1.   Vision of Management Department:

      The vision of the Management Department is to attain and ensure quality enhancement in management studies in higher education to produce qualitative and expert managerial personnel.

2.   Mission of Management Department:

      The mission of the management department is to uplift the society by imparting management studies and the uniform expansion of management knowledge thereby generating an effective managerial workforce for the society and building future entrepreneurship in order to develop self employment among the students of the department.

3.   Value Statements: 

      We are committed to the success of our students as they are our most valuable resource.

4.   Objectives of the Department:

      a)    To create environments of learning for students to fully realize their potential and encourage innovative thinking.

      b)    To impart emphasis on learning by doing method through seminar, discussion etc.

      c)    To help the academically / financially disadvantaged students through the conduct of remedial classes on a regular basis.

      d)    To upgrade the departmental library to E-resource centre.

      e)    To conduct awareness programme on financial literacy.

      f)    To instill e-commerce in the college.

5.   Achievements So Far:

      a)    Opening of Major Courses from the session 1997-1998.

          b)      Results of students have been improving year by year. Students of higher secondary are regularly good marks in Business studies. Every year, students of B.Com. Classes are also getting Degree with Major in Management.

          c)       More than 50 students enrolled for Management Major in Semester    

6.   History of the Department of Management (Commerce Stream):


Ø  Dispur College was established in 1978, The College came into existence to meet the growing demand for higher education due to the shifting of the capital of Assam from Shillong to Dispur. During the tenure of Principal, Shri Reba Kanta Hazarika the college shifted to its present premises in 1987, at the foothill of Narakasur Hill near Ganeshguri Chariali, Dispur, in the heart of Guwahati City.

Ø  From the academic session 1991-92 the Commerce Stream was introduced at the Higher Secondary level in the morning shift to meet the demands of the students of the locality.

Ø  From the academic session 1994-95 the commerce stream was introduced at the degree level in the morning shift. GU Permission to introduced TDC 1st Year in Commerce from 1994-95 EC Res No. 94/24/292(39) dt. 17.12.1994.

Ø  The College was recognized by the UGC U/S 2 (f) and 12(B) in 1996 and received regular UGC Grant from 8th Plan onwards.

Ø  Major courses in Management were introduced from the 1997-1998 session for all morning shift degree students.

Ø  Govt. Concurrence also received for TDC 1st Year (General Course) in 2000; TDC 2nd Year (General Course) and TDC 3rd Year (General Course) in 2001.

Ø  National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore recognized the college at the National level in 2004 and was Graded “B”

Ø  The Commerce Stream has been getting Government Financial Assistance from the session 2006-07 at a regular interval till 2012-13.

Ø  Gauhati University grant permanent affiliation for the TDC General Course from the session 2007-2008 and Major courses in Management also introduced in Evening Shift from the session 2007-2008.

Ø  From the session 2011-12, the college has started following the semester system both in major and general courses at undergraduate level as directed by the Gauhati University.

Ø  On the same session i.e. 2011-12, due to increasing workload under semester system and decentralization of commerce stream, the Governing Body of the College created four separate departments e.g. Dept. of Accountancy, Management, Finance & Mathematics in conformity with other affiliating colleges and classes are held in day shift.

Ø  Gauhati University granted permission for TDC 1st Year Commerce (Major Course) in Subject – Management from the session 2004-05

Ø  Services of 10 faculties, 1 Junior Assistant, 3 Grade IV of Commerce Stream have been Provincialised by Govt. Sanctioned Order No. AHE.133/2013/428 dated 4th January 2014 and become Govt. employee w.e.f. 1st January 2013.

Ø  Gauhati University granted permission for TDC 2nd Year Commerce (Major Course) in Subject – Management from the session 2012-13 Vide EC Res No. R/EC-04/2014/35 (4)  Dated 27/05/2014

7.   Present Faculty Members:



Date of joining

Contact No.

