workshop to increase the competency of the faculty.

                   v)      To upgrade departmental Library

                   vi)     To undertake activities towards personality development of the students.

                   vii)    To conduct social service programme.

                   viii)   To conduct awareness programme on environment.

                   ix)     To inculcate civic responsibility of the department.

                   x)      To provide financial assistance for the economically disadvantaged students of the department.


3.      Achievements so far :

                   i)       Opening of Major Course

                   ii)      Results of Students : Results have been improving  year by year. Students of H.S. regularly getting star marks in Political Science. In TDC (1+1+1) Final exams, our department has recorded hundred (100%) percent pass percentage from the  year 2010 to 2012.

                            In the year 2010, our student Manika Das had secured First Class 4th (with Distinction) position in B.A. Major Exam. conducted by the G.U.

                            In the year 2012, four of our students -

                            a)      (i) Nipan Haloi, (ii) Jyotika Choudhury, (iii) Rashmi Bora and (iv) Madhabi Singh had secured1st Class.

                            b)      (i) Jemima Sultana, (ii) Sikhamoni Pathak and (iii) Prasanta Gogoi has secured 1st classin the year 2014 (Semester system)


                   iii)     One faculty member of the department Mr. Kamal Medhi was bestowed the M.Phil degree in the  year 2009.


4.      History and Historical Performance :

          With the establishment of the college in 1978, the department of Political Science also came into being. Major courses were introduced from the 1992-93 session. Past and present professors associated with this department are as follows :

                   i)        Mrs. Geeta Choudhury

                   ii)       Mr. Bijoy Gogoi

                   iii)      Mrs. Niva Thakuria

                   iv)      Mr. Khagen Ch. Boro

                   v)       Mr. Shantanu Chakrabarty

                   vi)      Mrs Malabika Choudhury

                   vii)     Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta

                   viii)    Mrs. Dharitri Thakuria

                   ix)      Mr. Kamal Medhi

                   x)       Miss Debashmita Chakraborty

                   xi)      Chayanika Bora


5.      Admission Process :

          Students are admitted on overall merit basis for the general courses. For Major Course entrance test is conducted with the cut of marks at 50 in respective subject.


6.      Internal Assessment System :

          Internal assessment system conducted through unit test. To evaluate the students, unit tests are held by the dept. from time to time. However, from the session 2004-05, seminar presentation, group discussion, debate, home assignment etc. are doing among the students of Major classes.


7.      Facilities and Assets :

          The students are our main asset. Besides this, department has its own library with around 400 books and 8 journals. In the Central library, 802 text book, 439 references and 3 journals are available.


8.      Departmental Activities :

          i)       A departmental seminar was organized on 27th August, 2011, with equal participation by the students from all the three  years under the Major course. Presided over by the Head of the Department, Mr. Khagen Ch. Boro and attended by other faculty members - Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta, Mrs. Dharitri Thakuria and Mr. Kamal Medhi.

          ii)      A departmental debate on the topic, “Look East Policy is beneficial for North-East India” was organized on 20th October, 2011. Presided over by the Head of the Department, Mr. Khagen Ch. Boro and attended by other faculty members - Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta, Mrs. Dharitri Thakuria and Mr. Kamal Medhi, the debate was participation from all students enrolled under Political Science (Major) course.

          iii)     A departmental seminar was organized among the students of Political Science (Major), Second Semester on 22nd March, 2013.

                   All the faculty members of the Department and students of second and fourth semester, Political Science (Major) attended and participated in the seminar.

          iv)     A departmental seminar was organized among the students of Political Science (Major), Fourth Semester on 21st March, 2013, Inaugurated by Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta, the students presented various topics in various groups.

          v)      The departmental journal of the Department of Political Science, “Janachintan” was inaugurated on 22nd May, 2013 by the Honorable President of the Governing Body of Dispur College.

                   The function was presided over by the College Principal, Dr. Amar Saikia and was attended by all the faculty members of the college.

          vi)     The Department of Political Science have organised a field trip for the major students of 4th & 6th semester to Tezpur the cultural capital of Assam.

          vii)    The major students of the Political Science department from time to time organise freshers social, Teachers day where all the students participate and  take active parts. During these kinds of functions the students performs to the best of their abilitices.

          viii)   Students are helped regularly by the teacher by providing reference books, reading materials and all necessary assistance.

          ix)     Departmental seminars held for all major students.

          x)      Home assignments given to the major students.

          xi)     Some of the major students of the department are actively participated in NCC and NSS team.


