1.      Departmental mission :

          To impart proficiency in the English language by helping to develop in the students,  through learning and practice, interest in literature as well as acquiring requisite skills in the language.

2.      Departmental Objectives :

          The Objectives of the Department are as follows :

          i)       To develop the creativity of each and every student.

          ii)      To increase student-teacher interaction both within and outside the class in order to provide guidance and counselling.

          iii)     To hold seminars, give assignments and project works at regular intervals and thereby help to generate both interest and skills in the subject.

          iv)     To facilitate the use of the departmental library.

          v)      To conduct remedial classes for the academically disadvantaged students.

3.      Departmental Faculty :

          A.      Faculty position :

                   There are at present four sanctioned posts in the department. There are also two guest lecturers. The faculty members of sanctioned posts at present are as follows :

                   i)       Dr. Nandini Barooah Sharma, Vice-Principal (Associate Professor)

                   ii)      Mrs. Jabin Akbar. (Associate Professor)

                   iii)     Dr. Manjaree Sharma. (HOD and Associate Professor)

                   iv)     Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Sarma (Assistant Professor)

          B.      Past Faculty

                   i)       Mrinal Khound

                   ii)      Siva Borah

                   iii)     Dayananda Pathak

                   iv)     Geetam Sharma

                   v)      Monimala Borthakur

                   vi)     Ranjita Chowdhury

                   vii)    Ditimali Nath

                   viii)   Leena Bordoloi

                   ix)     Parthana Barua

                   x)      Aparajita Mahanta

                   xi)     Antara Gogoi

                   xii)    Barasha Barman

                   xiii)   Bhatima Barman

                   xiv)   Himakshi Kalita

                   xv)    Poonam Sharma

                   xvi)   Chayanika Roy

                            (This is till the year 2012)

C.      faculty profile :

                   Dr. Nandini Barooah Sharma

          a)      Obtained Ph.D in 1997 under the guidance of Prof. Hiren Dutta under Gauhati University

          b)      Refresher Courses attended :

                   i)       Refresher Course in Department of English, Dibrugarh University, from 20th February to 12th March, 1998.

                   ii)      Refresher Course in English at Administrative Staff College, Gauhati University, from 10th July 1998 to 30th July, 1998.

                   iii)     Refresher Course in English at Administrative Staff College, Gauhati University, from 27th February to 19th March, 2001.

          c)      Obtained Selection Grade Scale on 1st October, 2002.

          d)      Seminars Attended :

                   i)       Seminar on “Post Modern Fiction”  held on 21st and 22nd January, 2000 at Department of English, Gauhati University.

                   ii)      National Seminar on “Lacan and Contemporary Critical Discourses” held on 24th to 26th July, 2001, at Department of English, Gauhati University.

                   iii)     National Seminar on “Indo-Anglian Literature”  held on 12th to 13th November, 2002, at B. Borooah College, Guwahati-7.

                   iv)     International Conference on“Education and Survival of Human Race” held on 14th to 16th December, 2002, at  Assam State Centre of Council for Teacher Education, Administrative Staff College, Guwahati.

                   v)      Seminar on “Indian Writing in English” held on 11th April, 2003,  at Department of English, Gauhati Commerce College in association with NEIFES.

                   vi)     State Level Lecture on “Library and Information Science” held on 3rd May, 2003, at Dispur College, Guwahati.

                   vii)    Conference cum Workshop of the Career Oriented Programme “Vocationalisation of Higher Education” held on 28th January, 2004, Organised by University Grants Commission at Dispur College, Guwahati.

                   viii)   National Seminar at Dispur College on“Development of Youth and Role of Higher Education with Special reference to Assam”, on 30th and 31st January, 2008. Presented a paper entitled “Literature the Youth and Globalisation”.

                   ix)     Presented a paper at the National Seminar at Dispur College on “Higher Education UG Level : Problem of Major Student”.

                   x)      Presented a paper jointly with Indrani Chowdhury Mahanta and Kamal Medhi - “Political Dimensions of the Global Economic Crisis”, in Shillong College National  Symposium on Great Depression of 1930s and present Global Economic Meltdown-Identifying the Commonalities and Lessons Thereof held on June 25-26, 2010.

 Honours - Awards :

                   i)       Was presented Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution in the field of Table Tennis in Assam by The Assam Olympic Association
in July, 2009.

                   ii)      Was felicitated by all Assam Students Association and All Guwahati Students Association for contribution in the field of Table Tennis in Assam on April 14th, 2011.

                   iii)     Won the Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles Table Tennis titles in the All Guwahati Teachers Table Tennis Championship organized by Handique Girls’ College in February, 2001.


          Mrs. Jabin Akbar

          a)      Refresher Course Attended :

                   i)       Refresher Course in English at Administrative Staff College, Gauhati University held from 27th February to 19th March, 2001.

                   ii)      Refresher Course in Administrative Staff College at Gauhati University, held on 8th August to 20th August, 2005.

                   iii)     Refresher Course in Administrative Staff College, Guwahati from 8th to 28th November, 2010.

                   iv)     Refresher Course in Administrative Staff College, Guwahati from 21st February to 13th March, 2011.

          b)      Seminars Attended :

                   i)       Three day training programme on  “Education in Spiritual and Human Values-Life Empowerment” held at Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (Education Department) and Gauhati University (a.c.e.c) from 10.11.2000 to12.11.2000.

                   ii)      A three day training Programme on “Living Values, an Educational Programme” held at Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Guwahati from 22.07.02 to 24.07.02

                   iii)     National Seminar on “Indo Anglian Literature” held on12th - 13th November, 2002 at B. Borooah College, Guwahati.

                   iv)     International Conference on “Education for the Survival of Human Race” held on 14th - 16th December, 2002 at Assam State Centre of Council for Teacher Education at Assam Administrative Staff College, Guwahati.

                   v)      Attended the talk on “Post Modernism” organised by NEIFES in collaboration with the English Department at B. Borooah College, Guwahati on 9th January, 2003.

                   vi)     Seminar on “Indian Writing in English” held on 11th April, 2003 by Department of English, Gauhati Commerce College in collaboration with NEIFES.

                   vii)    State Level Lecture on “Library and Information Science” held on 3rd May, 2003 at Dispur College, Guwahati.

                   viii)   Seminar on “Translation in Prose and Poetry” organised by NEIFES and Pub-Kamrup College at Baihata Chariali on 23rd October, 2003.

                   ix)     National Seminar at Dispur College on “Development of Youth and Role of higher Education with Special reference to Assam”, on 30th and 31st January, 2008. Presented a paper entitled “Literature, the Youth and Globalisation”.

                   x)      Attended SAM workshop on “Capacity building of women managers in Higher Education” from 21st to 25th January, 2001.

                   xi)     Attended seminar on “Implementation of Semester System and Role of Teachers” held at S. B. Deorah College on 21st April, 2011

                   xii)    Accompanied students to Guwahati Commerce College on 25/9/10 as teacher in-charge for Premo Pranya Chowdhury Memorial Annual Inter College Debating Competition. The topic was “Ethical Role of Modern Indian”. Dipankar Barman got 1st prize and Hriday Goswami got 2nd price and Dispur College was adjudged as Best Group.