Dr. Monalisa Choudhury

Associate Professor, HOD




Mrs. Tribeni Barkataky

Associate  Professor




Mrs. Mosumi Devi

Assistant Professor




Mrs. Daisy Das

Assistant Professor





8.   Admission Process:

      Students are admitted on overall merit basis for the general course, and students having 55% in the concern subject of Management Group are allowed Major in Management. 

9.   Internal Assessment System:

      Internal Assessment System is conducted through Sessional examination in all the semester of the B.COM course according to the rules of University.  The method of assessing the students’ academic standing in order to provide enrichment are - by holding class tests, tutorial classes and question-answer session in general classes after every topic has been completed. For Major students class tests were held. Home assignments are given and group discussions are also conducted for self evaluations which are closely monitored by the Department.

10.        Discipline and Academic Counseling:

                       Discipline is strictly maintained in and around the campus. Students are prohibited from taking Gutka / Panmasala, etc. within the campus. During college hours, students cannot use mobile-phones. Counselling both for academic and personality development                            is carried on by the teachers from time to time. Above all, a friendly environment is maintained both in the class room and outside to make the process of teaching- learning more fruitful. Students have always been given formal counseling both within and outside the class room. Now, however, academic counseling is being undertaken through the Career Counseling and Guidance Cell. Academic course link include on methods of answering the questions, generally before and after the unit test and final examination. Students are also counseled before every project work, seminar as how to do the work and also after the completion of the work on the loopholes in the work done.

11.        Facilities and Assets:

      The department has its own library with around 258 numbers of books and reference books. These books are used by the students as text book and references.  

12.        Extension Services:


a)              Project Work for B.Com. Six Sem. Major Students conducted by taking the students to various Business Establishments in and around Guwahati City.


b)      Parents-Guardian meet held on 3-9-2014 A Parent-Guardian meet was held on 3rd September, 2014 to discuss various problems and prospects of their ward. Guardians attended the meet and they put forward their views and opinions about the college.


13.        Class Distribution of the Department:

      Class Distribution of the Department is done on the basis of the Master Routine of the College. The copies of class routine of the faculties are enclosed herewith

14.        Subjects of the Management Department :

      Class                     Major Paper                   General Paper

      B.Com 1st. Sem    Human Resource           Business Organisation &

                                Management (HRM)       Entrepreneurship

                                                                  Development (BOED)

      B.Com 2nd Sem    Human Resource           Principles of             

                                Development &             Management (POM)

                                Planning (HRPD)

      B.Com 3rd Sem    Industrial Relation          Corporate Law (CL)

                                & Labour Law (ILL)

      B.Com 4th Sem    Cost & Management       ----

                                Accounting (CMA)         


      B.Com 5th Sem    Customer Relations &     Marketing Management

                                Retail Trade Mgt (CRM)  (MMN)

                                                                  Financial Management


                                                                  Regulatory Framework

                                                                  of Business I (RFB)

      B.Com 6th Sem    Project Report              Regulatory Framework

                                                                  of Business II (RFB)


15.        Departmental and Individual Membership of Local, National andInternational Bodies / Associations

a) Dr. Monalisa choudhury (HOD), Assistant Professor

             Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy  by G.UMarketing of processed Food in    Assam with special reference to fruit and vegetable industry’ in the year 2002

      i)     Member, Governing Body, Dispur College.

      ii)    Member, Managing Committee, Department of BBA, BCA, Dispur College.

      iii)   Member, IQAC, Dispur College.

      iv)   Nominated as member of Assam State Commission for Women by the State Government, Assam


            b) Tribeni Barkataky Asstt. Prof.

             i) Member of committee of courses and studies in the deptt. of Commerce,G.U in the year 2008 for 3 years.

             ii) Provisional registration for Ph.D on 15.6 2009 on the Topic ‘Consumer preferences and practice in retail sector - A study in Guwahati City’

             iii) Member of Editorial Board College News bulletin 

             iv) Member of Yoga Cell, Dispur College 

             v) Member of Cross Culture Centre, Dispur College 

             c) Mosumi Devi Asstt. Prof.