9.      Strategies for future :

          i)       To undertake research publication and project.

          ii)      To implement innovative methods of teaching.

          iii)     To organise a state level seminar

          iv)     To regularly organise lectures by prominent personalities for the benefit of the students.

          v)      To undertake educational tour, exchanges programme and promote socio-cultural activities.


10.    Research Project :

          Mr. Kamal medhi, a part time lecturer of the dept has worked in ‘UNICEF’ sponsored project “PROFILE ON WOMEN PANCHAYAT FUNCTIONARIES IN ASSAM” as district project Co-ordinator, carried out by Women Studies and Research Centre, Gauhati University.


11.    Teaching techniques :

          We supplement the conventional lecture method with the learning by doing method.






12.    Academic Counselling :

          Students are always given informal academic counselling both inside and outside the classroom. However, academic counselling is now being undertaken through the Career Counseling and Guidance Cell. They are also provided with career opportunity along with academic counselling.


13.    Extension Services :

          The department has undertaken one Survey on political awareness of the people of Saukuchi revenue village near Lakhara Tinali, Guwahati. The main idea behind the survey was to study the  political awareness of the villagers, which is near the Guwahati City. The department along with the education department conducted another survey in 2001-2002. The dept. also conducted a  yoga Workshop in August 2002 along with the Economics dept. An educational tour was undertaken by the Department to the epic centre of Ahom history- Sivasagar, for the students of B.A. 3rd year.

14.    Individual Performance and Achievements of the Faculties :


          Khagen Ch. Boro

          Associate Professor


1.      Participation is Seminar / workshop / symposium :

          a)      State level on “Library and Information Science” held at Dispur College on 3rd May, 2003.

          b)      One Conference cum Workshop on 28th January 2004.

          c)      One Seminar of ACTA, Pre Conference Seminar as on 15/10/2004.

          d)      One Seminar of ACTA, 52nd Annual Conference on 29/10/2004.

          e)      One National level UGC Seminar from 30th - 31st January, 2008.

2.      Other Activities :

          a)      Was the Head of the Department from 1992 to 2012.

          b)      Working as an Examiner & Scrutiniser for Gauhati University and Assam Higher Education Council.

          c)      Working as Convener of Examination Committee in Dispur College for several times and in current session (2012-13).

          d)      Member of IQAC  of NAAC.

          e)      Member of Planning & Development Committee.

          f)       Member of Academic Committee.

          g)      Co-ordinator of Extension Education Programme.

          h)      Professor in charge for Student’s Union.

          i)       Prof. in charge of Educational Excursion (several times).

          j)        Member of Centre Committee.

          k)      In-charge of RTI Cell, Dispur College.

          l)       Question Paper Setter for T.D.C. Part II Examination, G.U.

          m)     Co-ordinator of    U.G.C. Sponsored Remedial Classes for   SC / ST.

          n)      Governing Body Member of Dispur College (Teachers Representative-2008-09)

          o)      President ACTA Unit, Dispur College, Teacher’s Unit.

          p)      Treasurer (Office Brearer) Guwahati metro Zone (ACTA), 2011-12,

          q)      Attended Golden Jublee celebration of AFACTO, 2nd March, 2013, B. Baruah College, Guwahati.

          r)       Attended the State Level Workshop and choice based creadit system (CBCS) and restructuring of Intergraduate curriculum at Pandu College on 5th   June, 2013.

          s)      Panchyat Accountabiliy and scheme under, SIRD, Assam, in 2011 and 2013 (Scrutiniser)

          t)       One Inter-institutional Discussion on the Syllabus of the T.D.C. Course of Political Science, held on 19th February, 2004, Organized by the Dept. of Political Science, Gauhati College.

          u)      Convenor & Astt. Officer Incharge, Examination Branch

          v)      Convenor, UGC sponsoned on Migration and Assam )since pre historic period for present day) on 23rd & 24th September, 2013

          w)     President, ACTA Unit, Dispur College, 2013-2014.

          x)      Convenor, Foundation Day celebration committe, Dispur College on 28th August, 2014.





          Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta.

          Associate Professor


          i)       Head of the Deptartment, Political Science, 2013


          iii)     Member of Study Circle, Dispur College.

          iv)     Member of Assam College Teacher Association.

1.      Participation in Seminar, Sorkshop etc :

          i)       State level lecture on Library and Information Science held on 3rd May, 2003 at Dispur College.

          ii)      Conference cum Workshop of the career Orientated Program on 28th January, 2004 at Dispur College, Organized by U.G.C., New Delhi.

          iii)     One inter-institutional Discussion on the syllabus of T.D.C. course of Political Science, held on 19th February, 2004, organized by the Dept. of Political Science, Gauhati College.

          iv)     One workshop on T.D.C. on new  syllabus organized by Political Science co-ordination commmittee, G.U. from 7th April to 12th April, 2004.

          v)      Attended a two day Workshop on “Preparation and Editing of Self learning Material” on 21st and 22nd June 2010 by K.K. Handique State Open University.

2.      Other Activities :

          i)       Published a text book ‘ Ussotor Madhyamik Rajniti Bigyan’ for H.S. II year in the year 2006.

          ii)      Published a text book ‘ Usotor Madhyamik Rajniti Bigyan’ for H.S. Ist Year in the year, 2008.

          iii)     Working as an Examiner and Scrutinizer for Gauhati University and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.

          iv)     Working as Assistant Officer in Charge of Examination Committee in Dispur College.

          v)      Professor in charge for Student’s Union.

          vi)     Treasurer of Assam College Teachers Association, Dispur College Unit.

          vii)    Member of Editorial Board, Dispur Teachers Bulletin.

          viii)   Dispur College Yoga & meditation Cell is being supervised by Dept. of Economics & Political Science, involved as a faculty member.

          ix)     Served as Convenor of Dispur College Welfare Society.

          x)      Served as an expert for selecting teachers in Central School, Khanapara, Guwahati.

          xi)     Served as scrutinizer by SIRD to examine the Panchayat of Dimoria, Morigaon, Panikhaiti, Chandrapur & Rani.

          xii)    Prepared study material for K.K. Handique Open University for degree level.

3.      Areas of Interest :

          Music, Travelling and Culture.



          Mrs. Dharitri Thakuria

          Associate Professor


1)      Members in various organisations :

          i)       Member of NEIPSA

          ii)      Member of NATUN SAHITYA PARISHAD

          iii)     Member of SHRIMANTA SANKAR SANGHA, ASSAM

          iv)     Member of Assam College Teachers Association

2.      Participation in Seminar, Sorkshop etc :

          i)       One National Seminar sponsored by U.G.C. held on 11th and 12th November, 2000 at Barama College. (Topic - Education for Tribal Development - special reference to N.E. India.)

          ii)      One Seminar was organized at Dispur College as the feed back of the Orientation. Course on 12th October, 2001.

          iii)     Participated in a State Level Seminar on “Extension Education And Its Role on Community Development” held on 14th and 15th September, 2002 at L.C.B. College.

          iv)     Participated in a Seminar organized at Dispur College as the feedback of the Refresher Course on 18th February, 2003.

          v)      Attended a State level lecture on Library and Information Science held on 3rd May, 2003. at Dispur College.

          vi)     Participated in the Conference cum Workshop of the Carrier Oriented Programme organized by U.G.C., New Delhi, on 28th January, 2004 at Dispur College.

          vii)    Participated in National Level Seminar Sponsored by U.G.C. held on 30th  to 31st January, 2008, at Dispur College. Presented a paper on Development of Youth and Role of Higher Education with special reference to Assam.

          viii)   Participated in the UGC- sponsored National Symposium Organized by Shillong College, Academic Society and Shillong College on June 25-26, 2010.

          ix)     Attended the 20th Annual Conference of NEIPSA at Cotton College on 9th and 10th April, 2012.

          x)      Attended the State Level Workshop on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Re-structuring of Undergraduate Curriculum at Pandu College, on 5th January, 2013.

