1.       Departmental Mission :

          To impart quality education among the students through the knowledge of Assamese culture civilization AND Assamese literature, language.

          to create an academic atmosphere for the study of the ancient culture of the great Assamese Society. Moral and Social awareness among the students.


2.       Departmental Objectives :

          We will try to give knowledge to our students about the cultural heritage of Assam through books, survey, case study, educational tour, students’ exchange programmes and cultural activities. To also develop creative writing capacity of students through seminar, literary competition etc. We plan to form a “Reader’s Society” among the students who are willing to gather knowledge in this field by giving special library facilities in our department. To create awareness specially among the Major students about the origin, formation and development of the Assamese language along with preliminary knowledge about different languages of the world.

          Inter departmental activities will also be done to help the academically weak students by the conduct of remedial course on a regular basis, to undertake activities towards personality development of the students, to conduct seminars, visiting lectures, workshops in order to increase the competency of the faculties. Moreover, to conduct awareness programme on environment has also been done.


3.       Its Achievements So Far :

          ‘Dispur’, an annual research Journal dedicated to the study of the language, literature and culture, edited by the Department of Assamese, on behalf of Dispur College, Guwahati-6, Assam, has been published yearly -

Dispur Vol.- I, December 2003

Dispur Vol. II in 2005

Dispur Vol. III in 2007

Dispur Vol. IV in 2008

Dispur Vol. V in 2010

Dispur Vol. VI in 2012

Dispur Vol. VII in 2013


4.       Its History And Historical Performance :

          With the establishment of the college in 1978 the department of Assamese came into existence. Major subject was introduced in 1991-92. The name of the teachers who had served  in the department over the years are as follows :

          a)       Late Dr. Charan Kour

          b)       Dibya Neog

          c)       Akanti Saikia

          d)       Lily Rajbongshi

          e)       Dr. Joyjyoti Goswami

          f)       Dr. Namita Deka

          g)      Dr. Reena Choudhury

          h)       Malabika Bhattacherjya

          i)        Sunil Talukdar

          j)        Satarupa Devi

          k)       Biren Nath

          l)        Gitilekha Devi Bhagawati

          m)      Dipanjali Bharali

          n)       Ajit Prasad Sarma

          o)       Nabanita Devi

          p)       Gitanjali Saikia


5.       Bio-Data of the Teachers :

Dr. Joyjyoti Goswami, Associate Professor :

Date of Birth               :       01/04/1960

Qualification               :       M.A. Ph. D.

Date of Regular appointment : 01-04-1992

Date of Joinining : 101-08-1987

Date of Obtaining Senior Scale of Pay : 13/01/2000

Date of obtaining Selection Grade scale of pay : 1/4/2005/Associate

Date of obtaining Associate Prof. 1/4/2008

Ph.D. Obtained in 2002 :

        Topic of Ph. D. - Jagannath in the Religiousn, Tradition and Literature of Assam under the guidance of Dr. S.N. Goswami, Rabindra Adhyapak, Deptt. of MIL, Gauhati University.

MRP done in 2009 :

Topic of MRP -River and its associate objects in Sankardeva’s literature.

No. of Seminars attended (National, International and State level) :

        a)     National Seminar attended at cotton college, Guwahati on 20th, 21st January, 2002. topic on “Changing Values of Education”.

        b)     State Level Seminar Organised by L.C.B. College on “Extension Education and its Role in community Development” on 14th & 15th September, 2002.

        c)     UGC sponsored seminar at KRB Girls’ college, Guwahati on 28th & 29th January, 2002. Topic “Tradition and 20th Century Assamese Literatures”.

        d)     Departmental seminar organised by the Department of Assamese, Dispur College on 10th November, 2001 paper presented on the topic- “Asamat Jaganath Parampara”.

        e)     State level lecture on “Library and information Science” held at Dispur college on 3rd May, 2003.

        f)     Deputed as an expert for “conduct of interview for selection of candidates for post graduate teachers” on June, 2005.

        g)    Participated in the International conference on Bhakti Movement & Srimanta Sankardeva in Collaboration with Kalatirtha & P J College from 9th to 11th March, 2007.

        h)     Attended International Seminar and presented paper on “Jaganath Temple in Assam’ and published a collection named “Jagannathar Nam’ on Sept. 2010 at Puri, Rastriya Sanskriti Sanstha (Deemed University).

        i)      Selected as President of ACTA, Kamrup Zone A for 2010-11.

        j)      Related with Text Book preparation of SEBA and open school.

        k)     Attended SAM workshop on January 2011 at Dispur College.

        l)      Organized a seminar on Semester System as President, Kamrup Zone A on    21st April 2011.

