1.      Mission of the Education Department :

          To provide an integrated vision of education by imparting knowledge through learning and practice concerning the mental, physical, psychological, social and moral dimensions of man and thereby contributing to the production of complete men and women for society.


2.      Objectives :

          Keeping in mind the above mentioned mission, the department has set its objectives in the following manner :

          1.      To acquaint the student with the knowledge of the subject Eduction on a wider scale.

          2.      To provide an opportunity to the students for higher education in the subject.

                   To realize the objectives the department has undertaken different activities with the students both in and outside the institution. With different programmes and activities the department also tries to touch the various aspects of development under different heads.

          a)      Emphasizing on learning and practice method :

                   This has been reflected in the departmental seminars, surveys, workshops which have been conducted with the students. Student’s participation, presentation, interaction, preparation and analysis were portrayed in all these programmes. In the near future also the department will arrang these activities for the same.

          b)      To increase the competency of faculties and students :

                   This has also been reflected in the seminars, visiting lectures, workshops, group discussion etc. which have been done under the department. The active participation from both teachers and students have made this possible. More such activities will be arranged in the future programmes of the department.

          c)      To promote an ambience of creativity and innovation :

                   The department has encouraged the students always to participate in different cultural programmes of co-curricular and extracurricular activities like programme with other institutions, projects etc. and accordingly some of them performed in few programmes also. For future plans, co-curricular programmes, educational tours, students exchange programmes, will be taken up. As for example, exhibitions during Silver Jubilee Celebrations, Freshers’ Social can be shown here.

          d)      To acquaint the students with the knowledge of the subject Education:

                   Again to acquaint the students with the knowledge in the subject of Education on a wider scale, the department tried to provide the students some environmental and social activities / drives with the hope that they would be capable of enriching the environment with their knowledge and strength, both for other people and themselves. Hence the department has already organized cleanliness drives, awareness programmes collaborating with the Nature Club and other departments of the College. For future activities, the department will include some other programmes also.

          e)      Remedial courses for disadvantage group of students :

                   Remedial classes of the Education department were started from the 26th of November 2003 to 10th February, 2004. As per the departmental routine classes were taken by the faculty members for both TDC and HS levels on mutual basis. The Classes were meant only for the casual students. The attendance register depicts poor attendance. The faculty members tried their best to meet the needs of the students who came to clear their doubts on the topics of the syllabus. They were also guided as how to answer the questions properly to secure better marks.


3.      History

          With the establishment of the College, the Department of Education was established in the year 1978. Major classe for the department was started only in the year 1995-96. From the inception of the college till now the following teachers had served in the department.

          a)      Ms. Parul Saikia.

          b)      Mrs. Kalyani Deka

          c)      Mrs. Premada Nath

          d)      Mrs. Anamika Gogoi

          e)      Dr. Babi Baruah (Associate Professor)

          f)       Dr. Sunita Agarwalla (HOD)

          g)      Mrs. Bhaswati Baruah Das (Associate Professor)

          h)      Miss Nabania Battacharya (part time)

          i)       Anamika Phukan

          j)        Mr. Amit Roychodhury (Contractual)

4.      Admission Process :

          For the general course the students are admitted on overall merit basis. But for the Major course students, there is a provision of entrance with cutoff marks at 50% and passed in English without grace mark and according to the availability of seats, students are admitted in the department. Consideration is however given to students previously in case of grace marks if the marks were higher in education subject.


5.      Internal Assessment :

          Internal assessment has been conducted through unit test both for Major and General Students. It was started from the year 2008. In internal assessment 10 marks are given for TDC students. It is given on the basis of formula given by Gauhati University i.e. 4 marks from attendance and 6 marks from unit test.

          Unit test are held regularly according to the college prescribed date. The average of the total marks obtained is calculated and given.

          In the same way total attendance is found out and the average calculated. Students must have compulsorily attendance of 75%.

          Internal Assessment for the semester students is done as per instruction from G.U. 2 sessionals are held for each semester and better of the two is given as internal assessment.


6.      Facilities and Assets:

          Facilities of the department are meant for both the students and the teachers. The college has provided facilities like departmental library and psychological laboratory, whereby both students and teachers can perform their activities individually and collectively.

          For the department, students are the main assets on whom the past, present and the future expectations were and will be dependent.


7.      Seminar, Workshop and other departmental activities :

          1.      A post refresher Deparmental Seminar was organized jointly by the Education Department, English Department and History Department of the College on 16-10-2001.

          2.      On 11-07-2002 another post refresher seminar was held for Bhaswati Baruah Das of Education department. It was also organized joinlty with the Assamese department of the College where Bhaswati Baruah Das presented a seminar paper vefore the different Faculty members of the College.

          3.      On the 12th August, 2002 a departmental seminar was organized for the Major students where five students presented their papers. It was organized as a part of Internal assessment topic of the seminar was on the different areas of Education which was by the students according to their choice.

          4.      On 29-09-2003 a seminar cum project work was organized by the department. It was organized for the Major Students. The Topic of the seminar was “A study of child development, with special reference to (1) Physical and Mental, (2) Nutrion and Child Care, (3) Guidance and mental health and (4) Social and emotional development”.

          5.      Every year deparment has organized some seminars mainly for the students of major course. From the year 2004 onwards department so organized some seminars for TDC 1st year, TDC 2nd year and TDC 3rd year major students once in a year. They are also assigned some other activities like home works and projects on some selected topics and books. Another important activity related with the major students is exhibition of psychological laboratory apparatus is held in the department for all students of the college.

          6.      Students are helped regularly by the teachers by providing reference books and reading materials.

          7.      2 students of IIIrd semester were given total set of books free by 2 faculty members of the department.

          8.      Departmental seminar held for students of IInd and IVth semester.

          9.      Dr. Sunita Agarwalla delivered a talk on “Relevance of value Education in Present Day Context.

          10.    “Academia” research journal of the department published.

          11.    Home assignment given to the students of IInd semester.

          12.    4 students of B.A. IVth semester and 5 of TDC IIIrd year attended a talk on “Body Language” at Chinmaya Mission in Mov. 2012.

          13.    3 students attended a 5 days workshop on “Preparation of Power Point Presentation” held in March, 2012, at Chinmaya Mission.

          14.    12 students attended a programme on “Prevention of Crime Against women” Organised by NEGSA.

          15.    Students of TDC IInd Year attended a workshop on “Life Skills for Youth” at the college from 1/6/11 to 5/6/11.

          16.    2 students attended an NIC camp at Viramgan, Gujarat from 6/6/11 to 18/6/11.

          17.    6 students participated in a rally by GNRC for World Stroke day on 29/10/11

          18.    4 students helped as volunteers at an Eye camp organised by Lions Eye Hospital at Basistha on 9-12-11

          19.    1 students of IIIrd Year attended a youth exchange programme at Vishakapatnam from 5th to 14th August, 2011.