          C.      Publication :

                   i)       Edited a book on Arthur Miller’s “Preface to Collected Drama” (Book Land Publication).

                   ii)      Edited a book on James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon” (Book Land Publishers).

                   iii)     Edited the book Globalization, Higher Education and Youth ISBN-978-93-80261-04-1.

          1.      Deputed as Inspecting Officer in Arya Vidyapeeth College by SSC on 15th November, 2009.

          2.      Deputed as Subject Expert for teachers interview of the HS level by the DPI office on 28/6/10, 18/12/10 and 20/12/10.

          3.      Invited as board member in Staff Selection Commission, Govt. of India for the post of ASI in CISF in 1st & 4th February, 2011, Metrological Assistant on 12th January, 2011 and AI in CPO, Botanical Assistant in Botanical Survey of India on 1st & 10th June, 2011.

          Dr. Manjaree Sharma

          a)      Obtained Ph.D in 2004 from Gauhati University under the guidance of Prof. G. P. Sarma, Former Dean, Faculty of Arts and HOD, Department of English, Gauhati University.

          b)      Obtained Selection Grade Scale on 25/6/2005.

          c)      Received an award for academic excellence for securing First Class First in MA (Final) from Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund in the form of three books by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1993.

          d)      OP / Refresher Courses Attended :

                   i)       Refresher Course in English at Administrative Staff College, Gauhati University from 1st to 21st December, 1998.

                   ii)      OP at Administrative Staff College, Gauhati University Administration from 29th May to 25th June, 2000.

                   iii)     Refresher Course in English at UGC Administrative Staff College, Gauhati University from 20th January to 9th February, 2003 (Received Grade A).

                   iv)     Refresher Course in English at UGC - Administrative Staff College, Gauhati University from 27th November to 17th December, 2006 (Received Grade A).

          e)      Seminar Attended :

                   i)       Seminar on Post Modern Fiction held on 21st and 22nd January, 2000), at Department of English, Gauhati University.

                   ii)      National Seminar on “Lacan and Contemporary Critical Discourses” held on 24th to 26th July, 2001 at Department of English, Gauhati University.

                   iii)     National Seminar on “Indo Anglian Literature” held on 12th - 13th November, 2002 at B. Borooah College, Guwahati.

                   iv)     Attended the talk on “Post Modernism” organised by NEIFES in collaboration with the English Department, B. Borooah College, Guwahati on 9th January, 2003.

                   v)      Attended Seminar on “Ibsen” organized by Department of English, Gauhati University on 27th and 28th February, 2003.

                   vi)     Attended talk on “Indian Writing in English” organized by NEIFES in collaboration with the English Department, Guahati Commerce College on 11th April, 2003.

                   vii)    Seminar on “Translation in Prose and Poetry” organized by Pub-Kamrup College, Baihata Chariali in collaboration with NEIFES on 23rd October, 2003.

                   viii)   Conference cum workshop of the Career Oriented Programme “Vocationalisation of Higher Education” held on 28th January, 2004  organized by University Grants Commission at Dispur College, Guwahati.

                   ix)     Seminar on “Edward W Said and the Politics of Culture” organized by the Department of English, Gauhati University on 30th and 31st January, 2004.

                   x)      State Level Lecture on “Library and Information Science” at Dispur College, Guwahati (23rd May, 2003).

                   xi)     NAAC Decennial Lecture Series on quality Higher Education and Sustainable Development on 28th August, 2004.

                   xii)    Seminar on Vocationalization of Higher Education held on the 56th Annual Conference of ACTA on 29th October, 2004.

                   xiii)   Meet with the Poet Kabin Phukan, organized by NEIFES on 12th February, 2005 at B. Borooah College.

                   xiv)   National Seminar on “Mikhail Bakhtin and the Aesthetics of Transgression” organized by the Department of English, Gauhati University held on 4th, 5th, 6th January, 2005 and the Forum on Contemporary Theory at MS University, Boroda.

                   xv)    Faculty Development Programme for College Teachers on Professional Growth through Self-Awareness Conducted by DBYES at Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati on 21st and 22nd January, 2005.

                   xvi)   National Seminar on “The Post Colonial Novel” held on 21st and 22nd, 2006 at Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati.

                   xvii)  National Level Seminar at Dispur College on Youth and Role of Higher Education with reference to Assam, held on 30th  and 31st January, 2008. Presented a paper entitledLiterature, the Youth and Globalization.

                   xviii)The 3rd Anita Baruah Memorial Lecture held on 25th October, 2008 organized by the Department of English, Gauhati University.

          f)       Publications :

                   i)       Translated in English a chapter of noted Assamese Novelist Rajanikanta Bordoloi’s “Rohdoi Ligiri”. This appeared as an Appendix in the monograph on the writer written by Dr. Nirmal Prabha Bordoloi and published by Sahitya Akademy in 1995. (pp. 42-46).

                   ii)      “Tea, Nature’s Gift to Mankind” article published in “Spectrum” Vol.- I, December, 2005 (pp. 32-34).

                   iii)     “Whither Modern Man’s Shangri-la” article published in “Arun”, 9th edition, 2003-04 (pp. 5-6)

                   iv)     “On Folk Culture and the Assamese” article published in “Arun”, 11th edition, 2005-06 (pp. 68-71).

                   v)      Assisted in the translation (certain aspects) of Madanjit Singh’s “Sasia’s Story” published by SNPD, UNESCO in co-operation with the European Commission, South Asia Foundation, 2005.

          g)      2010 - 2011

                   1.      Attended talk on “Literature and Identity” organized at GU as part of the Anita Baruah Sarmah Memorial Lecture Series on 21/11/2010.

                   2.      Attended “CONFLUENCE” - Asia International Literary Festival organized by North East Writers’ Forum at Don Bosco Institute, Karguli, Guwahati on 4/12/2010.

                   3.      Deputed as Subject expert for Teachers Interview of the HS level by DPI office on 28/4/2011, 18/12/2010 and 20/12/2010.