        m)    Attended as appointed speaker in 566th Janmajayanti of Sankardeva organised by Srimanta Sankar Kristi Bikas Samiti on 5th Oct. 2012.

        n)     Attended as appointed speaker in 566th Janmajayanti of Sankardeva, organised by Srimanta Sankar Kristi Bikash Samiti on 21st Oct. 2012

        o)     Invited as “Sanchalak - Kavi Sanmilan’ organised by Barsajai Sahitya Sabha on Dec. 2012.

        p)     Attended as appointed speaker by anial conference of Asaom Satra Mahasabha, Majuli on 9th Feb. 2012.

        q)    Attended as a ‘Sanchalak-Kavi Sanmilan’ on 7th Jan. 2014 organised by Prakritik Kavi Sanmilan, Ambikagiri Nagar, Guwahati.

        r)     Attended as critic in Kavi Sanmilan of Barsajai Sahitya Sabha on 24th Feb, 2013.

        s)     Attended as “Sanchalak-Kavi Sanmilan” organised by Bar Sajai Sahitya Sabha, Guwahati on 20th July, 2014.


        t)     Attended Two days state level convention on “Youth for Child Rights” as Union In-charge of Dispur college student union on 12th - 13th Sept. 2014, organised by ASCPC in part membership with UNICEF.

        u)     Attended 6 days workshop on Bargeet from 18th - 23rd July, 2014, organised by Enajani Sanskritic Gosti, Chandmari, Guwahati.

        v)     Paper presented in UGC  sponsored National Level Seminer “Migration and Assam : From the Pre Historic Period to present Day” organised by Dispur College in Collaboration with ACTA, Kamrup Metro Zone, Guwahati on 23rd & 24th Sept. 2013

        w)    Attended UGC sponsored National Workshop on College development - Challange and opportunities” jointly organised by Dispur College and Rangia College in associated with CDC Guwahati ACPC on 14, 15th Feb. 2014.

        x)     Various article and poem, translated short story published in Milanjyoti (Journal, Barsajai Sahitya Sabha), Pradip (Journal of Rtd. profssors’ organisation, Gauhati Univertity) Dispur (Departmental Journal, Dispur College) Rasaranga, Katyayari, Mahamaya, Rangali, Gobinda etc. (Souvenir), Siromoni (Souvenir of Srimanta Sankar Deva Kristi Vikash Samiti, Gunjan (Journal RBI, Employees association) JONAKI BAAT (Progressive Women Magazine, ISSN (2320-5261) Folklore and Folk - E Journal. Janambhumi, Anubhuti etc.


Dr. Namita Deka (HOD) Assamese Department and Associate Professor :

Date of Birth               :       1st of Nov., 1955

Qualification               :       M.A. Ph. D.

Other Qualification      :       Literature and Critic

Obtaining selection Grade lecturer scale on 01/07/2002

Ph.D. Obtained in 1989 :

        Topic of Ph. D. - Jatindra Nath Duwara and his work : A Critical Study.

        Ph. D. Guide - Dr. Lila Gogoi, Dibrugarh University.

MRP done in 2007

Topic of MRP -Women Character in Assamese Fiction of Post Independent period (1950-2000).

No. of Seminars attended (National, International and State level) :

        a)     Attended and presented paper in the seminar of Women’s Research Centre, Gauhati University on 8th March 1997.

        b)     Attended refresher course as resource person organised by Assamese Department of Pragjyotish College under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council in 1998 (10th July).

        c)     Attended refresher course as resource person organised by Assamese Department of Pragjyotish College under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council in 1999.

        d)     Attended and Presented paper in International Conference on Brahmaputra Civilization, held at Guwahati during 20th to 22nd October, 2000.

        e)     Workshop attended in Assam Sahitya Sabha’s Lekhak Sibir from 14th to 18th November, 2002.

        f)     Attended and presented paper in Departmental Seminar organised by the Deptt. of Assamese, Dispur College on 10th November, 2001.

        g)    Attended state level lecture on “Library and Information Science” held at Dispur College on 3rd May, 2003.

        h)     National Seminar attended, organised by Sahitya Academy on Fiction writers.

        i)      Workshop attended as resource person in Mangaldoi organised by Assam Lakhika Sanstha.

        j)      Attended seminar as resource person in Barpeta Grantha Mela in 2003.

        k)     Besides these, many other Seminars attended and presented paper as resource person.

        l)      Attended the conference cum workshop of the career oriented programme on 28th January, 2004 at Dispur College, organized by University Grantts Commission, New Delhi.