          20.    2 students attended a trekking camp from 7th to 16th Feb, 2012.

          21.    5 students attended an Adventure camp held in Shimla from 8th to 22nd Feb, 2012.

          22.    Dr. S. Agarwalla alongwith 2TDC III year students attended National Youth Festival in Arunachal from 10th - 14th Nov., 2012.

          23.    10 students of 3rd semester and IIIrd year attended a seminar on “Child labour and women Trafficking organised by Dept. of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam.

          24.    Miss Barnali Patgiri secured 1st class (Major).

          25.    7 students got 1st class in Child Education, including Miss Tonyma Das from the department of education.

          26.    6th semester major students alongwith 2 teachers had gone for a field trip to Barapani and RRTC, Meghalaya.

          27.    5th semester major students (16) attended a seminar held by PREF at NEDFI House.

          28.    About 18th students of 2nd and 6th semester attended a state leveal youth convention on  Swami Vivekananda at G.U. organised by Ramkrishnan Misson, Cherrapunjee on 14th & 15th March, 2014 and 18th & 19th March, 2014.

          29.    Students of 3rd semester attended 3 days camp on “Youth, Leadership and Community Development” from 9th to 11th August, 2014 held at Dispur College in collaboration with NYK, Kamrup Metro.

          30.    Departmental Wall Magazine started from 8. 9. 14.


8.      Guest Lecture :

          1.      On 1st October, 2001 department of Education had organized a guest lecture programme where reader Dr. Gayatri Goswami, Gauhati University, Education Department was invited. She delivered her lecture on “Child Psychology”. The programme was attended by different faculty members of the college. It ended with lively interaction with the students present there.

          2.      In November, 2011, Miss Nimi Borgohain, Consultant Psychologist, GNRC had come as a guest and delivered a talk on “Youth and Development” for the major students.

          3.      Mr. Sunil Basumatary, Youth Officer, NSS NE Region came to deliver a talk on “Personality Development” for the major students.on 1-10-13.


9.      Achievement of the Department :

          Achievement of the department means the achievement of both teacher and students either at the individual or at the collective level. Following points can be sighted as achievement of the department.

          a)      Opening up of Major course in the department is one of the Major points of consideration for achievement.

          b)      Results of the student can be shown as another their point for achivement. The department results shown that students have shown good results and due to this upward trend year by year department can atract more students to the department both at the TDC and HS level. The final results of both HS and TDC level students of the education department indicate the achievements of the department. Following data are related with the pass percentage of the degree students from the year 2008 to 2010 will help in this regard.

          c)      In the field of extension work, the department had under taken some works like a interdisciplinary socio-economic survey with the Department of  Political Science in the year 2001-02. Again, in the field of enironmental awarness, the department  had conducted another awarness and clearliness drive on inter disciplinary basis with Assamese and Economic department (Edcational campaigning on “Population Education” on 26-08-03).

          d)      Another notable point to be added here is opening of a study centre for child labourer in the year 2002 in collaboration with DBYS where community service is done by the department students under supervision of the faculty head and also training facilites for few students by DBYS was done. The programme was done under “Sikshya Vikash” programme.

          e)      Another project by the major students can be shown as the point achivement that is about the library visit and study of “S. K. Bhuyan Library by Cotton College”. The important theing in this project is about the inter library relationship which is made by the students by interlinking the library of Dispur College with S. K. Bhuyan Library of Cotton College.

          f)       1 student secured 1st class in 2013 and 7 students got 1st class in 2014.


Profile of Faculty Members


1.      Dr. Babi Baruah

          Name                                   :       Dr. (Mrs.) BABI Baruah

          Date of Birth                       :       20-10-1960

          Department                        :       Education

          Designation                       :       Associate Professor

          Nature of Job                     :       Permanent

          Date of Joining                  :       10-08-1988

          Date of Superannuation  :       20-10-2020

          Educational Qualification :

                   M.A. (in Education)

                   Ph.D -   Obtained in 2001 (dtd. 23-06-01) from Gauhati University

                                 Topic - A study of Child Labourer in Greater Guwahati Area of Kamrup District with special reference to Education.

          Refresher Course / Orientation Programme attended :

                   i.       Orientation Course in Gauhati University from 3rd to 30th May, 1999.

                   ii.      Referesher Course in Academic Staff College, Gauhati University from 26th February to 18th March, 2001.

                   iii.     Refresher Course in Academic Staff College, Gauhati University from 17th November to 7th December, 2008.

                   iv.     Refresher Course in Academic Staff College, Gauhati University from 4th January to 25th January, 2009.

          Research Guidance :

                   a)      Successfully giuded 6 candidates for M. Phil Degree under Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu.

                   b)      Presently guiding 2 candidates for Ph. D. under Singhania University.

          Training Programme, Workshop attended :

                   i)       UTA Phase II Programme held at Dispur College under NSS, on 11th August, 2002 (AIDS Awareness)

                   ii)      Participated in Teachers Orientation Programme regarding Examination at L. C. Bharali College on 4th September, 2004.

                   iii)     Attended 2 days Workshop on “Lesson Planning and Practice Teaching” held on 27th May and 28th May, 2005 at Gauhati University.

                   iv)     Attended Gauhati University from 04-08-2005 to 06-08-2005 for examination works in the University centrally.

                   v)      Completed 2 weeks Training Programme on “Distance Learning Methodolory” sponsored by DOPT, Govt of India in the year 2005.

                   vi)     Attended SAM workshop from 21st January to 25th January, 2011 sponsored by UGC.

                   v)      Attended a state level workshop on “Restructuring Undergraduate Curiculum” organised by ACTA, Kamrup A zone, Dec. 2012.

                   vi)     Attended a national workshop on “Study on Children : An analytical assesment” at OKD, Guwahati on 28th June, 2013.