             Member of committee of courses and studies in the deptt. of Commerce,G.U in the year 2012 for 3 years. Final Registration for Ph.D on 24.05.2013 on the Topic Managerial & economic aspects of mobile theatre establishment in Assam.

16.        Future Strategies:

      a)    To undertake research publication and project,

      b)    To implement innovative methods of teaching,

      c)    To organize lectures by prominent personalities for the benefit of the students,

      e)    In the long run, the Department has future plan for opening up P.G. Courses.


17.        Enrollment and Results of the Department:

      Enrollment and Results of the Department of Finance for last three years are as follows:

        B.COM (Management Major) Result: 

            Year                        Enrollement       Result (Pass Percent)

            2010                        161                  81%

            2011                        188                  78.5%

            2012                        261                  87%

            2013                        189                  91%

            2014                        125                  92%


      C) Higher Secondary Result -

      Academic Years    20092010201120122009201020112012

      Enrollment   Result

        Pass % in HS(Commerce)     132   141   150   150   94.1%       93.4%       91.2%        92.4%

18.               SELF- PROFILE OF FACULTIES:

A. Dr. Monalisa Choudhury, HOD, Assistant Professor


NAME                                                             DR MONALISA CHOUDHURY

FATHER’S NAME                                               Sri. I . H Choudhury

DATE OF BIRTH                                                  16-01-1973

AGE                                                                       35 years

Ed.QUALIFICATIONS                                       M.COM, LL.B Ph.D.

RELIGION                                                            Islam

COMMUNITY                                                     Assamese

CASTE                                                                   General

NATIONALITY                                                    Indian

PRESENT ADDRESS                                          126, Bhetapara Road,

                                                                                Hatigaon Chariali,

                                                                                Near police station,


PERMANENT ADDRESS                                        -do-

PHONE NO                                                          0361-2266358®, 9435819882, 9957570796,

TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                 9 Years in college level, 2 years in

                                                                                                University level






High School Leaving Certificate

Board of Secondary Education ( Holy Child School)


I                     1988


Higher Secondary

Assam Higher Secondary Education Council


II                    1990


Gauhati Commerce college     ( Under Gauhati University)


II                    1993


Gauhati University


I                     1995


LL.B                                        B.R.M Govt Law College                50.4%                          II                   1997

                                                Under Gauhati University

Awarded Ph.D Degree by the Gauhati University for the Thesis entitled “Marketing of processed Food in Assam with special reference to fruit and vegetable industry” in the year 2002. Exempted from NET requirements by virtue of Ph.D degree before December 2002 as per UGC guideline.






The Emerging paradigm of Outsourcing industry in Industry

Conference Seminar Eighth International conference on Emerging issues in accounting,IT, Business & management

Research Development Association ,  Jaipur India

Jan 5 & 6, 2008

Floriculture industry: Its Problems, Strategies& Measures


Deptt. Of Econimics

Dispur College


New ethical paradigm for plantation industry- The case of insurgency funding by the tea gardens in Assam

The Indian Journal of Commerce

Indian Commerce Association


Food Processing Industry in the North East. Its Prospects & Problems

Journal of Commerce Golden Jubilee Volume

Gauhati University


Strategy for development of fruit and vegetable based industry in Assam

 Journal of the North Eastern Council

Director, Information and public relation North Eastern Council,Shillong


Guwahati: A hub of industrial and commercial buoyancy of the North East India

Guwahati: The Gateway to the east

Concept Publishing Company              

New Delhi


Forensic Accounting: An emerging area of accounting profession

“Marketing Problems for Entrepreneurs of Fruit & Vegetable Industry of Assam.           

Journal of commerce Gauhati University

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship Development in North East Region Organised by Donbosco University in collaboration with Gauhati University.

Gauhati University

Don Boco University in collaboration with G.U.









Marketing of processed fruit and vegetables

Daya Publishing house       

New Delhi



Published in College Magazine – ARUN:

Ø  Witch hunting in Assam: A social menace (Arun Dispur college Magazine Year 2011-12 17th edition.