        m)    Deputed as an expert for “Conduct of interview for selection of candidates for post graduate Teachers” on June, 2005.

        n)     Participated in the U.G.C. sponsored National Seminar on the Theme “The Problems of Deficit Grant-in Aid college of Assam held at Pragjyotish College, Guwahati, Dec, 1.2.2004 on.

        o)     Presented paper in the seminar on ‘Assamese songs annd Lyrics : Studies in the socio-cultural Perspectives’ held in the Deptt of Assamese, Dibrugarh University in collaboration with Sahitya Academy, from 21st to 23rd March, 2006.

        p)     Presented Paper in National seminar on Sankardeva’s Literature, culture and philosophy held at G.U. on 16, 17 & 18 July, 2006.

        q)    Attended seminar and presented paper on three stages of Modern Assamese poetry organized jointly by the Sahitya Academy, Kolkata and Deptt. of Assamese, G.U. on Jan, 9 & 10, 2008.

        r)     Attended and presented paper as resource person in “Janagosthiya Samasyar Parjalosona aru Samadhanar Upai” organised by “Asom Sahitya Sabha” at Dakshinpat, Nagaon District.

        s)     Delivered lecture in “Akhi Bharatiya Sahitya parisad’s” Seminar on 24/01/10 at Guwahati.

        t)     Attended a seminar organised by All India Radio, Guwahati on the subject “Whether reading habit of general people declined” on 11/02/10.

        u)     Delivered a lecture organised by Diphu Sahitya Sabha at Diphu on 27/03/10.

        v)     Attended a workshop as resource person organised by Akhil Bharatiya Sahitya Parisad on the subject of translation on 28/11/10.


Dr. Reena Choudhury

       Date of Birth                                                 :    01-01-1962

       Date of regular appointment                          :    01-04-1992

       (Date of joining : 30th July, 1991)

       Date of obtaining senior scale of pay             :    13-01-2000

       Date of effect of selection grade scale of pay:    13-01-2005

       Date of obtaining Associate Professor           :    13-01-2008


Ph.D. obtained on 3rd June, 2006

       Ph.D. Topic :Brahmaputra in Literature, an analytical study specially in Assamese literature [Sahityat Brahmaputra : Eti Bislesanatmak Adhyayan (Asamiya Sahityar Bisesh Ulikhan saha)]  under the guidance of Dr. Malinee Goswami, Deptt. of  Assamese, G.U.


MRP done in 2007

       Topic of MRP- Asamiya sahityat Brahmaputra


Refresher and Oriented Course :

       1      UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Assamese held in D.U from 18th Jan. 1999 to 7th Feb. 1999.

       2.     UGC sponsored orientation course from 2nd Dec. 1999 to 29th Dec. 1999 held in G.U under Academic Staff College.

       3.     UGC Ref. course at Academic Staff College, G.U. from 12th June 2006 to 2nd July 2006.

       4.     UGC Refresher Course at Academic Staff College, G.U from 22nd October to 11th Nov. 2008.


No. of Seminars attended (National, International and State level) :

       a.     Attended as a resource person in the workshop for preparation of Learner’s Dictionary in Assamese, Bengali and Oriya held at Eastern Regional Language Centre, Laxmi Sagar, Bhubanewar from 19th to 27th Oct. 2001, organised by the ERLC, Bhubaneswar, Department of Education, Govt. of India.

       b.     Participated and presented in International Conference of Brahmaputra Civilization Organised by Brahmaputra Civilization Research Society on 20th to 22th Oct., 2000 held at Guwahati.

       c)     Paper presented on the topic ‘Kitap Aru Porhuwoir Shristi’ in the seminar held in the Dispur College premises on 10th Nov., 2001.

       d)     Attended and participated in various seminar and Lecture organised by the ‘Sanskriti Anvesak Forum’ of Vivekananda kendra Institute of Culture, Guwahati -1 during different periods.

       e)     Attended the lecture on Mathodology of Literary Research organised by MIL Department, Gauhati University and Uttar-Pub-Bharat Bhasa Sahitya Adhyayan Parisad on 30th June, 2003.

       f)     Attended the lecture on Library and Information Science held on Dispur College, Guwahati on 3rd May, 2005.

       g)    Deputed as an expert for ‘Conduct of interview for selection of candidates for post graduate teachers’ on June, 2005.

       h)     Participated and paper Presented in the International seminar on “The Ramayana : Our Life and Culture” on 4th, 5th & 6th Nov., 2005 held at Guwahati.