          Seminars attended and presented papers :

                   a)      All India Association for Educational Research, 8th Annual Conference, 1995.

                   b)      CTE (Eastern Region), 1st Regional Conference, 1999.

                   c)      Xth NEIES Annual Conference, 2000.

                   d)      State Level Seminar on Extension Education, 2002 (presented paper).

                   e)      International Conference held at Academic Staff College in Dec, 2002

                   f)       State Level Lecture on “Library and Information Science held at Dispur College on 3rd May, 2003.

                   g)      Workshop on “Mental Health Issues of Youth” organized by ‘ASHADEEP’, Guwahati (a mental health society)

                   h)      Conference cum Workshop of the Oriented Programme under UGC held on 28th January, 2004.

                   i)       Presented paper, “Curricular reforms in the subject of Education at UG Level” in the National Seminar, 2008.

                   j)       Presented paper on “Value Education for Youth at the higher Level” in the National Seminar, 2008

          Articles / Research papers published in Magazine / Journal / News paper (give in deails) :

                   i)       Research Article published in ‘ Journal of All india Association for Educational Research”, entitled ‘A Study of Socio Economic Profiles of Child Labour of Greater Guwahati Area of Kamrup District of Assam.

                   ii)      Articles published in Assam Information Directory.

                   iii)     Article published in Dispur College Magazine “ARUN”.

                   iv)     Published an article “Siksha aru Samaj - Iar Prasangikata” in a magazine “Meghali”.

                   v)      Published an article “Professional Education of Assam and its near future in the souvenir of 31st ACPC Conference, 2009.

                   vi)     Published an article “Naree aru Siksha) in “JONAKI BAT” in arch, 2011.

                   vii)    Article published in “Prerora”, Magazine, Women’s Cell, Boko College.

                   viii)   Published an article in departmental journal of Dispur College, “Academia’.

                   ix)     Published an articule in the book ‘Panchali’ titled “Bridhashran”

          Member of other association other than College :

                   a)      All India Association for Educational Research (Life Member)

                   b)      North East India Education Society (Life Member)

                   c)      Council for Teacher Education (Life Member)

                   d)      Aid Society (Dept. of Education, Gauhati University), Life Member

                   e)      All India Association for Educational Technology (Member).

                   f)       All Assam college teachers Association (ACTA).

          Examination related and other Non Academic Activities related to profession:

                   i)       Working as an Examiner for Gauhati University and Assam Higher Education Council.

                   ii)      Worked as Assistant Officer Incharge and Member of Examination Branch, Dispur College for two sessions.

                   iii)     Member of Advisory Committee, Extension Education, Dispur College.

                   iv)     Member of Nature Club, Dispur College.

                   v)      Member of Library Committee, Dispur College.

                   vi)     Member of Admission Committee, Dispur College.

                   vii)    Member of NCC Committee, Dispur College.

                   viii)   Cordinator, Dispur College Extension education Unit.

                   ix)     Working as Assistant Officer Incharge and member of Examination Branch, Dispur College since 2003.

                   x)      Worked as a Unit Seceretary of Dispur College Teachers Unit for the year 2007 and 2008.

                   xi)     Worked as Assistant officer in-charge of the examination branch, Dispur Colleg.

                   xii)    Member of Academic Committee of Gauhati University.

                   xiii)   Paper setter of Gauhati University, 2011, 2013

                   xiv)   External Examiner for TDC major course, 2012, 2013.

                   xv)    Examiner, TDC semester, G.U

          Other Achievements, activities and experiences :

                   1)      Worked as Lecturer (Sanctioned Post) in Dept. of Education, H. H. College, Howly, Barpeta for three years from 1985 to 1988.

                   2)      Invited as Subject Expert in the Digambar Jain Girls’ Junior College (on 10-05-2003).

                   3)      Invited as Guest Lecturer by the Department of Education, Guwahati College (on 03-01-2003)

                   4)      Worked as a Supervising Officer for High School Leaving Certificate Examination March, 2004.

                   5)      Attended a meeting of the Heads of Department of Education, Gauhati University to Discuss the new Syllabus framed for Education Major and enhancing Quality Education on 01-03-2004.

                   6)      Awarded M.Phil guide-ship by the Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu.

                   7)      Deputed as a subject expert by the Govt. of Assam for Director of Secondary Education in the year 2005.

                   8)      Appointed as External Examiner of by the Gauhati University.

                   9)      Appointed as examiner for B.Ed. course by the Gauhati University.

                   10)    Working as Teacher Representative in Governing Body of Dispur College for 2 year, 2007 and 2008.

                   11)    Appointed as Head Examiner by Assam Higher Secondary Council for the year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

                   12)    Working as a Co-oordinator of Child Education-- a 1 year Diploma course sponsored by UGC and affiliated to Gauhati University since 2005.

                   13)    Working as Assistant Officer Incharge in examination Branch, Dispur College for the year 2009-2010, 2010-2011,

                   14)    Working as a Teacher Incharge of College Magazine “Arun” for the session 2009-2010, 2010-2011.

                   15)    Appointed as examiner and screutinizer of TDC part-I (Major) Examination, 2009.

                   16)    Appointed as Examiner and Scrutinizer of TDC Part-III (Major) Examination, 2010.

                   17)    Delivering a talk on “Bishayan and Juva Manashikata” as a special invitee at J.N. College, Boko, August, 2010.

                   17)    Approved by the Singhania University as a Research Supervisor.

                   18)    Invited as a Resource Person by SOS village, Azara on International Women Day, 8th March, 2011.

                   19)    Participating in extra-curricular activities of students such as college week, extension education programme and other functions.

                   20)    Appointed G.B. member of Sankardev Sishu Niketan of Bidyabharati under Asom Sishu Siksha Samiti.

                    21)    Appointed as Convenor of Parent-Teacher Association of Dispur College in June, 2011.

                   22)    Appointed as member of Bidyat Parishad, Assam Sishu Shikha Committee, Vidya Bharati, Assam.

                   23)    Editor, of ‘Prerona’ annual journal of Sishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam.

                   24)    Co-ordinator ‘Child Education’, a year diploma course under G.U.

                   25.    Faculty member, child Education, Dispur College.

                   26)    Examiner, Manipur Public Service Commission.

                   27)    Delivered a talk on “Vivekanda’s attitude towards women at Sualkuchi H. S. School on 23rd March, 2013.

                   28)    Co-authored a Text Book for 5th semester major titled “Philosophy of Education”.

                   29)    Delivered a talk on “Women and Social Problem”{ at Maloibari, Dimoria on 28th sept. 2013.

                   30)    Appointed member of Academic Council of G.U.

                   31)    Inspected High Schools under Sankardev Sishu Niketan in Kamrup District.


2.      Dr. Sunita Agarwalla

                   Name                                    :   Dr. (Mrs.) Sunita Agarwalla

                    Date of Birth                        :   25-11-1964

                    Department                         :   Education

                    Designation                        :   Associate Professor

                    Nature of Job                      :   Permanent

                    Date of Joining                   :   22-08-1989

                    Date of Superannuation  :   25-11-2024

          Educational Qualification :

                   H.S.LC - 1981 - 64.3%

                   P. U. (Arts) - 1983 - 63.3%

                   B.A (Hons) - 1985 - 53.3%

                   M.A. (in Education) -  1987 (held in 1989) 59.2%

                   Ph.D -   Obtained in 1998 from Gauhati University. The Research was done under the guidance of Dr. Parveen Akhtar of G.U.

                                 Topic - “Educational Impact of Television on the Social and Moral Development of Women in the Greater Guwahati Area.”