Ø  Social media and its impact on society (Arun Dispur college magazine 2012-13 , 18th edition.

Ø  Commerce education: its growth and development in Assam (Arun Dispur college magazine 2008-09 , 14th edition.

SEMINARS ATTENDED:                                                                                 

Ø  National level UGC Seminar on” Development of Youth and Role of higher education with special reference to Assam”  organized by Dispur College, Guwahati sponsored by UGC as on 30, 31 Jan 2008


Ø  Seminar cum workshop on ” Food processing industries in the N.E region”  held  in Guwahati by Institution of Engineers (India), Assam state centre as on 3,4 Nov 1997


Ø  Seminar on Global Conveyance of Commerce Education by Deptt. Of        Commerce , Gauhati University as on 28 June 2006                                                         


Ø  Conference cum worshop of career oriented programme at Dispur College organized by UGC New Delhi                                                                            28 Jan 2004


Ø  59th  All India Commerce Conference organized by the faculty of\ Commerce and Management studies, Andhra University, Vishakapatnam (A.P) India 28,30 Dec 2006


Ø  Seminar on Food Processing by Expo North East 1998 promoted by N.E Chamber of Commerce and industry Guwahati and organized by New wave display services Pvt Ltd Kolkatta, 10 Dec 1998


Ø  Presented Paper in National Conference on Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship Development in North East Region Organised by Donbosco University in collaboration with Gauhati University. The title of the Paper “Marketing Problems for Entrepreneurs of Fruit & Vegetable Industry of Assam, 22, 23 August, 2014


Ø  UGC sponsored national seminar on Migration and Assam from pre historic period to present day on 23 & 24 th sept 2013 organized by Dispur college in collaboration with ACTA kamrup metro zone ghy.


Ø  UGC sponsored national workshop on college development - Challenges and opportunities jointly organised by Rangia college and Dispur college at GU, 14th & 15th February 2014  


Ø  Paper presentation of the titled Marketing problems for entrepreneurs of fruit and vegetable processing industry of Assam in the National conference on emerging trends in entrepreneurship development in North east India at Don Bosco college of engineering and technology,


1.      Name                                               :      TRIBENI BARKATAKY

2.      Name of the Institution                 :       Dispur College

3.      Date of Birth                                   :       31-7-1972

4.      Department                                     :       Management

5.      Designation                                    :       Assistant Professor

6.      Nature of Job                                 :       Permanent

7.      Date of Joining                              :       20-7-2001

8.      Address for Communication       :       B.K. Phukan Road

                                                                           Machkhowa, Guwahati - 9

                                                                           Opposite - Phukan Park.

9.      Educational Qualification :

     Name of               Year of          Name of Board/Council/      Division/     Percentage of

     Examination         Passing         University                             Class          marks obtained


     H.S.L.C.               1988              Board of Secondary             IInd             55.2%

                                  Education, Assam


     H.S. (Com)           1990              Assam Higher Secondary    IInd             56.1%

                                  Education, Assam


     B.Com (H)            1993              Gauhati University               IInd             54%


     M.Com (H)           1996              Gauhati University               1st              61%


     B.Ed.                    1998              Gauhati University               IInd             56%

10.    Professional Qualifications :

     Sl. No.      Description of        Date and Year        University/Institution      Class/Grade

          Qualification                      of passing               (Affiliated)


          M. Phil05-04-2008            Madurai Kamraj University                           IInd

          (As on



10.    Other Qualification :                   

          (i)      Diploma in Computer Application from Starlite Foundation in the  year 2000.

          (ii)     Visharad in Tabla from Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow.

11.    Research Work :                         

          Provisional Registration for Ph.D  on 15.6.2009 on the topic Consumer Preference and practice in retail sector- A study in Guwahati City.