3.      Other Activities :

          i)       Publication of Books -

          a)      Ussatar Madhyamic Rajniti Bigyan for  H.S. II year, Published in 2006.

          b)      Ussatar Madhyamic Rajniti Bigyan for  H.S. II year, Published in 2008.

          c)      Ussatar Madhyamic Rajniti Bigyan for  H.S. II year, Published in 2011.

          ii)      Working as an Examiner, Scrutinizer & Head Examiner for Gauhati University and Higher Secondary Education Council.

          iii)     Working as Assistant Officer in-charge of (T.D.C & H.S. Exam.) Examination Committee at Dispur College during the session of 2002-04, and 2006-09.

          iv)     Adviser of Editorial Board, Dispur College Teachers Bulletin for the year  2008 and a member of Editorial Board from 2009-13.

          v)      Convenor of S/C, ST and Minority Cell of Dispur College and one Lecture session was organized in the banner of this cell on 28th September, 2011.

          vi)     1st Volume of Departmental Journal - “Janacintan” edited and published on May, 2013.

4.      Area of Interest :

          Sports, Music and Culture.







          Mr. Kamal Medhi

          Assistant Professor (Contractual)


1.      Participation in Seminar & Workshop :

          i)       Participated in the one day Orientation Program on “Mechanism to Enhance Quality Conrol of Evaluation” held at IGNOU Regional Centre, Guwahati on Friday the 19th of October, 2012.

          ii)      Attended at UGC sponsored National Symposium of ‘Great Depression of 1930s and Present Global Economic Meltdown-Identifying the commonalities and lesson thereof’ held on 25th and 26th June 2010 in Shillong College and presented paper title “Political Dimensions of the Global Crisit”.

          iii)     Attended National Level UGC Seminar on Development of Youth & Role of Higher Education held from 30th to 31st January, 2008.

          iv)     Completed training course on Disaster management held from 6th to 8th November, 2007 at Assam Administrative Staff College, Guwahati, sponsored by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

          v)      Attended Faculty Development Programme on 1st February 2007, organised by ICFAI University.

          vi)     Attended in a workshop held at Guwahati College on the subject, “Reconstruction of Syllabus of Three Years Degree Course” (Political Science) on 15th November, 2004.

          vii)    Attended in a Conference cum Workshop of the carrier oriented programme on 28th January 2004 organised by UGC.

          viii)   Worked in a N.G.O. “SHARADHA” as Founder member and carried out various Social Service Campaign in different parts of Barpeta District.

2.      Publications :

          i)       Published a text book named ‘Antarastriya Sampark’ for 4th semester course (Major & General) in Political Science.

          *        ISBN No.: 978-93-244-0175-5

          *        Published in the year : 2003.

          ii)      Published text book for H.S. 2nd Year named ‘Ussatar madhyamic Rajniti Bignyan’ in 2006.

          iii)     Published text book for H.S. 1st Year named  ‘Ussatar madhyamic Rajniti Bignyan’ in 2008.

3.      Other Activities :

          i)       Worked in UNICEF sponsored project “Pfofile onWomen Panchayat Functionaries” and “Social Sector Schemes and programmes for Women and Children in Assam”, as Project Investigator entrusted by “Women’s Studies and Research Centre” Gauhati University, in which I led 10 members team.

          ii)      Served as Scrutinisers to assess the panchayats of Dhemaji & nagaon under the project of Panchyat Accountability and Empowerment Scheme (PAES) under SIRD, Assam, 2013.

          iii)     Working   as Asst Co-ordinator cum Academic Counsellor in IGNOU Conversance Scheme in Dispur College.

          iv)     Has been involving in various examination related works such as Evaluation & Scrutiny of Degree and master  degree level of G.U., IGNOU, KKHSOU etc.

          v)      Served as the member of Admission Committee of the College from

4.      Area of Interest :

          Social Work, Writing, Music, Travelling & Driving.



          Mrs. Debashmita Chakraborty

          Assistant Professor (Contractual)


1.      Achievement :

          Cleared National Eligibility Test (NET) in 2012.

2.      Professional Skill :

          Knowledge of MS-Office and Internet.

3.      Attendance & Participation in Seminar, Workshop :

          i)       Attended a Seminar on the Election Process in Assam in Cotton College, in 2009.

          ii)      Attended a Seminar in the Omea Kumar Das Institute of Soio-Cultural Development (ORDISCD) on Conflict and Conflict Resolation in South Asia, in 2009.

          iii)     Participated as a Repporter in a seminar on Conflict and Conflict Resolution in South - Asia organised by the OKDISCD in 2009.