          Other Qualification :

                   Certificate Course done in Computer.

          No. of Refresher Course attended : Three (3) details are

                   a)      Academic Staff College, Gauhati University from 9th to 29th November, 1998.

                   b)      At Gujarat Vidyapith, Gujarat on “New Dimensions on Teacher Education Curriculum: from 21st December, 1998 to 10th January, 1999.

                   c)      At M. S. University, Baroda on “Research Methdology” from 3rd to 23rd Ocober, 2003.

          Expertise in Languages :

                   Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Marwari

          Papers Presented

                   i)       International      :    2

                   ii)      National             :    14

                   iii)     Regional            :    9

                   Most of the papers were on women, children and youth issuese.

          Text Books with ISBN

                   1)      “Ucchhototr Madhyamikor Shiksha” (Assamese) H.S. 1st year,

                            Bookland, Guwahati, 2010.

                   2)      “Education, H.S. 1st year,

                            Bookland, Guwahati, 2010

                   3)      “Educational Psychology”, TDC

                            Bookland, Guwahati, 2011.

                   4)      “Systematic Approach to Education” (H.S. 2nd year)

                            Bookland, Guwahati, 2011

                   5)      “Foundation of Educational Theroies and Principles” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2011 ISBN-81-89872-08-7

                   6)      “Mental Hygiene” (B.Ed), Bookland, Ghy, 2011, ISBN 81-89872-03-6

                   7)      “Psychological Foundation of Education” (B.Ed.)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012, ISBN 81-89872-49-6

                   8)      “Development of Education in India” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012, ISBN 81-89872-22-1

                   9)      “Emerging Issues and Education” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012, ISBN 81-89872-48-7

                   10)    “Sociological Foundations of Education” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012 ISBN 81-89872-68-5

                   11)    “Statistics In Education” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2013, ISBN 81-89872-18-7

                   12)    “Teaching Approaches & Strategies” (B.Ed),

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2013 ISBN 81-89872-49-9

                   13)    “Educational Psychology & Guidance and Counselling” (B.Ed)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2013 ISBN 81-89872-70-1

                   14)    “Foundations of Education” (B.Ed),

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2013 ISBN 81-89872-66-1

                   15)    “Philosophy of Education” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012 ISBN 81-89872-11-9

                   16)    “Educational Thinkers” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012 ISBN 81-89872-11-9

                   17)    “Teacher Education” (TDC),

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012 ISBN 81-89872-98-5

                   18)    “Teaching Method & Pedagogy” (TDC)

                            Bookland, Ghy, 2012 ISBN 81-89872-11-9

                   19)    Translated story (Assamese to Hindi) published in Sahitya Akademy Magazine.

                   Citation Index

                         *  Arandhara Bimar & Sardar Dhruba Kr : Empowermen of Indian Women Empowerment : Present and the way Forward” - Purbanchal Prakash, Guwahati, 2010

                            Cited in “Psychological Foundation of education & Statistics”

                         *  Chapter - I, KKHSOU - Education D.Ed(s) 02-01 for B.A, July, 2009

                            Chapter - Unit-1 (Block-i)

                            Chapter : Unit-10

                            Block - 2

          Research Papers Published :

                   i)       “Educating youth morally for a better world”, paper published in “Education for Survival of Human Race.”

                   ii)      “Present syllabi and prescribed book : Drawbacks in improvement of the quality of higher Education”, paper published in “Academic Improvement and Examination reforms”.

                   iii)     “Alokstambha”, article published in the 6th volume of the “Asamiya Viswakosh”.

                   iv)     “Bharator Shiksha Itihaas”, article published in the 7th volume of the “Asamiya Viswakosh”.

                   v)      Development of youth and Role of Higher Education published in “Globalisation, Higher Education and Youth”.

          Workshop Attended :

                   1)      3 days training on “Living Values. An Educational Programme” by Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Centre.

                   2)      3 days training on “Education in Spiritual and Human values life empowerment” by Brahma Kumaris.

                   3)      Workshop on “Research Priorities on Woman and Children in NE” Organised by OKDISCD, held at NIPCCD, Guwahati.

                   4)      UGC sponsored SAM workshop on “Capacity Bulding of Women Managers in Higher Education”.

                   5)      UGC sponsored “Training of Trainers for SAm”.

                   6)      Workshop on “Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence act” held at Nipccd.

                   7)      Training workshop on “Open School Material Development”, organised by ASOS and Cemca.

                   8)      Training workshop on “Paper Setting” by AHSEC

                   9)      Training for Trainers on “Life Skills for Youths” at Lucknow, organised by RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur.

                   10)    Attended a regional level seminar on “Trafficking of women” organised by Assam State Commission for women.

                   11)    Attended a seminar on “Semester system” organised by ACTA, Kamrup A zone at S. B. Deorah College.

                   12)    Attended a i day workshop on “Youth Skill Development and Employment” organised by RGNIYD.

                   13)    Attended a workshop on “Disaster Management’ organised by ASDMA.

                   14)    Attended NSS P.O Training at IIE, Guwahati from 2nd to 8th March, 2014.

          Articles Published :

                   i)       Articles published in several newspapers, magazines, journals on children, youth, women issues.

                   ii)      Regular writer of a column on a spiritual text in hindi daily “Dainik Purvodaya”.

          Programmes attended as Resource Person Delivered Talks :

                   1)      “Corruption in Educational Institution” organised by NSS Unit, Dispur College.

                   2)      “HIV / AIDS and Sex” at Mega Work Camp organised by NSS Regional Centre.

                   3)      “Anatony of sex and pre Marital Sex” UTA Phase II programmed held at Dispur College.

                   4)      “Success Techniques” at a youth Camp organised by calcom cement at Lanks.

                   5)      “Tips to Achieve success” at Karmashree Hiteswar Saikia College.

                   6)      “Stress Management” at GIMT.

                   7)      “Positive Thinking” at D. D. Barua Junior College.

                   8)      “Personality Development” at D. D. Barua Junior College.

                   9)      “Stress Management” at Army Camp, Rangia.

                   10)    “Happiness and Art of Living” at Umroi Army Station.

                   11)    “”Stress free living”” at Army Camp Tezpur & Tinsukia College.

                   12)    “Achieving Success” at Cambridge Public School.

                   13)    “Dealing with Adolescents” at a parents meeting of Cambridge Public School.

                   14)    Transacted manual titled “Women & Research” at 4 SAM. Workshops at Tinsukia, Shillong, Guwahati & Dibrugarh.

                   15)    Delivered a talk on “Stress Management and Communication skill” at NIC, Viramgam, Gujrat on 14-6-11 organised by Government of India, Ministry of Youth affairs and sports, NSS. Regional Centre, Ahmedabad.