                   4.      Published a paper on “Literature, the Youth and Globalization” in the Seminar held at Dispur College on 30th and 31st January, 2008 on the subject “Development of Youth and Role of Higher Education with special reference to Assam - ISBN no - 978-93-80261-04-01.

Guest faculty :

          Ms Poonam Sharma

          1.      Term in Dispur College : 3/8/2010 - 16/8/2012

          2.      Attended talk on “Literature and Identity” organized at GU as part of the Anita Baruah Sarmah Memorial Lecture Series on 24/11/2010.

          3.      Attended “COFLUENCE” - Asia International Literary Festival organized by North East Writers’ Forum at Don Bosco Institute, Karguli, Guwahati on 4/12/2010.

          4.      Attended National Seminar on “Imaginary Homelands of Salman Rushdie” on January 20th - 21st, 2011 organised by the Department of English, G. U.


          Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Sharma

          a)      Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) by North Eastern Hill University, Shillong (NEHU) in the department of English for the thesis entitled “An East West Interface : John Keats and Indian Thought” on 20th March, 2013.

          b)      M. Phil in English from Madurai Kamaraj University for the dissertation entitled “Robert Frost and the Poetry of Silence” on July, 2010.

          A)      Membership of professional boards, extension work/community service such as socialism, humanism, flood, welfare activities, leadership role etc.

                   1.      Life member of Asom Sahitya Sabha.

                   2.      Life member of Assam Natya Sanmilan.

                   3.      Life member, Board Casting Club of India, head office New Delhi (President Mr. Arun Sakat IBPS).

                   4.      Incharge, Asstt. General Secretary, Dispur College Students Union (2003-04)

                   5.      Convenor cum Conselling officer Dispur College Counselling and Guidance cell.

                   6.      Member, Dispur College Commerce Forum.

                   7.      Participated as a teacher member in the cultural group of students of Dispur College in Jyotirupa Media Award Presentation Ceremony.

                   8.      As a teacher member in the cultural team in the Youth Festival 2004 held at Gauhati University.

                   9.      Worked as co-producer, in the background announcer, documentaries script translator, “Bhari Gaon”: (folk song practiced in Dorongee culture), ‘Padasina’ - a teleplay as co-producer, ‘Pandunath Dewalaya’ - a doucmentary based on ancient temple heritage of Guwahati, as scriptwriter, background voice announcer.

                   10.    Member, Asom Sahitya Sabha, Bhagabati Prasad Baruah auditorium development committee 2010-2012.

                   11.    General Secretary, Book Fair & Exhibition Committee 76th Howly Rass Fesival.

                   12.    Life member, Asom Kalatirtha, Guwahati.

                   13.    Life member, Indian Philosophical Congress (IPC)

                   14.    Life member, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune (R. No. 1079).

                   15.    Life Member, “Jyotirupa” a cocio-cultural organization of Assam dedicating for the development of amateure theatre in Assam for the last 30 years and also organizing prestigious Jyotirupa media awards, Guwahati, Assam.

                   16.    Life Member Kamrup Anusandhan Samittee a prestigious socio-cultural research organization of Assam.

                   17.    Member, Vivekananda Kendra, head office Kanykumari, Chennai.

                   18.    Member, ISBS (Indian Society for Buddhist Studies) for 2011.

                   19.    Life member, Comparative Literature Association of india, new Delhi, Kolkata.

                   20.    Life member, Folklore Society of Assam, Guwahati.

                   21.    Life member, Shakespeare Association of india.

                   22.    Life member, India Society for India Studies (ISIS) a unit of Dr. Paramamitra Shastri Education and Charitable Trust, Vododara, Gujrat, India.

          B)      Membership of Journals :

                   1.      Life member, Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetes.

                   2.      Life member, Rock Pebbles, a peer-reviewed International Journal.

                   3.      Life member, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (JICPR)

                   4.      Indian Literature (Sahitya Academy)

                   5.      Asian Quarterly - a peer-reviewed Internationa Journal Published by CASE (Cantre for advance studies in English, Pune, Maharastra).

          C)      Details of Contribution in Teaching During the year

                   i)       Paricipated in Design of Curriculum and Textbook of English for Upper Primary classes organized by upper Quality Improved project under Sarba Siksha Abhijan held from 7th to 9th May, 2003, at Sikshak Bhawan, Guwahati-3

                   ii)       Participated in the one day Workshop held on 20th January, 2007 at Guwahati Commerce College, on Framing of B.Com, syllabus for college under Gauhati University.

                   iii)      Worked as moderator of english Question paper of State Institute of Open School (SOS), under Assam Higher Seconadry Education Council, Bamunimadain, Guwahati.

          D)      Details of Publication, Seminars, Conference etc.

                   1.      Paper entitled “The Bihu Festival in Assam - A study in Cultural Geography” accepted for presentation and publication in XXXV the Indian Institute of Geography (JIG) National Geographers meet, on 28th to 30th November 2003 held Banaras Hindu University, Varansi, U.P.

                   2.      Article title : Krira Sailir Sadhana and Howly Sakriyata (Executive of sports technique and contribution of greater Howly Area) Published in “MURULI” a commemorative volume of Platinum Jubilee Utsav, November 2002.

                   3.      Published report in “MIDDAY” a highly circulated daily published from Mumbai and Pune.

                   4.      Paper entitled Mulkraj Anand and Contemporary India, accepted for presentation and publication in UGC sponsored National Seminar on Indian English In North Lakhimpur Girls College.

                   5.      Paper entitled “Multiculturalism and teaching of English with special reference to Assamese Vernacular” is presented in the national seminar organized by dept. of ELT Govt of Assam.

                   6)      Paper entitled, “The Ramayana and Assamese Culture”, accepted for presentation and publication in the second international conference on the Ramayana held at Sankardev Kalakshetra, Guwahati.

                   7)      Published a poem entitled “ The Despair of Beautiful Moon”. In Dispur College Annual Publication “ARTIN” 2003.

                   8)      Presented a paper entitled “The Birthday Party - Printer, Comedy of Menace”, in a seminar organized by Dept. of English, Dispur College.

                   9.      Presented a paper entitled “The concept of Bhakati in the Ramayana : Its impact on our life and culture.” In the second international conference on “The Ramnayana : Our Life and Culture” held at Srimanta Kalakshetra, Guwahati, Assam on 4th and 6th Nov. 2005.

                   10.    Paper entitled “Values, Indian culture and the English Romantics : A Comparative perspective” has been selected for presentation in the 84th Indian Philosophical Congress, Mumbai 2009 where keynotes address given by Nobel Laurate Amartya Sen on 24’ Oct. to 27th Oct. 2009. Book of Abstracts, ISBN 023.. 032-800-8 MACMILLAN Publishers India Ltd.