Requirement of Data for Major permission


Detailed Enrolment Position (Stream wise, Class wise) of TDC in General Course for theCurrent and the last five years

   Stream             Year                                  Class wise                             Total

    ARTS                                     1st year         2nd year          3rd year

                       2009 - 2010              

                       2010 - 2011              

                       2011 - 2012              

                       2012 - 2013              

                       2013 - 2014              


Detailed Enrolment Position (Stream wise, Class wise & Subject wise) of TDC in Major Course for theCurrent and the five three years


Stream            Year            Class                                            Subject wise


                                                          Ass.    Pol. Sc.    Edn.       Eco.       Phi.       Hist.    Eng.

Arts            2009-2010     1st year                     19           

                                        2nd year                     15

                                        3rd year                      9

                                      Sub Total                   43

                  2010-2011     1st year                     11

                                        2nd year                     14

                                        3rd year                     10

                                      Sub Total                   35

                  2011-2012     1st year                     43

                                        2nd year                     07

                                        3rd year                     12

                                      Sub Total                   63

                  2012-2013     1st sem                      20

                                        2nd sem                     31

                                         3rd sem                     06

                                      Sub Total                    

                  2013-2014     1st sem                       

                                        2nd sem                      

                                         3rd sem                      

                                      Sub Total                    


Detailed Results of TDC in General Course (Stream wise) in Final Examinations of the las five years.

   Stream              Year             Result in Final Examination                Percentage of pass

                                                         Total                     Total

                                                      appeared                passed

    ARTS        2009-2010                 






Detailed Results of TDC in Major Course (Stream wise) in Final Examinations of the last five years.

Stream              Year             Sub. wise             Result in final Examination            Percentage

                                                                                                                                  of pass

                                                                                Total                     Total

                                                                            appeared                passed

Arts               2009-2010         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science                   9                           9                   100%






                     2010-2011         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science                   9                           8                   90%






                     2011-2012         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science                  11                         11                  100%






                     2012-2013         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science                   6                  Not declared






                     2013-2014         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science






Detailed about classes held during the last four years (Separate Sheet for each Major)

Academic         No. of              Name of the month          Effective no          No. of              No. of             Remarks

Session             working                                                        of teaching           Holidays         Holidays

                            days                                                              days during          during              during the

                                                                                                  the month             the month       month

2009-2010          00                   July’09                                Vacation               31                     N/A

                              25                   August’09                           25                           06

                              25                   September’09                   23                           07

                              13                   October’09                         17                           14

                              24                   November’09                    24                           06

                              25                   December’09                    25                           06

                              18                   January’10                         20                           11

                              24                   February’10                       Exam                     06

                              24                   March’10                            Exam                     06

                              20                   April’10                               Exam                     09

                              23                   May’10                                24                           07

                              26                   June’10                               26                           04


2010-2011          00                   July’10                                Vacation               31                     N/A

                              25                   August’10                           20                           05

                              25                   September’10                   24                           02

                              13                   October’10                         16                           11

                              24                   November’10                    24                           02

                              25                   December’10                    25                           02

                              18                   January’11                         21                           06

                              24                   February’11                       Exam                     01

                              24                   March’11                            Exam                     01

                              20                   April’11                               Exam                     04

                              23                   May’11                                26                           01

                              26                   June’11                               11                           15


2011-2012          00                   July’11                                Vacation               31                     N/A

                               25                                        August’11            22                 5

                               25                                        September’11    25                 1

                               13                                        October’11          14                 12

                               24                                        November’11     24                 2

                               25                                        December’11     25                 2

                               18                                        January’12          20                 6

                               24                                        February’12        24                 1

                               24                                        March’12             26                 1

                               20                                        April’12                22                 3

                               23                                        May’12                 26                 1

                               26                                        June’12               26                 Nil


2012-2013           00                                        July’12                 Vacation      31            N/A

                               25                                        August’12            23                 4

                               25                                        September’12    22                 3

                               13                                        October’12          16                 11

                               24                                        November’12     24                 3

                               25                                        December’12     25                 1

                               18                                        January’13          22                 5

                               24                                        February’13        23                 1

                               24                                        March’13             22                 3

                               20                                        April’13                23                 3

                               23                                        May’13                 23                 2

                               26                                        June’13               25                 Nil


Detailed Drop-out and success rates during the last three years. (ARTS) Major.