                   16)    Went as a resource person at NIPCCD on “Life Skills” at a TOT for AWCs / MCWs.

                   17)    Went as a resource person at Khetri on “Question pPaper Setting” organised by Dimoria Examination Board.

                   18)    Guest Faculty of “National Institute for Teacher Education” for M.Ed, 2011, 2012.

                   19)    Went as a resource person at Cambridge Public School to deliver a motivational talk on “Ideal Teacher”.

                   20)    Went as resource person for RGNIYD at DBI to take sessions in a workshop on “Life Skills development for youths”.

                   21)    Went as resource person at star Group of Institutions to deliver aa talk on “ Achieving success”.

                   22)    Went as resource person in a Pre Republic Day Camp at Sarusajai to deliver a talk on “Success in life” organised by NSS.

                   23)    Went as resource person at CEE to deliver a talk on “Motivation”.

                   24)    Delivered a talk on “Tips for Achieving success” at a workshop organised by an NGO, GLEAM.

                   25)    Delivered a talk on “Prevention of Crime Against Women” Organised by NEGSA.

                   26)    Delivered a talk on “Personality Development Skills at Royal School of Commerce (BBA & MBA)

                   27)    Gone to Sonapur College as resource person to deliver a talk on “Status of women change in the mindset” on 8th March, 2013.

                   28)    Delivered a talk on “Being Successful” on the occasion of Fundation Day of Prachya Bharti College.

                   29)    Delivered a talk on “Individual Transformation - Key to Nation’s Transformation” for MBA students at GIMT.

                   31)    Delivered a talk on “Role of Women in preserving social Values” at Women’s symposium organised by Lions Club International, 322D.

                   32)    Went as Resource Person at RMSA teachers’ training workshope on 12-11-13 & 19-11-13 to take sessions on “Adolescence & Its Importance”.

                   33)    Went as RP at a training programme of SC & ST NSS POs held at IIE, Guwahati and took a session on “Manners & Etiquettes” on 5-12-13.

                   34)    Went as RP at NSS Mega camp at Tezpur University and took 2 session on “Self Awareness” & “Stress Management” on 15-12-13

                   35)    Went as RP at Multiple District Conference of Rotaract Club of Durgapur, West Bengal to deliver a talk on “My Transformation Transforms Nation” on 28-12-13.

                   36)    Went as RP to R.G.B College, Guwahati and took a session on “Life Skills & Its Importance” on 6-1-14.

                   37)    Went as RP to Pandu College, Guwahati and took a session on “My Transformation”.

                   38)    Went as RP at  a Peer Educators training of Nehru Yuva Kendra, Kamrup Metro and took 12 sessions on different dates from 27-6-14  to 10-8-14 and took sessions on “Life Skill Education & Managing Emotions”

                   39)    Went as RP at  an NSS TOT on and took sessions on “Life Skill”, “Communication Skill” & “Poverty Alleviation” from 27-7-14 to 30-7-14.

                   40)    Went as RP at  a TOT of teachers organised by Krishna Kanta Handique Seuj Sivasagar Career Counselling Abhiyan and took sessions on “Life skills’ & “Personality Development”.

          Experience in Organising Seminars /  Workshops :

                   a)      Convenor Food Committee in a National Conference of AIAER held at Cotton College.

                   b)      Member of organising Committee of International Conference organised by CTE.

                   c)      Organising secretary of  UGC sponsored national seminar held at Dispur College.

                   d)      Organised a UGC sponsored 5 days SAM workshop at Dispur College as Co-ordinator.

                   e)      Organised 4 days workshop on “Life Skills for Youth” at Dispur College for TDC  - IIIrd year students.

          Research Activities :

                   i)       Conducted an MRP on “Use of unfair means in college examinations - A study of its causes and suggest measures for its reforms”, sponsored by UGC.

                   ii)      Conducted an MRP on “Study of the social and cultural life of the Hajong Tribe of Assam, sponsored by UGC.

                   iii)     Mentor for Kumar Kuldip Medhi, for a project sponsored by DST, Govt. of india.

                   iv)     Guide for M.A. Desertation for Aradhana Dutta under Assam Professional Academy.

                   v)      Guided 11th students for M.Ed. course of G.U

          Other Activities :

                   1.      Delivered a Radio talk on “Instincts and Emotions” as a part of Educational Broadcast for H. S. Classes.

                   2.      Acted as Resource person on GUP SHUP 94.3 F.M Radio on every wednesday in “Youth Express” from June, 08 to Dec. 08.

                   3.      Translated Homen Borgohain’s novel “Bishonota” in Hindi to be published by Eastern Book House, in process.

                   4.      Resource person on KKHSOU’s Community radio programme every alternate Wednesday.

                   5.      Examiner for Manipur Public Service Commission.

                   6.      Examiner for Assam Public Service Commission.

                   9.      Confidential work done for KKHSOU.

                   10.    Examiner of TDC & M.A. for KKHSOU

                   12.    Examiner for IIIrd semester, G.U.

                   13.    Editor, ‘Academia’, departmental journal of 2012-13.

                   14.    Programme Officer, NSS, Dispur College.

                   15.    Member, IQAC,Dispur College.

                   16.    Member, Women’s Cell, Dispur College.

                   17.    Member, Nature Club, Dispur College.

                   18.    Member, Academic Committee, Dispur College.

                   19.    Member, Evening Shift management Committee, Dispur College.

          Members of associations other the College :

                    Life Member :

                   i)       All India Association for Educational Ersearch.

                   ii)      North East India Education Society.

                   iii)     Council for Teacher Education.

                   iv)     All India Association for Educational Technology.

                   v)      Chinmaya Mission.


                   a)      Subject Expert Committee (AHSEC)

                   b)      Adolescence Education Committee (AHSEC)

                   c)      Girls’ Education Committee (AHSEC)

                   d)      Nominated as member of the Governing Body of State Resource Centre, Dispur under the department of School Education and Literacy, MHRD, GOI and selected as Vice-President.

          Social activities :

                            Honorary Secretary of Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, a youth wing of Chinmaya Mission World wide.

3.      Dr. (Mrs.) Bhaswati Baruah Das

          Name        :                            Dr. (Mrs.) Bhaswati Baruah Das

          Date of Birth                         :    01-03-1965

          Department                          :    Education

          Designation                         :    Associate Professor

          Nature of Job                       :    Permanent

          Date of Joining                    :    10 -10 -1990

          Date of Superannuation    :    2025

          Educational Qualification :

          M.A. (Education)

          Ph.D -       Obtained in 2009 (dtd. 27-11-2009) from Gauhati University

          Topic -      Population Education awareness of students and stakeholders perception towards inclusion of population Education in Degree Curriculum.