12.    Workshop & Seminar :

          i)       Participated in Specialized Managerial Training Course in Working Capital management Conducted by SISI, Guwahati from 3-1-1994 to 14-1-1994.

          ii)      Participated in the Universities Talk AIDS Phase II programme officer’s Training Workshop Organized at Guwahati on March, 11-13, 2002.

          iii)     Participated State level Lecture on Library and Information Science held on 3rd May, 2003.

          iv)     Attended two day National Seminar on The Need for Entrepreneurship Education in the Changing Scenario organised by Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship on 2nd & 3rd March, 2005.

          v)      Participated in the two day workshop held on 29th & 30th May, 2007.

13.    Publication :

          i)       Gauhati University Journal of Commerce Volume IV, 2007, ISBN-0971-4715  2006-0708 on the topic “Rural Entrepreneurship Role of RVIC in Development of Rural Industries of northern India.

          ii)      Entrepreneurial Development Programme and its importance spectrum Vol IV,  issue 1, 2008.

          iii)     Role of the Khadi & Village industries Board in Assam Spectrum Vol. II Issue 1, 2006.

          iv)     Tea Tourism in Assam Specturm Vol. Issue 1, 2005.

14.    Membership / Participation in Bodies of :

          i)       Member of Committee of courses and studies in the Dept. of Commerce, Gauhati University in the year 2008.

          ii)      Member of Examination Branch of Dispur College.

15.    Other Experience : Working as a part time Lecturer in the Post Graduate Department of Gauhati Commerce College.

16.    Extra curricular Activity : Writing stories & articles in Assamese Magazine & Newspaper.

17.    Participation in College corporate life :

          i)       Member in Nature Club.

          ii)      In-charge of Girls Common Room in the year 2004.

          iii)     Member of carrier counselling cell.

18.    Participation in Examination Work :

          i)       Working as a examiner of B.Com. Examination of G.U.

          ii)      Working as a examiner of NIOS.

          iii)     Working as a scrutiniser of B.Com. Examination of Gauhati University.


Name                                         :    Moushumi Devi


Father’s Name                          :    Sarat Chandra Sarma


Spouse’s Name                       :    Dr Bhaskar Jyoti Baruah


Date of Birth                              :    10/12/1976


Department                               :    Management


Designation                              :    Assistant Professor


Phone No                                  :    9706044795


Permanent Address                :    D/O Sarat Ch Sarma, 12 L.N.B Road, Left I Bye                                                                                Lane, Near Hatigaon High School,

                                                         P.O – Hatigaon, Guwahati – 781038

Address for Communication  :    Same as above


Academic Qualification         :


Exams  Passed           Board/University            Div/Class%      of mark         Year of passing


H.S.L.C                               SEBA                           1st                63%                    1992


H.S.(Com)                          AHSEC                          2nd                56%                    1994


B.Com.                       Gauhati University                  2nd                57%                    1997

(Major in Mgt.)


M.Com                       Gauhati University                  2nd                57%                    2001

(Personnel Mgt.)


M Phil                         Periyar University,                  1st                71%                    2008

Tamil Nadu



Additional Qualification :

          (i)      6 months Diploma in Computer Application.

          (ii)     Vocational Degree in Tourism & Travel Mgt.

          (iii)    Visharad Part I in Vocal from Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow in the year 1990.

          (iv)    Passed Satriya Vocal (Borgeet) ulfillment from Satriya Kala Kendra, Guwahati in 1993.

          (v)     Undergone Practical Training in Das & Sharma,   Kamarpatty, Ghy as an Articled Clerk bearing Registration No. CC03507 of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India from the period of 20/10/1997 to 6/11/1998.

          (vi)    Passed DOEACC ‘A’ Level Examination in the Papers –

                   A1R3 – IT Tools & Application,

                   A3R3 – Programming & Problem Solving through ‘C’ Language

                   A5R3 – Structured system Analysis & Design

                   A9R3 – Data Communication & Computer networks

          (vii)   Course work done for Ph.D programme under Gauhati University in the year 2011


Other Qualification:

          (i)      One year working experience as Part Time Lecturer in K.C. Das Commerce College in the year 2002-03

          (ii)     Evaluation of answer script  and scrutiny of Degree Final Exam of Gauhati University in the year ...........