                   11.    Paper entitled Environmental Degradation : A Formidable Challenge to Indigenous Tribal Culture” presented in UGC sponsored National Seminar on Envirohnmental Degradation and its impact on Indigenous Cuture and Economy held on Sept. 22 23rd 2006 at Handique Girl’s College, Guwahati.

                   12.    Presented paper entitled “Privatization of Higher Education Growing Challenges : A socio-economic perspective” a UGC sponsored seminar held on 4’ & 5th Feb, 2008, organized by B.H. College, Howly, Barpeta, Assam.

                   13.    Presented paper entitled “ John Keats and Indian Philosophical Thought” in the First Asian Philosophical Congress, March 6-9, 2010, INU, New Delhi, organized by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi, book of Abstracts, ISBN 023-032-926-8.

                   14.    Presented paper entitled “Inndianess in Nissim Ezekiel’s Poetroy” in the UGC sponsored, National Seminar on the theme ‘Indianness in Modern Indian Literature held at Chaygaon College, Kamrup, Assam 8th & 9th January, 2010.

                   15.    Presented paper on “T?he Confluence of Occident and Orient : S.T. coleridge and Indian Philosphical Thought” in the Indian Philosophical Congress, 85th session held at Gauhati University on Ocotober 26.27.28 & 29, 2010.

                   16.    Presented paper titled “Gender Hegemony : A feminist reading of Arundhati Rays’. “The God of a small things”, in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Identity crisis, self and the Family in Women Writers in Indian English” held on 2’ January, 2010, at Barnagar College, Sorbhog, Barpeta, Assam.

                   17.    Presented paper on “Environmental Ethics & Social Integration” in ICPR sponsored National Seminar in the Phanidhar Dutta Seminar Hall at Gauhati University on March 29,30 & 31, 2011.

                   18.    Presented paper entitled “Cultural Diversity Socio Cultural value of Assamese Ojapali, Orissan Pala and Abhangas of Maharastra : Globalization a Prospect”, in UGC sponsored National Seminar organized by Department of Assamese of Dhing College, Dhing, Nagaon, Assam on & 4th June, 2011.

                   19.    Presented paper entitled “Cultural Confluence : Buddhism and English Romantics” in the Eleventh Annual Conference of Indian Society for Budhist Studies in association with Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Deemed University, New Delhi, Under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India held on 16-1 8th September 2011 at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok, Sikkim.

                   20.    Published an article in International (Peer Review) Journal Rock Pebbles (IS SN 0975-0509) entitled Irony in the Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra in Jan. - June, 2011 Jayanta Mahapatra Commemorative volume.

                   21.    Published an article entitled “An Underground Journey, Khajuraho of East” in the Souvenir of North East Book Fair 2011, Guwahati.

                   22.    Presented paper entitled “Environmental Ethics, Social Integration and sustainable development : An observation” at XIII Annual International Seminar an “Ethics, Morality, and Spirituality” held on January 4-5-2012 at New Delhi, under the joint auspices of Delhi School of Professional studies and Research (Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, affiliated to CGS Idraprastha University, accredited by Accreditation Service for International College (ASIC), U.K. and American University Accreditation Council (AUAC) USA.

                   23.    Presented paper on “The concept of Navadha Bhakti and Srimanta Sankardeva” in International conference on Bhakti Movement and Srimanta Sankardeva, 9th to 11th March, 2007 at Progyotish College, Guwahati.

                   24.    Presented paper on “Jaganath Tradition : A Socio-Cultural influence on Assamese Society” in 2nd International conference on Jagan Nath Consciousness and Globalization : A p rospect, 24th to 26th September, 2010 at Bashtriya Sankrit Sangsthan (A Deemed Universtiy under MHRD, Govt of India), Puni, Odisha.

                   25.    Presented paper on “Indian Philosophy and the poetry of William Wordsworth” in 24th Indian Social Sciences Congress held at Gauhati University, Assam 27th - 31st December, 2010.

                   26.    Presented paper entitled “In search of Blisss and Beatific Vision : Thirty two palaces of delight and the Budhist concept of delight and pain” in 12th Annual Conference of Indian Society for Budhist studies held at Doon University Debradun, Uttarakand, 24th Nov. 2012.

                   27.    Presented paper on “Upanishadic thought in John Keats” in 2nd World Veda Conference held at Maharshi Sadipani Rashtriya Veda Vidya Pratishthan, Ujjain (M.P., 4th Nov, 12.

                   28.    Presented paper on “English Romanticism and Indian Philosophy : An Interface” in 87th Indian Philosophical Congress (IPC), L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar, 7th to 10th Nov, 2012.

                   29.    Presented paper on “Environmental Ethics and Social Integration” A Philosophical perspective” in the National Seminar on Philosophy for Social Integration held at Gauhati University, 29th - 31st March, 2011.

                   30.    Presented paper entitled “Indian Philosophy and the English Romantics : A study in Infleuence” at 1st International Conference of ISIS 2013, New Delhi, India at Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Center from 29th - 31st March, 2013.

                   31.    Presented paper on “Mysticism in the Tales of Monoj Das” in National Seminar on Culture, Language and Translation in the 21st century held at Vysanagar Autonomous College, Jaipur Road, Odisha in collaboration with The International Journal “Rock Pebbles” July 2013



                   1.      “Meet the Author” - organized at Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Howly Rass Festival 2002, attended by Dr. Mamoni Roysom Goswami, Gyanpeeth Awardee and Prof., Literature Dept., Delhi University.

                   2.      Organized a Conference of UGC on “Vocationalization of Higher Education” at Dispur College in 2003 where all the Principal of the Colleges of the N.E. States were the Participants sponsored by UGC, NERO.

                   3.      Organized a “Poet Meet” at the 76 Howly Rass Festival on 14th Nobermber 2003 attended by Sahitya Academy Awards Winner poet Hiren Bhattacharty and Several other well-known poet and critic of Assam.

                   4.      Organized a seminar on “Rassleela, Bhagaban Krishan’s influence on Indian Culture’ attended by Murlee Krishna Das, Temple Present, ISKCON Juhu Centre, U/O/, Sri Jiva Das, Temple President ISKCON, Guwahati Centre, Dr. Depak SArma, Member, ISKCON, Dr. B.C. DAsh, Faculty member Dept. of English B.H. College, Akshya Misra, President, Barpeta District Sahity Sabha.

                   5.      Organized the CABE Committee conference of higher education under the department of HRD Govt. of India at Assam Administrative Staff College, Guwahati in association with UGC NERO, Member, Org.