          No. of Orientation programme / Refresher courses attended :

                   i.       Orientation Programme in Gauhati University from 04-09-200 to


                   ii.      Refresher Course in Education at Academic Staff College Gauhati University from 04-03-2002 to 13-04-2002.

                   iii.     Refresher Course in Environmental Education at Academic Staff College Gauhati University from 30-11-2005 to 20-12-2005.

                   iv.     Refresher Course in Women Studies at Academic Staff College, Gauhati University, Guwahati from 01-03-2010 to 21-03-2010.

          No of Other Training Programme / Workshop / Summer Institue attended :

                   a)      Attended UTA phase I programme held at Sispur College under NSS on 11th August, 2002 (AIDS awareness).

                   b)      Attended workshop on “Mental Health” issues of youth organized by “ASHADEEP”, a mental health society of Guwahati in 2003.

                   c)      Attended the conference cum workshop of the carrer oriented programme on 28th January, 2004 at Dispur College organized by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

                   d)      Attended Faculty development programme in Entrepreneurship at Indian Institute of Enterpreneurship, from 16-02-04 to 27-02-2004.

                   e)      Attended a 2 days Workshop on “Lesson planning and practice teaching” held on 27th May and 28th May 2005 at Gauhati University.

                   f)       Attended Capacity building of Women Managers in Higher Education SAM (Sensitivity / Awareness / Motivation) Workshop held at K. C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati from 16th to 20th November, 2009.

          No of Other Training programme attended :

                   i)       Attended and presented paper in Internatioral Conference on Educational Culture in the 21st century “Knowledge, Teacher, Technology” held at Administrative Staff College, Guwahati from 29th to 31st January, 1999.

                   ii)      Attended State level Seminar on Extension Education and its on Community Development organized by the Academic comittee of  L. C. Bharali College, Guwahati on 14th and 15th September, 2002.

                   iii)     Attended and presented paper in the International Conference on “Education for the Survival of Human Race” at Assam Academic Staff College, Khanapara, Guwahati from 14th to 16th December, 2002.

                   iii)     Paper presented for National Educational Conference by CTE at Agra on “Innovation in teacher education for meeting challenges in third millennium” on 3rd, 4th, 5th Nov. 2003.

                   iv)     Attended the conference cum worshop of the carrier oriented programme on 28th January, 2004 at Dispur College, Guwahati organized by UGC, New Delhi.

                   v)      Attended and presented paper on the UGC sponsored seminar on “Importance of Vocationalisation in the higher education in view of changing trend in the Socio-Economic Aspects” Organized by R. G. Baruah College on 9th and 10th January, 2004.

                   vi)     Attended and presented a paper -

                            Theme - “Leisure time and Delinquency” in National Seminar on Delinquencey and Public Life held at Pragjyotish College on 16th and 17th July, 2005, organized by Sankardev Institue for Human development and Oriental studies.

                   vii)    Attended National level UGC seminar of “Development of youth and role of higher education with special reference to Assam” organized by Dispur College Guwahati on 30th and 31st January.

          No. of Publication :

                   a)      “Education for International Understanding” - Paper published in the book “Education for survival of human race”, in 2003, ISBN 81-7273-163-9.

                   b)      Paper published in the Book “Vocationalisation of higher education” in February, 2004. Name of the paper- “Introduction of Vocationalisation in the higher education in view of changing trend in the in the Socio-Economic aspects”.

                   c)      “Crumbling Social Values : Home environment and youngsters” - Paper published in “Value Education and Society, a collection of articles published by Radha Gobinda Baruah College, Guwahati-25, in 2008.

                   d)      Punlished an Article “Environmental Degradation and Role of Public in its controlling in Academia”.

                   e)      Published a text book for TDC IIIrd semester titled “Emerging Issues and Education” as per G.U Syllabus.

                   f)       Pubished 2 chapters in a book on “Environmental Issues”.

          Member of othe Associations other than College :

                   i.       Council for Teacher Education (Life Member)

                   ii.      North-East forum for the promotion of value based education.

                   iii.     Assam College Teachers Association.

          Involvements with NGO/VO or other social organization etc.

                   Member of Lions Club of Narengi, Guwahati, International

          Examination related and other Non-Academic Activities related to profession:

                   Working an examiner and Scrutinizer of Gauhati University and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.

                   a)      Worked as member of Examination Branch, Dispur College for two session.

                   b)      Worked as treasurer and Secretary of Dispur College Teacher Unit of ACTA.

                   e)      Delivered a lecture on “Environmental Problems” on September 19, 2011 at Udayachal High School.

                   f)       Attended a workshop on semester system at K.C. Das Commerce College in October, 2011.

                   g)      Served as Secretary, Dispur College Teachers’ Unit in 2011-12.

                   h)      Examiner, TDC semester Ist, IInd & IIIrd.

          Mr. Amit Kr. Roy Choudhury

                   2012-13 Mr. Amit Kr Roy Choudhury joined as Asst. Prof. (Contractual)

                   i)       Pursuing Ph.D under G.U

                   ii)      Attented and presented paper on “A study on value crisis and relevance of Ancient Indian Education for development of values and holistic porsonality”. (UGC sponsored national seminar held at Saraighat College, dated 21st and 22nd of May, 2013).

                   iii)     Attented and presented paper on “Empowering women through self-help group in Kaliabor sub-division - A case study” (UGC sponsored national seminar held at Harhi College, Dhemaji, dated 30th March, 2013)



10.    Academic Counseling :

          Students have always been given formal counseling both within and outside the class room. Now, however, academic counseling is being undertaken through the Career Counseling and Guidance Cell. Academic course link include on methods of answering the questions, generally before and after the unit test and final examination. Students are also counseled before every project work, seminar as how to do the work and also after the completion of the work on the loopholes in the work done.


11.    Career Oriented Course :

          The department had started a career oriented 1 year Diploma Course in “Child Education”. The course is sponsored by UGC and affiliated by Gauhati University. From the year 2006 onwards the course is running under the department of Education. The results of the passed out students of this course is highly satisfactory.