          (iii)    Evaluation of Answer Script of  IGNOU examination in the year 2011


Research Activity:

          (i)      Research work done in partial ulfillment of M. Phil Course from Periyar University.

                   Topic : “Role of I.I.E in promoting Entrepreneurship in Guwahati”

          (ii)     Pursuing Ph.D work from Gauhati University on the topic “ A study on Managerial & Economic Aspects of Mobile Theatre Establishment in Assam”


Additional Qualification:  

          (i)      6 months Diploma in Computer Application.

          (ii)     Vocational Degree in Tourism & Travel Mgt.

          (iii)    Visharad Part I in Vocal from Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow in the year 1990.

          (iv)    Passed Satriya Vocal (Borgeet) ulfillment from Satriya Kala Kendra, Guwahati in 1993.

          (v)     Undergone Practical Training in Das & Sharma,   Kamarpatty, Ghy as an Articled Clerk bearing Registration No. CC03507 of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India from the period of 20/10/1997 to 6/11/1998.

          (vi)    Passed DOEACC ‘A’ Level Examination in the Papers –

                   A1R3 – IT Tools & Application,

                   A3R3 – Programming & Problem Solving through ‘C’ Language

                   A5R3 – Structured system Analysis & Design

                   A9R3 – Data Communication & Computer networks

          (vii)   Course work done for Ph.D programme under Gauhati University in the year 2011


Other Qualification :

          (i)      One year working experience as Part Time Lecturer in K.C. Das Commerce College in the year 2002-03


Examination Activity:

          (i)      Participate in examination work in Gauhati University degree level final exam & HS Final Exams.

          (ii)     Work as Evaluator & Scrutinizer in B.Com Final Exam., 2014

        (iii)     Evaluation of  Answer Script of  IGNOU examination in the year 2011


Research Activity :

          (i)      Research work done in partial ulfillment of M. Phil Course from Periyar University.

                   Topic : “Role of I.I.E in promoting Entrepreneurship in Guwahati”

          (ii)     Pursuing Ph.D work from Gauhati University on the topic “ A study on Managerial & Economic Aspects of Mobile Theatre Establishment in Assam”

Workshop & Seminar Attended :

          Presentation of Seminar Paper :

                   (i)      Title of paper : “Sustainability of Mobile Theatre Establishement of Assam as cultural entrepreneurs” at National Conference on ‘Emgerning trends in entrepreneurship development in NE India’ at Don Bosco College of Engineering and Teconology, Azara on on 22nd & 23rd August, 2014.

                   (ii)     Title of paper “Mobile Theatre Units – The Cultural Entrepreneurs of Assam” at UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Folk Tradition of performing art in the NE India, orgazinesed by Department of Assamese, Bajali College on November, 12th & 13th, 2013

                   (iii)    Title of paper “Vocational Education in changing socio-econmic” on UGC Sponsored seminar on Importance of Vocationalisation of Commerce Education in view of changing trend in the socio-econmic aspects at R. G. Baruah College on 9th & 10th January, 2004.

                   Participation in Seminars & Workshop :

                   (i)      Workshop on “Paper setting and evaluation of Answer Scripts in Commerce” held on 22nd May, 2014 at Department of  Commerce Gauhati University..

                   (ii)     UGC sponsored Workshop on “Art appreciation with special reference to performing art at R. G. Baruah College, 10th & 11th Feb, 2012.

                   (iii)    UGC sponsored National seminar on “Migration  & Assam from Pre Historic period to presentday on 23rd & 24th Sept, 2013 at Dispur College.

                   (iv)    Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship from 16-02-2004 to 27-02-2004 in I.I.E, Ghy.

                   (v)     Participated in the workshop on “Methods of Research & Proposal Writing” organised by IASSI & OKD Institute of Social Change & Development during June 26-July2, 2012 at Ghy.