       i)      Participated in Dr. P.G. Pandey Memorial Lecture cum National Seminar on Indian Literature, Culture and National integration organised by Bhasa Sangam Allahabad & Dept. of MIL, GU and Uttar Pub Bharat Bhasha Sahitya Adhyayan Parishad on 2nd & 3rd July, 2005 at G.U. Guwahati.

       j)      Attended in the National seminar on Buddhism in North East India : Past & Present jointly organised by Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, nalanda (Bihar) & Shrimanta Sankardeva kalakshetra Society in 2005.

       k)     Participated in the two day seminar on Re-Evaluation of Society justice in vatic and Allied Literature : From Modern Perspective, Deptt. of Sanskrit (G.U) in 2006.

       l)      Paper presented on 2nd world Congress on Vedic Science held at BHU, Varanasi in Feb, 2007. The subject of the paper is “The River Brahmapura in Sanskrit Literature”.

       m)    Attended in the National Seminar on Kumar Bhaskar Varmana and His Times, held in Shrimanta Sankardeva kalakhetra on Oct., 2006.

       n)     Attended as a resource Person in the 11th North East Book Fair, held on 12th December, 2009. The topic of the lecture is “The River Brahmaputra in Literature”.

       o)     Invited as a resource person in a seminar on Life & Work of Mahapurusha Hari Deva organised by Uttar Pub Harideva Dham at Sarthebari on 2nd Sept., 2008.

       p)     Invited as a resource person in a seminar on Women Literature organized by Dimoria Sahitya Sabha at Khetri on 27th December, 2010.

       q)    Participated and paper Presented in the International Conference on Bhakti Movement & Srimanta Sankardeva in Collaboration with Kalatritha & Pragjyotish College from 9th to 11th March, 2007 on “Activities of Sankardeva outside Assam with special reference of Puri Jagannath Khetra”

       r)     Participated & Paper presented on collection & condification of oral literature in the languages of the North East organised by Assamese Deptt. G.U. & Central Institute of Indian Languages of Mysore in 2006.

       s)     Invited as a resource person in the Krishnakanta Goswami Memorial History Sanmilan organised by Dimoria Sahitya Sabha at Khetri on 24th Nov., 2011.

       t)     Participated and paper presented in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on Migration and Assam from Prehistoric period to present Day on 23rd & 24th Sept., 2013 organised by Dispur College, Guwahati in collaboration with ACTA, Kamrup Metro Zone, Guwahati and the topic of paper is ‘Asomiya Sahitya Kshetroloi Prabrajita Ahom Sakalar Awadan”.

       u)     Participated and paper presented in the International seminar on Mamoni Raisom Goswami : Life and Literature organised by South East Asia Ramayana Research Centre & Byatikram MASDO, Guwahati, Assam in association with Assam University, Silchar on 14th Nov., 2013 and the topic is ‘Brahmaputra in Literature of Mamoni Raisom Goswami’.

       v)     Attended a seminar on Race and Ethnic demand of Assam held in Veterenary College Auditorium of Khanapara, Guwahati on 28th January, 2014 organised by Asom Sahitya Sabha.

       w)    Invited as a resource person in a seminar on Woman Empowerment organised by Sodou Asom Lekhika Samaroh Samiti, Jagiroad Branch at Jagiroad on 31st Marh, 2014.

       x)     Attended a International seminar on Charyapada and Contemporary Language - Literature -culture at Guwahati on March 16th & 17th, 2013 and the topic of the presented paper is “Charyapadat Brahmaputra Luitor Prasanga” (Reference of Brahmaputra or Luit in Charyapada)


Mrs. Malabika Bhattacharya, Asstt. Professor :

Date of Birth               :       01/03/1972

Date of Joining           :       26/03/2008 (Non-sanctioned)

Date of Joining           :       1/10/2012 (Permanent)

        Topic of Ph. D. - Folk Elements in Lakshminath Bazbarua’s works.

        Under the guidance - Dr. Bijoya Barua, D. Lit. Deptt. of Assamese, Dimoria College.

        Year of the award of degree - 1/10/2012

        Name of the University : Gauhati University.


No. of Seminars attended (National, International and State level) :

        a)     Participated in Dr. P. G. Panday Memorial lecture cum National Seminar on Indian Literature, Culture and national Integration Organised by Bhasha Sangam Allahabad & Deptt. of MIL G.U. and Uttar Pub Bharat Bhasha Sahitya Adhyayan Parishad in 2005.

        b)     Attended and Participated in various seminar and lecture organised by the “Sanskriti Anvesak Forum” of vivekananda Kendra Institute of Cuture organised by the “Sanskriti Anvesak Forum” of Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, Guwahati during different periods.

        c)     International Seminar, 2013, organised by Assam Sahitya Sabha, Topic : Charyapadat Asmor Loka Samaj.

        d)     National Seminar at Bajali College, Organised by Department of Assamese, Bajali College in Collaboration with Assam Sahitya Sabha, pathsala Branch, Title : Kamrupi Dhulia Dalar Gathan, Nirbalika Sakalor Kala Kauslar aru Saj-Sajja.

        e)     National Seminar at Dispur College, organised by Dispur College in collaboration with ACTA, kamrup metro Zone, Guwahati. Title : Asomiya Bhasar Shabda Bhandarloi Bideshi Bhasar Shabdar Prabrajan.