12.    Placement and qualification of passed out students :

          1.      Archana Barman            -    Working as a teacher in Cambridge Public School, Guwahati

          2.      Alpana Doley                  -    Working as a LDA in Co-operative Institute at Kokrajhar.

          3.      Biswajit Kalita                  -    Opened own shop.

          4.      Bhaswati Deka               -    Working as Counsellor cum Facultyin Crescent College, Ganeshguri.

          5.      Kakali Sharma                -    Studying Law.

          6.      Barnali Deka                   -    Working at Aviva Insurance.

          7.      Geetanjali Devi               -    Doing MSW at Crescent College.

          8.      Runumi Thakuria           -    Worked as Interior Designer.

          9.      Hemlata Thakuria           -    Pursuing Law.

          10.    Geetanjali Devi               -    Has her own financial establishment.

          11.    Arup Kalita                       -    Working in Railway Department.

          12.    Anupa Chetia                 -    Working as Interior Designer.

          13.    Shabnam Ara Begum    -    Working as Teacher.

          14.    Dipti Knowr                      -    Working as Teacher.

          15.    Kamal Pathak                 -    LIC Agent.

          16.    Dipak Roy                        -    Has an Internet Cafe of his own.

          17.    Barnali Hazarika             -    Passed M.A. from Cotton College working in Insurance Company.

          18.    Nandita Sinha                -    Pursuing M.Ed at Gauhati University.

          19.    Puja Goswami                 -    Working as Teacher.

          20.    Juri Das                            -    M.Ed at Gauhati University.

          21.    Madhusmita Sarma        -    B.Ed., M.A., at Gauhati University.

          22.    Rinti Kumari                    -    Completed M.A. from Gauhati University.

          23.    Prashti                              -    Completed M.A

          24.    Mayuri Sharma               -    Pursuing M.A.

          25.    Mousumi Borkotoky       -    Pursuing M.A.

          26.    Nomi Kalita                      -    Pursuing M.A.

          27.    Rituparna Basumatary  -    Pursuing M.A.

          28.    Pallabi Kalita                   -    Working in a Company

          29.    Biswajit Kalita                  -    Self Employed.

          30.    Alpana Doley                  -    Govt. Employee

          31.    Barnali Patgiri                 -    Pursuing M.A

          32.    Trisha Rani Bhuyan      -    Pursuing M.A

          33.    Gayashree Deka            -    Pursuing M.A

          34.    Menoka Bhattacharya   -    Pursuing M.A

          35.    Barnali Thakuria             -    Pursuing M.A

          36.    Kul Bahadur Newar       -    Working in Delhi Land & Finance in New Delhi.

          37.    Rajiv Deka                       -    Working in Ventura Securities Ltd.

          38.    Rinki Barman                  -    Pursuing M.A

          39.    Bhaswati Deka               -    Working as Teacher.


          Note  :  Unfortunately, the names of all passed out students cannot be given as the department does not have any connection with them.


13.    Strategy for future :

          At present the department is trying to go ahead with different types of formal informal and non-formal activities of students and faculty members. But in future the department will include more activities and programmes for all round development of students of both major and general course students. Following are the proposed future programmes of the Education department.

          1.      Guest Lecture.

          2.      Project work in subject related topics.

          3.      Student exchange programme.

          4.      Excursion from the Education department.

          5.      Awareness programme on environmental education, health, hygiene etc.

          6.      Extension activities on some topics like adult education, women education etc.

          7.      Student bulletin by the student of Major Course.


Detailed Enrolment Position (Stream wise, Class wise) of TDC in General Course for theCurrent and the last five years

   Stream             Year                                  Class wise                             Total

    ARTS                                     1st year         2nd year          3rd year

                       2009 - 2010            265                273                  256            794

                       2010 - 2011            285                242                  221            748

                       2011 - 2012            264                230                  112            606

                       2012 - 2013            N.A                N.A                  180            180

                       2013 - 2014            259                162                   39              416


Detailed Enrolment Position (Stream wise, Class wise & Subject wise) of TDC in Major Course for theCurrent and the five three years


Stream            Year            Class                                            Subject wise


                                                          Ass.    Pol. Sc.    Edn.       Eco.       Phi.       Hist.    Eng.

Arts            2009-2010     1st year                                    15

                                        2nd year                                   15

                                        3rd year                                    02

                                      Sub Total                                 32

                  2010-2011     1st year                                    29

                                        2nd year                                   11

                                        3rd year                                    13

                                      Sub Total                                 53

                  2011-2012     1st year                                    37

                                        2nd year                                   17

                                        3rd year                                    11

                                      Sub Total                                 65

                  2012-2013     1st sem                                    33

                                        2nd sem                                    29

                                         3rd sem                                    16

                                      Sub Total                                 78

                  2013-2014     1st sem                                    33

                                        2nd sem                                    31

                                         3rd sem                                    28

                                      Sub Total                                 92


Detailed Results of TDC in General Course (Stream wise) in Final Examinations of the las five years.

   Stream              Year             Result in Final Examination                Percentage of pass

                                                         Total                     Total

                                                      appeared                passed

    ARTS        2009-2010               201                      117                           58.2%

                        2010-2011               236                      112                          47.45%

                        2011-2012               143                      111                          77.62%

                        2012-2013               180                      145                          80.55%



Detailed Results of TDC in Major Course (Stream wise) in Final Examinations of the last five years.

Stream              Year             Sub. wise             Result in final Examination            Percentage

                                                                                                                                  of pass

                                                                                Total                     Total

                                                                            appeared                passed

Arts               2009-2010         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science

                                             Education                       2                           2                   100%





                     2010-2011         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science

                                             Education                      13                         13                  100%





                     2011-2012         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science

                                             Education                      11                          9                 81.81%





                     2012-2013         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science

                                             Education                      12                         12                  100%





                     2013-2014         Assamese

                                             Pol. Science

                                             Education                      28                         26                   93%






Semester Results


Started from 2011-12

B.A Ist Semester (Dec. 2011)

          Enrolled               :          38

          Appeared             :          29

          Passed                 :          26 (3 back)


B.A IInd Semester (May, 2012)

          Enrolled               :          29

          Appeared             :          29

          Passed                 :          24 (5 back)


B.A IIIrd Semester (Nov. 2012)

          Enrolled               :          29

          Appeared             :          29

          Passed                 :          28 (1 back)


B.A IVth Semester (June. 2013)

          Enrolled               :          29

          Appeared             :          29

          Passed                 :          28


B.A Vth Semester (Dec. 2013)

          Enrolled               :          28

          Appeared             :          28

          Passed                 :          28


B.A VIth Semester (Dec. 2013)

          Enrolled               :          28

          Appeared             :          28

          Passed                 :          26


Started from 2012-13

B.A Ist Semester (Dec. 2012)

          Enrolled               :          37

          Appeared             :          33

          Passed                 :          33 (100%)


B.A IInd Semester (June 2013)

          Enrolled               :          33

          Appeared             :          33

          Passed                 :          32

B.A IIIrd Semester (Dec. 2013)

          Enrolled               :          33

          Appeared             :          31

          Passed                 :          31

B.A IVth Semester (June 2014)

          Enrolled               :          31

          Appeared             :          31

          Passed                 :          29

B.A IËÓ Semester (Dec. 2013)

          Enrolled               :          34

          Appeared             :          34

          Passed                 :          30

B.A IInd Semester (June. 2014)

          Enrolled               :          34

          Appeared             :          34

          Passed                 :          Result not declared.