            Year                        Classes                  No. of             No. of Students             No. of                 Success

                                                TDC                  Students            appeared and            drop-out                   rate

                                                                           enrolled             passed in the

                                                                                                        final Exam.

      2009-2010                   Ist Year               19              Ap-18, P-11              01                  70%

                                 IInd Year               15               Ap-11, P-9               04                  85%

                                 IIIrd Year               09                Ap-9, P-9                Nil                 100%


     2010-2011              Ist Year                11               Ap-11, P-8               Nil                  72%

                                 IInd Year               14              Ap-13, P-12              01                  90%

                                 IIIrd Year               10                Ap-9, P-8                01                  90%


     2011-2012              Ist Year                43              Ap-36, P-30              07                  83%

                                 IInd Year               07                Ap-7, P-7                Nil                 100%

                                 IIIrd Year               12              Ap-11, P-11              01                 100%


     2012-2013              Ist sem                20              Ap-18, P-16              02                  88%

                                  IInd sem                31              Ap-30, P-28              01                  93%

                                 IIIrd sem                06                   Ap-6                   00       yet to out the result






Library Position

       Total No. of                  Total No. of             Total No. of                      Number of Books Subject wise

           text Books                    periodicals        Reference Books

                                                                                                                       Subjec                                No. of books

               1566                        11                     584               Assamese                                                                                                                Pol. Science                                     1566







For the purpose of NOC/Concurrence :

          A.      Stream wise particulars subject(s) introduced / proposed to be introduced in TDC general Course

           Sl. No.                       Subject                                        Stream            Year of opening

           1.       Assamese (MIL), English,                                     

                   Elective Assamese,

                   Political Science,                                              ARTS                      1978

                   Education, Economics

                   Alernative English,

                   Philosophy, History


          B.      Stream wise particulars subject(s) introduced / proposed to be introduced in TDC Major Course.

           Sl. No.                       Subject                                        Stream            Year of opening

           1.     Assamese

           2.     Pol. Science                                                     ARTS                      1978

           3.     Education

           4.     Economics

           5.     Philosophy

           6.     English

           7.     History


Detailed Enrolment Position (Stream wise, Class wise & Subject wise) in particular Subject of TDC in General Course for theCurrent and the last five years


Stream       Year        Class                                  Subject wise


                                                   Ass.   Pol.Sc.   Edn      Eco.     Phil.       Hist   Eng.  Alte.   ESL

ARTS        2009-10     1st year                  186

                                2nd year                 182

                                 3rd year                  178

                               sub-total                546


                2010-11     1st year                  210

                                2nd year                 186

                                 3rd year                  182

                               sub-total                498


                2011-12     1st year                  242

                                2nd year                 210

                                 3rd year                  166

                               sub-total                618


                2012-13     1st year                  73

                                2nd year                 220

                                 3rd year                  200

                               sub-total                493


                2013-14     1st year                 

                                2nd year                

                                 3rd year                 



Laboratory Facilities for the particulars subject(s) : Department of Education


          i)       Laboratory Rooms (Department wise)

                   Department                    No. of Rooms                 Size of Rooms (in ft)



Departmental Library :


            No. of reference Books - 145


NAAC Visit

NAAC Peer Team visit to Dispur College, Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati-6, Assam during 31st August 2015 to 2nd September 2015 for accreditation (Cycle-II).


The College Authority will verify only the certificate issued by the College Authority on submission of hard copy of the document together with bank draft of Rs 100/- in favour of "Principal, Dispur College" payable at BOB, Dispur Branch, Guwahati and send to the college postal address. There should not be any communication through email or telephone.

College Address:
Office of the Principal
Dispur College
Ganesguri, Dispur
Guwahati 781006
Kamrip (M), Assam


All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords

Students from the College participated in All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords competition and won the 2nd prize on 26.10.2014.


Vision & Mission

To attain and ensure quality enhancement in higher education to produce qualitative productive and expert human cpital for an excellent economic and social life of the state in particular and nation as a whole.

We are committed to the upliftment of the economically disadvantaged section of society through dissemination of learning and uniform expansion of their mental, physical and moral aspects thereby generating for society an effective workforce.

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