                   (vi)    Attended a two day National Seminar on “The Need for Entrepreneurship Education in the changing scenario” organised by I.I.E Ghy on 2nd & 3rd March 2005.

                   (vii)   Participated on the National level U.G.C Seminar on Development of Youth & Role of Higher Education with special reference to Assam on 30th & 31st Jan 2008.

Publication in Maganizes & Journal :

          (i)      Published an Article titled “Vocational Education in changing Socio – economic scenario (with special reference to Commerce Education) in the Book Vocationalisation of Higher Educationa collection of Articles, published by R.G. Baruah, Ghy.

          (ii)     Published an Article titled in Arun – College Magazines of Dispur College

          (iii)    Published an Article Titled “A study on Economic Viability of  Cultural Enterprises in Assam with special reference to Mobile Theatre Units” in the Gauhati University Journal.

Participation in College – Corporate Life :

          (i)      Member in Nature Club, Dispur College

          (ii)     Judge in Fine Arts Competition in College Week. 2012

          (iii)    Judge in Minor Games Competition in College Week. 2013

          (iv)    Judge in Debate Competition in College Week. 2013

          (v)     Judge in Literary Competition in College Week. 2013



Name                            :                  Daisy Das


Permanent Address :          C/O Babul Ch. Das

                                        Satgaon, suryanagar, house no – 50

                                        Post office – Udayan Bihar,

                                        PIN- 781171, P.S – Sasal

                                        Kamrup (M), ASSAM

Career objective

        Seeking a position to utilise my knowledge and abilities in a reputed institutethat offers Professional growth while being ,resourceful, knowledge sharing and providing quality teaching to the students.




Exam passed         Name of                     Name of               Year of            % of

                                   Board/University     Institution           Passing          Marks

H.S.L.C                     SEBA                          Axom Jatiya         2007                 80.10%

                                                                        Vidyala, Ghy

H.S.S.L.C.                AHSEC                       Gauhati                2009                 69.00%



B.Com.                      Gauhati                      Gauhati                2012                 71.33%

(Management)         University                   Commerce


M.Com.                     Gauhati                      Gauhati                2014                 8.38

                                   University                   University


Academic  achievement

      1)    Sanskrit  96 (secured highest marks in the year 2007 i,e state highest)

             Several awards received such as, Govinda saran padak in auniati satra at majuli, Dipika sarma memorial award in guwahati, Rajeshar sarma and Jayanti priya devi memorial award in tezpur, Gunaviram choudhury award in ghy.

      2)    1st class 1st in Gcc and 1st class 3rd in gauhati university in management in the year 2012

      3)    Cleared SLET in the year 2013 (December)

Computer skills

        Computer basics and tally 9.1 certified.

Acadmic Projects and Seminars

        Academic projects, “A study on human resource management in hospitals in guwahati city.”

        Research paper, A national seminar at Don Bosco university paper titled,     “A study on women entrepreneurship in assamese traditional jewellery in guwahati”. It was organized by Don Bosco university, sponsored by north eastern council, shillong  and Indian council of social science research new delhi.


NAAC Visit

NAAC Peer Team visit to Dispur College, Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati-6, Assam during 31st August 2015 to 2nd September 2015 for accreditation (Cycle-II).


The College Authority will verify only the certificate issued by the College Authority on submission of hard copy of the document together with bank draft of Rs 100/- in favour of "Principal, Dispur College" payable at BOB, Dispur Branch, Guwahati and send to the college postal address. There should not be any communication through email or telephone.

College Address:
Office of the Principal
Dispur College
Ganesguri, Dispur
Guwahati 781006
Kamrip (M), Assam


All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords

Students from the College participated in All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords competition and won the 2nd prize on 26.10.2014.


Vision & Mission

To attain and ensure quality enhancement in higher education to produce qualitative productive and expert human cpital for an excellent economic and social life of the state in particular and nation as a whole.

We are committed to the upliftment of the economically disadvantaged section of society through dissemination of learning and uniform expansion of their mental, physical and moral aspects thereby generating for society an effective workforce.

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