                   6.      Organized “Jyotirupa” s 30th one act competition (N.E. basis) in July 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

                   7.      Organized Jyotirupa Theatre Festival in April 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. AGS.

                   8.      Organized All Assam Principal’s Association Bienial Conference at Dispur College as media coordinator.

                   9.      Organized International Conference on Bhakati Movement and Shrimanta Shankardev held on 10th to 12th March 2007.

                   10.    Organized International Conference on the Ramayana : Our Life and Culture held on 4th, 5th & 6th Nov. 2005, at Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhestra Society, Guwahati.

                   11.    Publicity Secretary of 85th IPC, Guwahati held on Oct 26-29, 2010 at G.U.

                   12.    Organized and act as in-charge of NSS integration camp held from 1st June to 14th June, 2008.

                   13.    Organized various Career Oriented Programme by Army Recruiting Branch Narengi, ICWA, ICA, ICFAI University, Air Hostess Academy, Railway Recruitment Board Guwahati, etc. and also organized Blood Donation Camp under Career Counselling and Guidance Cell of Dispur College time to time.

                   14.    Organized International Conference of Indian Society for India Studies as “Ancient Indian Wisdom and the Modern World” held on March 29-31-2013 at Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre, New Delhi. Editor, Abstract book.

                   15.    Participated as a teacher in-charge in the G.U. Youth Festival 2012 at Gauhati University along with a group of students.

                   16.    Participated in the various events as teacher in-charge in Noath East level Media Festival, Communika, 13 organized by Department of Communication and Journalism at Gauhati University campus on 2nd & 3rd May, 2013.


                   1.      UGC sponsored National Seminar on Indo-Anglian Literature and November 2002 organized by B. Baruah College, Guwahati.

                   2.      UGC sponsored workshop on “Counselling, Guidance and Mental Health of College Students” held on 29th and 30th March, 2004. Organized by Academic Staff College, Gauhati University, Guwahati.

                   3.      State level Seminar for College Teacdher on “Extension Education and its role in Community Development” organized by Academic Committee, Lalit Chandra Bharali College, Maligion, Guwahati, on 14th to 15th Sept., 2002.

                   4.      State level lecture on “Library and information Science” held in Dispur College 3rd May, 2003.

                   5.      A workshop on Curriculum and Textbook of English for Upper Primary classes organized by Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission from 7th May to May, 2003.

                   6.      Participated in the “UTA Phase II” progamme organized by National Service Scheme Dispur College, Colony side, Lastgate, Guwahati.

                   7.      Attendant Workshop and Business Communication “Conducted by Mr. Santikam Hazarika, Director, Assam Institute Management Guwahati and Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Tamuli, Professor, Dept. of ELT, Gauhati University 31st July 2004.

                   8.      Participated in “Disaster management” workshop 6th to 8th Nov. 2007 organized by Govt. of Assam. Directyorate of Training Assam Administrative Staff College, Jawaharnagar, Khanapara, Guwahati -22.

                   9.      Participated in UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Development of Youth and Role of higher Education” with Special Reference to Assam on 30h & 31st January, 2008.

                   10.    Participated in the one day Workshop held on 20th January, 2007 at Guwahati Commerce College, on Framing of B. Com, Syllabus for College under Gauhati Universtiy”.

                   11.    Participated in Faculty Development Programme Entreprenurship from 01.01.2007 to 12.0 1.2007 organized by Indian Institute of Entreprenurship, Govt. of India, Guwahati, Assam.

                   12.    Participated in the two day Workshop held on 18th & 19th Nov. 2006 at Guwahati Commerce College, Guwahati on Existing Examination  System in Undergraduate Courses (Comm) under Gauhati University.”

                   13.    Participated in the Faculty Development Programme for College Teacher on Professional Growth through Self Awareness on 21st to 22nd Jan, 2005, at Donbosco Institute, Kharghuli, Guwahati.

                   14.    Participated in the UGC sponsored “Workshop on Career Counselling” organizes by Career Counselling and Placement cell of Arya Vidyapeeth College during May and 28th, 2011 Arya Vidyapeeth College.

                   15.    Participated in the UGC sponsored National workshop on Art Appreciation with special reference to performing Arts, jointly organized by Radhagovinda Baruah College, Guwahati and Parampara Pravah, Guwahati 0n 10th and 11th Feb, 2012 at R.G. Baruah College, Guwahati - 25.

                   16.    Participated in the National University of Educational Planning and Administration sponsored workshop on “Effective Moderation technique to promoe Quality Education” by NSMS on 19th & 20th April, 2013.


                   1.      As Assistant Editor “Sankardev and Bhakti Movement of Assam”, a commerorative volume of International Conference, 10th to 12th March, 2007 at Guwahati.

                   2.      Worked as sub-editor in “MIDDAY” - a highly circulated English daily published from Mumbai in the  year 2000.

                   3.      As  member, editorial board “Muruli” a commerorative volume of Platinum Jubilee, Howly Rass Utsav, 2002.

                   4.      As member, editorial board “Muruli” - a souvenir published on the occasion of the 76” year Howly Rass Mohotsav by celebration committee Nov. 2003.

                   5.      As member, editorial board of souvenir of Dispur College Silver Jubilee Celebration.

                   6.      Member editorial board of Tore More Alokore Jatra, a souvenir published by Asom Kalatirth, in the Second International Ramayana conference held on Kalakshetra in 2006.

                   7.      As Freelance Journalist conributing stories in the Time of India, Guwahati Shilong Plus www.uuwahatishilongp1us.com during its inception in Guwahati Branch.

                   8.      Narrating North-East : A Cultural Perspective - a book under productions at Abhishek Prakash New Delhi, ISBN : 978-81-8390-081-2

                   9.      Asstt. Editor, JCL (A Journal of Comparative Literature & Culture)

                   10.    A research article title “ Irony in the Poetroy of Jayanta Mahapatra in the international Journal Rock Pebbles, Jan, June - 2011, ISSN -0975-0509.

                   11.    Member of peer review board of International Journal of Indic studies (IJIS) Published from Vododara, Gujrat, India.

                   12.    Editor of “Tore More Alokare Yatra” - a Mouthpiue of Asom kalatirtha (Folkdrama special issue) published by Asom Kalatirth, Guwahati.

                   13.    Member of editorial board of the commemorative volume of Gyanapeeth awarded Mamoni Roysom Goswami “ A tribute to Mamoni Baideu.

                   14.    Member of editorial board of “Jyotirupa” a annual publication of socio-cultural organization “Jyotirupa devotged for the development of amateur theatre in the state for last 33 years from its in caption.


                   1.      Invited to deliver lecture in a workshop on “Our Cultural Heritage” form August 19-29, 2008 at Srimanta Sankerdeva Kalakshetra, Guwahati on the subject “Introduction to Cultural heritage of North-East Region” organized by CCRT.