Detailed about classes held during the last four years (Separate Sheet for each Major)


Academic         No. of              Name of the month          Effective no          No. of              No. of             Remarks

Session             working                                                        of teaching           Holidays         Holidays

                            days                                                              days during          during              during the

                                                                                                  the month             the month       month

2009-2010          00                   July’09                                Vacation               31                     N/A

                              25                   August’09                           25                           06

                              25                   September’09                   23                           07

                              13                   October’09                         17                           14

                              24                   November’09                    24                           06

                              25                   December’09                    25                           06

                              18                   January’10                         20                           11

                              24                   February’10                       Exam                     06

                              24                   March’10                            Exam                     06

                              20                   April’10                               Exam                     09

                              23                   May’10                                24                           07

                              26                   June’10                               26                           04


2010-2011          00                   July’10                                Vacation               31                     N/A

                              25                   August’10                           20                           05

                              25                   September’10                   24                           02

                              13                   October’10                         16                           11

                              24                   November’10                    24                           02

                              25                   December’10                    25                           02

                              18                   January’11                         21                           06

                              24                   February’11                       Exam                     01

                              24                   March’11                            Exam                     01

                              20                   April’11                               Exam                     04

                              23                   May’11                                26                           01

                              26                   June’11                               11                           15


2011-2012          00                   July’11                                Vacation               31                     N/A

                               25                                        August’11            22                 5

                               25                                        September’11    25                 1

                               13                                        October’11          14                 12

                               24                                        November’11     24                 2

                               25                                        December’11     25                 2

                               18                                        January’12          20                 6

                               24                                        February’12        24                 1

                               24                                        March’12             26                 1

                               20                                        April’12                22                 3

                               23                                        May’12                 26                 1

                               26                                        June’12               26                 Nil


2012-2013           00                                        July’12                 Vacation      31            N/A

                               25                                        August’12            23                 4

                               25                                        September’12    22                 3

                               13                                        October’12          16                 11

                               24                                        November’12     24                 3

                               25                                        December’12     25                 1

                               18                                        January’13          22                 5

                               24                                        February’13        23                 1

                               24                                        March’13             22                 3

                               20                                        April’13                23                 3

                               23                                        May’13                 23                 2

                               26                                        June’13               25                 Nil


Detailed Drop-out and success rates during the last three years. (ARTS) Major.


            Year                        Classes                  No. of             No. of Students             No. of                 Success

                                                TDC                  Students            appeared and            drop-out                   rate

                                                                           enrolled             passed in the

                                                                                                        final Exam.

      2009-2010                   Ist Year               17                     17                     Nil                 100%

                                 IInd Year               15                     14                      1                93.33%

                                 IIIrd Year               02                     02                     Nil                 100%

     2010-2011              Ist Year                29                     27                      2                  100%

                                 IInd Year               14                     11                      3                  100%

                                 IIIrd Year               13                     13                     Nil                 100%

     2011-2012              Ist Year                37                     29                      8                78.38%

                                 IInd Year               17                     17                     Nil                 100%

                                 IIIrd Year               11                   11 / 9                    2                81.81%


Library Position

       Total No. of                  Total No. of             Total No. of                      Number of Books Subject wise

           text Books                    periodicals        Reference Books

                                                                                                                       Subjec                                No. of books

                589                          2                      624               Assamese                                                                           Dream                                         Pol. Science

                                 University News                               Education                           1213






For the purpose of NOC/Concurrence :

          A.      Stream wise particulars subject(s) introduced / proposed to be introduced in TDC general Course

           Sl. No.                       Subject                                        Stream            Year of opening

           1.       Assamese (MIL), English,                                  ARTS                      1978

                   Elective Assamese,

                   Political Science,

                   Education, Economics

                   Alernative English,

                   Philosophy, History


          B.      Stream wise particulars subject(s) introduced / proposed to be introduced in TDC Major Course.

           Sl. No.                       Subject                                        Stream            Year of opening

           1.     Assamese

           2.     Pol. Science

           3.     Education    ARTS                                             1978

           4.     Economics

           5.     Philosophy

           6.     English

           7.     History


Detailed Enrolment Position (Stream wise, Class wise & Subject wise) in particular Subject of TDC in General Course for theCurrent and the last five years


Stream       Year        Class                                  Subject wise


                                                   Ass.   Pol.Sc.   Edn      Eco.     Phil.       Hist   Eng.  Alte.   ESL

ARTS        2009-10     1st year                                 93

                                2nd year                                 94

                                 3rd year                                 61

                               sub-total                               248


                2010-11     1st year                                 82

                                2nd year                                 64

                                 3rd year                                 55

                               sub-total                               201


                2011-12     1st year                                132

                                2nd year                                273

                                 3rd year                                156

                               sub-total                               561


                2012-13     1st year                                 90

                                2nd year                                148

                                 3rd year                                 23

                               sub-total                               261


                2013-14     1st year                                259

                                2nd year                                162

                                 3rd year                                 39

                               sub-total                               460


Laboratory Facilities for the particulars subject(s) : Department of Education


          i)       Laboratory Rooms (Department wise)

                   Department                    No. of Rooms                 Size of Rooms (in ft)

                      Education                             1                                   8×15


Departmental Library :


          No. of reference Books - 107


Laboratory Equipments :

          1.      Tachistoscope - 7

          2.      Memory Drum   (Manual) - 4

                                               (Electrical) - 5

          3.      Mirror Drawing Apparatus  (Manual) - 4

                                                                   Electrical - 3

          4.      Human Maze Learning Appatatus    (Manual) - 1

                                                                                    Electrical 3

          5.      Pass Along Test - 4

          6.      Human Brain - 3

          7.      Human Eye - 2

          8.      Human Ear - 1

            9.         Stop Watch - 7


NAAC Visit

NAAC Peer Team visit to Dispur College, Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati-6, Assam during 31st August 2015 to 2nd September 2015 for accreditation (Cycle-II).


The College Authority will verify only the certificate issued by the College Authority on submission of hard copy of the document together with bank draft of Rs 100/- in favour of "Principal, Dispur College" payable at BOB, Dispur Branch, Guwahati and send to the college postal address. There should not be any communication through email or telephone.

College Address:
Office of the Principal
Dispur College
Ganesguri, Dispur
Guwahati 781006
Kamrip (M), Assam


All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords

Students from the College participated in All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords competition and won the 2nd prize on 26.10.2014.


Vision & Mission

To attain and ensure quality enhancement in higher education to produce qualitative productive and expert human cpital for an excellent economic and social life of the state in particular and nation as a whole.

We are committed to the upliftment of the economically disadvantaged section of society through dissemination of learning and uniform expansion of their mental, physical and moral aspects thereby generating for society an effective workforce.

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