                   2.      Invited to deliver lecture to the participants of the Orientation Training Progamme organized at Guwahati by CDRT, on jan, 09 to Feb, 4, 2009 and delivered lecture on “Cultural History of North-East” on Jan. 13,2009.

                   3.      Participated as a panelist in the discussion organized by Air Hosstes Academy, Academy, Chandmari, Guwahati.

                   4.      Attended as guest and a crew member along with president Asom Sahitya Sabha, Rong Bong Terrang’s visit various branch of Barpeta District Sahitya Sabha along with General Secretary Dr. Paramananda Rajbonshi.

                   5.      Participated twice as invited panelist in the popular TV talk show “Janamat” at DY365 News Channel in 2009-10, 10-11.

4.      Teaching, learning and evaluation :

          A.      Subjects Taught :

                   The subject of English along with Alternative English was introduced at the degree level along with the establishment of the college on 28th August, 1978.

                   The subject of English Major was introduced from 2002-2003.

          B.      Admission process for Major :

                   Applications are invited from students with minimum 50% marks in English in the Higher Secondary Examination.

          C.      Teaching Techniques :

                   i)       Lecture Method

                   ii)      As a supplement to the above, the learning-by-doing method has been introduced. Students are asked to present Seminar paper and prepare home assignments. At times, group discussions are also organized.

          D.      Innovative Teaching :

                   The department has also undertaken innovative  teaching by screening video CD’s. Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Othello have been screened. An inter active session is held with the students after the screening of the movie.

          E.      Academic Counselling :

                   Academic Counselling has always been done informally both within and outside the classroom.

          F.      Remedial / Tutorial :

                   Remedial Classes for the academically / socially disadvantaged students have been organized by the college in the session 2006-07 and 2007-08. The faculty members of the department also conducted remedial classes in the subject of General English.

                   Tutorial Classes are incorporated in the class routine. As such, they are held regularly.

          G.      Internal Assessment :

                   i)       Internal assessment is undertaken as per GU regulation. Three Unit Tests are held and assessment is done on the basis of the marks secured in the tests. This is combined with Assessment undertaken on the attendance of the student.

                            Internal Assessment covers 10 marks with the ratio of tests and attendance being 6 : 4.

                   ii)      The present system of Internal Assessment will be as per GU Regulations for the Semester System to be implemented from the session 2011 - 2012.

7.      Pass percentage of students :

          i)       Major

                   Session                      Pass%

                   2005 - 06                       75%

                   2006 - 07                     100%

                   2007 - 08                       50%

                   2008 - 09                       50%

                   2009 - 10                       77%

                   2010 - 11                     100%

                   2011 - 12                    58.3%

                   2012 - 13                       83%

                   2013 - 14                       94%

          ii)      Detailed Results of TDC in Major course in the Final Examinations of the last five years :

                                                          Total Appeared                  Total Passed

                   2009 - 10                                  13                                       10

                   2010 - 11                                  13                                       13

                   2011 - 12                                  12                                        7

                   2012 - 13                                  12                                       10

                   2013 - 14 (Semester)             16                                       15

8.      Facilities and assets :

          i.        Departmental Library (287 nos of books).

          ii.       Study aids like CD cassettes.

          iii.      One CD player.

          iv.      One TV

9.      Departmental Highlights :

          a)      The following activities are under taken on regular basis by the department:

                   i)       Holding of Academic Plan Meeting in June to Chart out the academic plans for each coming session. These include seminars to be held, cinemas to be shown giving of home assignments, distribution of course work and allotment of workload.

                   ii)      Holding of review meeting every month to monitor the progress of the academic plan. Discussions are also held regarding the question paper pattern and the conduct of unit tests.

          b)      Guiding and helping the students to conduct surveys for the project works included in the compulsory subject Environmental Studies.

          c)      The department presented a paper collectively in the National Seminar at Dispur College held on 30th and 31st January, 2008. The paper was entitled “Literature, The Youth and Globalisation”.

          d)      Students Activities :

                   i)       The major students of the department of English participated in the students Exchange Programme held at Dispur College between Sikkim Govt. College and Dispur College on 4th January, 2003.

                   ii)      Miss Rashmi Rekha Saloi a major student received an award in the 4th All India Easy Competition for college students sponsored by Jyoti Ltd., Vadodara and Conducted by the Forum for Free Enterprise during 2003-04. The subject for the competition was “Disinvestment in India Growing Forward”.

                   iii)     Students of English major Mousumi Dey, Moutopa Dhar and Manabendra Deka participated in a poster making competition at Vivekananada Kendra, Guwahati on the topic “1857 Sepoy Mutiny” in 2007. They were awarded 1st Prize.

                   iv)     Major Student Hriday Goswami has contributed CDs viz “Tess”, “Lost Horizon” and Keats to the department.

                   v)      3rd year major student Muktikam Das participated in a debate competition on the RTI act in Cotton College on 4th September, 2009.

                   vi)     On 25th September, the “Gauhati Commerce College Women’s Forum” (GCC Women’s Forum) organized the “Premo - Prajna Chowdhury Memorial Annual Paper Presentation Competition” in Gauhati Commerce College. The topic of the seminar was “Ethical Role of Media in Modern India”.  It was organzied for the students of Greater Guwahati and four colleges participated in the event. These were the “KC Das College, College of Ayurveda, Gauhati Commerce College and Dispur College”. There were a total number of eight contestants, two from each college. The main event started at around 11.30 am and it witnessed a stiff competition among the contestants. The judges were impressed by the enthusiasm of the participants and praised them for their labour. However, the two contestants from “Dispur College”, Dipankar Barman and Hriday Goswami, stole the limelight as they were both awarded the first and the second prize respectively and also the “Best Group” prize. The first and the second prize included a certificate of merit and a prize money of Rs. 2500 and Rs. 1500 respectively. The “Best Group” prize included a trophy.

                   vii)    Third year Major students viz Hriday Goswami, Muktikam Das and John L. Hmar attended “CONFLUENCE” - Asia International Literary Festival alongwith faculty members Dr. Manjaree Sharma and Ms. Poonam Sharma on 4th December, 2010.

                   viii)   The 3rd year and 1st year major students visited the Assam State Museum on 9/12/2010. They were accompanied by faculty members Mrs Jabin Akbar, Dr. Manjaree Sharma and Ms Poonom Sharma. The purpose of the visit was to acquaint the students with the cultural heritage of Assam.

Annexure - I

Session : 2011 - 2012

Guest faculty                      :        (1) Chayanika Roy

Term in Dispur College      :         20/09/2011 - 31/07/2012.

Qualified                               :         M.A. in 2010 from G.U securing 57.06%

Other Qualifications           :         B. Ed


NET Qualified                      :         2012

(2)     Result of major Course :

          Pass Percentage        58.03%

(3)     Departmental activities :

          (a)     Eminent scholar and critic Dr. Gobinda Prasad Sarma, former Dean, Faculty of Arts, G.U. and HOD, Dept. of English, G.U., delivered a talk on “Modernism and Post Modernism” on 07/09/2011, to a cross section of teachers and students.

          (b)     A film show “Macbeth” was organised for all the major students of Ist, IInd and IIIrd year on 27/09/2011.

          (c)     TDC IInd year major students - Indranil Barman, Deepsikha Sarma and Darshana Bhuyan accompanied by Mrs Jabin Akbar and Dr. Manjaree Sharma, attended the UGC sponsored workshop on translation held at B. Barooah College on 03/06/2011.

          (d)     Dr. Nandini Barooah Sharma (HOD) attended evaluation duty for TDC Ist Semester Examination, 2011 as examiner at Pandu College.

          (e)     Dr. Nandini Barooah Sharma was also invited as subject expert to Handique College on 27th Dec, 2011.

          (f)      Mrs Jabin Akbar attended UGC sponsored seminar at S. B. Deorah College on 21/4/2011. The seminar was on New UGC Guidelines.

          (g)     Mrs Jabin Akbar was invited as board member in various SSC interviews - CRPF, Income Tax, All India Radio, Inspector Category etc.

          (h)     Mrs Jabin Akbar attended evaluation duty for TDC Ist Semester examination 2011 as examiner and scrutinizer at Pandu College. She also attended evaluation duty for TDC Part III, 2012 exams at B. Barooah College as Examiner and scrutinizer. She also attended a training programme on disaster management organized by ASDMA, Govt of Assam in the month of October, 2012 at Assam Administrative Staff College, Khanapara.

          (i)      Mrs. Jabin Akbar and Dr. Manjaree Sharma attended the Annual Anita Baruah Sharma Memorial Lecture at G.U. on 25/11/2011.

          (j)      Dr. Manjaree Sharma attended evaluation duty for TDC Part III examination 2012 as examiner and scrutinizer at B. Barooah College.

          (k)     Dr. Manjaree Sharma accompanied TDC IInd year students for EVS field  study to Deepor Beel on 26/11/2011.

Annexure - II

Session : 2012 - 2013

1.      Hemanta Kumar Boro (Assistant Professor Contractual)

          Date of joining            :  03/08/2012 till 30/06/2013

          Qualified : M.A. in 2011 from G.U securing 59.50%

          Qualified NET / JRF in 2012

          Participated in the Professional Development Programme on “Integrating English Language Skills in the ESL classroom” by Joseph Dwalieebe from 1st to 3rd November, 2012.

2.      Bondita Baruah (Assistant Professor Contractual)

          Date of joining : 22/08/2012

          Qualified : M.A. in 2010 from G.U securing 57.22%

                          Pursuing M.Phil from the Dept. of English, G.U.

          Attended and presented paper at the National Seminar on “Re-inventing Shakespear: Recent Trends in Shakespeare, Criticism and Adaptation” organised by Dibrugarh University on 6 - 7  March, 2013.

3.      Departmental activities :

          (a)     Dr. G. P. Sarma, former Dean, Faculty of Arts, G.U. and HOD in English, GU delivered a talk on “Post Colonial Society and Culture” on 19/04/2013.

          (b)     A film show on “Othello” was screened for TDC IInd and IVth semesters on 25/02/2013. The students were given written assignments on the show.

          (c)     Students seminars were organised for TDC IInd & IVth semesters on 21/03/2013 and 22/03/2013 respectively.

          (d)     Students of TDC IInd & IVth Semesters attended the IInd Inter College Students Seminar at B. Barooah College on 09/04/2013. They presented papers on the following topics :

                   (i)      “Representation of Nature : A Comparative Study of the Romantic Poets” - by IInd semester students Nisha Sharma, Sumi Ghosh and Prasenjit Saha.

                   (ii)     “Stream of Consciousness Technique and Modern Fiction” by IVth semester students Mampi Barman and Neeha Shah. They were accompanied by Dr. Manjaree Sharma (HOD) and Hemanta Kr. Boro. Dr. Sharma also Chaired the first session of the seminar.

          (e)     Students attended a talk on Stress Elimination given by Swami Alexander of the Art of Living Foundation on 21/03/2013. The talk was organised by the Career and Counselling Cell of the College.

          (f)      Regular written assignments were given to Ist and IInd Semester (Major), 2012 and IInd and IVth semester (Major), 2013.

          (g)     Dr. Nandini Barooah Sharma (Vice-Principal) was invited as subject expert to B. Barooah College on 20th April, 2013.

          (h)     Mrs. Jabin Akbar donated two CDs namely ‘Train to Pakistan’ and ‘The Life of Adolf Hitler’ to the Department.

          (i)      Mrs Jabin Akbar was appointed examiner and scrutinizer for TDC Part IIIrd examination at Guwahati College.

          (j)      Dr. Manjaree Sharma (HOD) was invited as subject expert to Sonapur College on 01/04/2013.

          (k)     Dr. Manjaree Sharma (HOD) was invited as resource person at the conference on Education for Teachers organised by Don Bosco Institute on 16/04/2013, on the theme “Leadership skills for Educators”. Her topic was “Road to Motivation”.

          (l)      Dr. Manjaree Sharma (HOD) attended evaluation duty for TDC IIIrd semester Final Exam at Pandu College, 2013.

          (m)    Dr. Manjaree Sharma (HOD) was appointed paper setter for TDC IIIrd semester Final Exam, 2012.

          (n)     Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sarma has been awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from NEHU on 20/03/2013. His thesis was entitled “An East West Interface : John Keats and Indian Thought”.

          (o)     The department of English brought out the frist issue of its first literary venture “Mosaic ... Foot Steps Towards the Literary World” on 07/06/2013.

Annexure - III

Session : 2013 - 2014

Session 2013-2014 (August, 2013 to June 2014)

Departmental Activitics :

1.      Student Assignments for BA Major 1st Semester and 3rd Semester given.

2.      Class Seminar for Vth Semester Major students on 02/09/13

3.      Vth Semester Student contributors to Departmental Journal “Mosaic : Footsteps Towards the Literary World” secured 1st Prize for the best paper, amongst all departmental journals. TOPIC : “ T. S. Pliot’s Prufrock : A Portrayal of Modern Man’s Dilemma”.

4.      Dr. Bibhash Chouadury from the Department of English, Gauhati University delivered a talk on “Drama, with Special Reference to Modern Drama” to the English Major students on 19/09/2013. The talk was also attended by the faculty members of the department and the Assamese department. The lecture was followed by a fruitful interaction.

5.      On 11-09-2013 Ms Sangita Gogoi Deuri arranged a audio visual show on the playWaiting for Godot  by Samuel Beckett’ for the 5th Semester Major students. The show enabled the students to capture the essence of Absurd Drama.

6.      On 04-10-2013 Ms Bondita Baruah Dept. of English arranged an audio visual show on the Blessed Damozel by D. G. Roseetti for the 3rd Semester Major students. The visual aid helped the students to  have a more vivid concept of the poem.

7.      On 23rd & 24th September, 2013 a two day National Seminar was held at Dispur College in collaboration with Assam College Teachers Association Metro Zone. The topic of the semester was “Migration in Assam from Pre Historic to Modern Day.” Around hundred  participant took part and presented papers on various themes. Participants from various colleges in Assam including West Bengal and North Bengal University were present. Dr. Nardini Barooah Sarmah was the seminar director. Ms Bondita Baruah presented a paper on “Mirrorizing Migration : a Literary Pursuit.” Dr. Manjari Sharma and Ms Jabin Akbar were the Convenor of the Repporteurs and Ms Sangita Gogoi Deuri and Ms Bondita Baruah were members of the Repporteurs  Committee. A detail report of the two day seminar was prepared by them. Dr. Manjaree Sharma read out the summary of the seminar on the concluding day. The report of the seminar was submitted to the convenor Mr. K. C. Boro. Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Sarma also presented a paper on “Migration and Culture” and assisted in the seminar as media coordinator.

9.      The film “Othello” was screened on 13/11/2013 at 10.00am for the TDC 1st Semester Major Students.

10.    Mrs. Jabin Akbar dept. of English member of Extention Education Cell of Dispur College visited Borpothar LP Schook Basistha on 25/11/2013. Dr. Sumitra Choudhury, Dr. Bhaswati Barua, Dr. Mamoni Kalita delivered lectures on Value Education, Gandhiji’s principles and Environment. The children were distributed sweets, biscuits and fruits. They interacted with the teachers of the school and discussed various problems.

11.    Mrs. Jabin Akbar Convenor of Women Cell Dispur College orgainzed a Breast  Cancer awareness programme on 16/11/2013 among the girl students and teachers. Dr. Jadu Nath Borgohain of Guwahati Medical College and Dr. Bhavesh Kumar Das of B. Barooah Cancer Institute delivered lecture using power point presentation to the students. The discussed about the method of detection and treatment of the disease. The Women’s  Cell collaborated the talk with “The Association of Oncologist of North East India”.

12.    Mrs. Jabin Akbar’s screening for promotion of Associate Prof. was held on 24/01/2014. Dr. Bibhash Choudhury and Dr. Asha Kuthari Choudhury were the subject experts along with the HOD, Dr. Manjaree Sharma and the Principal Dr. Amar Saikia.

13.    Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Sarmah, Asstt. Professor and convenor of Carrer Conselling Cell organised the following activities from August, 2013.

          i)       Organised “Job Fair” on 17th August, 2013 in Association with Orion Edutech, Silpukhuri Centre, Guwahati. Altogether 134 job seekers from in and around the city have appeared in the interview in various companies  namely ICICI Bank, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, LIC, SBI Life, HDFC Bank, Anjaybee Infotach etc.

          ii)      Organised a seminar on Computer Accounting & Robotics, was held on 24th August, 2013 in collaboration with Institute of Computer Accounting, Bhangagarh Centre, Guwahati. All together 38 students have taken part in the seminar. The institute of Computer Accounting in collaboration with counselling cell also organised a seminar on career option for evening shift students on 18/09/2013.

          iii)     CMC Academy, Bora Service, Guwahati has launched Graduate Employability Quotient Test on 20th Sept. 2013. Altogether sixty (60) students have taken part in the test.

          iv)     Organised a workshop on Ethical Hacking and Roboties by APPIN TECHNOLOGY, Ulubari, Guwahati was held on 28th Sept., 2013. The workshop dealt with cyber security, Embedded system and Robotics, Application Programming in Net, Java, Linur Security, Cloud Computing, MATLAB, Microsoft Net, etc. Alltogether 50 students have participated the programme.

          v)      A workshop on ‘Currency’ by Reserve Bank of India Issue Department on 08/05/2014 was held at Dispur College. The workshop was attended by Dr. Manjaree Sharma, Mrs Jabin Akbar, Dr.Sanjeeb Kumar Sarma as well as 6th Semester Major students.

          vi)     Sanskrit Classes conducted by Sanbkrit Bharti Assam for 10 days at Dispur College from 05/06/2014. The classes were attended by Mrs Jabin Akbar, Dr. Manjaree Sharma and Ms Bondita Baruah.

          vii)    Evaluation Duty of 6th Semester Major under taken by Mrs. Jabin Akbar from 19/06/2014.

          viii)   Visited Kolkata along with a group of students as part of Government of Assam assisted/sponsored Education Tour for students on January.

          ix)     A tack on the Girl Child was organised by the Women’s Cell as per Govt order on 25/01/2014.

          x)      The Career and Counselling Cell of the college organised a Signature Campaign for “Volunteer for Better India” in collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation on 24th and 25th January, 2014. Students were made aware of their voting rights and the need to exercise this right.

          xi)     Sangita Gogoi Deuri attented a National Seminar on Ramayana at Cotton College, Guwahati, Assam held on 11/02/14 and 12/02/14. She presented a paper entitled “The Ramayana in Everyday life : A Rendering of its moral significance.

          xii)    Sangita Gogoi Deuri attended a National Semianr on Navigating Diasposa” at Assam University, Silchar held on 11/03/14 and 12/03/14. She presented a paper entitted “Search for Root : A study of the Namesake”

          xiii)   Dr. Nandini B. Sarmah was invited as VC’s nominee subject expert to Handique Girls’ College in Nov. 2013 for selection of (sanctioned post) Asstt. prof. in the dept. of English.


NAAC Visit

NAAC Peer Team visit to Dispur College, Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati-6, Assam during 31st August 2015 to 2nd September 2015 for accreditation (Cycle-II).


The College Authority will verify only the certificate issued by the College Authority on submission of hard copy of the document together with bank draft of Rs 100/- in favour of "Principal, Dispur College" payable at BOB, Dispur Branch, Guwahati and send to the college postal address. There should not be any communication through email or telephone.

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All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords

Students from the College participated in All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords competition and won the 2nd prize on 26.10.2014.


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