Publication :

        i)      Edited book : Purani Axomiya Ankiya Nat. ISBN-978-81-927304-3-1, 2013

        ii)     Edited book : Axomiya Chutigalpa, ISBN-978-81-927304-8-6,2014

Article Published :

        i)      Name of the book : Sahitya Anurupa

               Name of the Article : Bihangam Dristire Bazbarua Aru Kripabar.

               Edited by - Gobinda Prasad Bhuyan, ISBN - 13 978-81-7643-115-6, 2014

        ii)     Name of the book : Sahityarathir Sahitya Bichara.

               Name of the Article : Axom Sahitya Sabhar Sabhapatir Abhibhasan : Bazbaruar Jatiya Premar Abhibyakti.

               Edited by : Dr. Maheswar Kalita, ISBN - 978-93-81183-908, 2014


Mr. Ajit Prasad Sarmah (Commerce Stream) Asstt. Professor :

Date of Birth                       :     01/01/1980

Date of Joining                   :     1/01/2013

Educational Qualification: MA in Assamese (A group)

Research Wrok                 : M. Phil from MIL Dept., Gauhati University, 2005.



Publication :

        Sahitya Samskritit Prema Prasanga, Published 2002 (Edited) [Research Oriented]

No. of Seminars attended (National, International and State level) :

        a)     Participated in Dr. P.G. Panday Memorial lecture cum national seminar on Indian Literature, Culture and National Integration held at Gauhati University, 2005.

        b)     Participated in Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Birth Sentenary at Lucknow University held on 14-15 September, 2003.

        c)     Attended and presented a paper titled “Sentiment of love in Madhav Kandali’s Ramayanna”, the second Intgernational Conference on “The Ramayana : Our Life & Culture” held at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra, Guwahati, Assam, India on 4th, 5th and 6th November 2005.

        d)     Participaed in the All India seminar on Great Malayalam Poet G. Shankara Kurup jointly organized by the Dept. of MIL, Gauhati University, Srimanta Sankardeva kalakshetra, Guwahati, kbhasa Kendra, mahatma Gandhi International Hindu University, Lucknow and Bhasha Sangam (India), Alahabad held on 2nd February, 2003.

        e)     Attended the 4 day seminar on “Borrowing in the Languages of North-0East” held at Gauhati University, Guwahati from December 27-30-2002,organised by the Dept. of Asssamese, Gauhati University in collaboration with the Central Institute of Indian languages, Manasgangotri, Mysore,

        f)     Participated in seminar of General Linguistics Philosophy organised by the Nalbari Swahitya Samaj, Nalbari held on 27th Feb. 2005.



6.     Departmental and Individual membership of Local, National and International Bodies / Associations :


Individual Membership :

Dr. Joyjyoti Goswami

        a)     Life Member, Assam Satra Mahasabha.

        b)     Life Member, Assam Sahitya Sabha.

        c)     Life Member, Sankardev Adhyayan Khetra

        d)     Life Member, Srimanta Sankar Kristi Vikash Sammittee.

        e)     Life Member, Pub Guwahati Lekhika Sanstha.

        f)     Life Member, Kamrup Anusandhan Samittee.

        g)    Cultural Secretary, Rag Malika-A School of Bargeet, Khol and Sattrya Dance.

        h)     Life member of Jonaki Bat adhyayan Chakra.

        i)      President of ACTA, Kamrup Zone A from 2010.

        j)      Cultural Secretary, Satra mahasabha, Guwahati Branch, 2014.

        k)     Related with development of text book of Assamese for Class X, SEBA.

        l)      Life Member Barsajai Sahitya Sabha, Guwahati

        m)    Member “Panchasur” an organisation of Folk Culture, Gitanagar, Guwahati.

        n)     Related with Book review works of ‘Grantha Bandhab” litercary organisation, Guwahati.

        o)     Life member ‘Adyayan Mancha’ of Jonakibat - A Progressive Women Magazine.

        p)     Examiner K.K. Handique open University.

        q)    Convenor Admission Committee 2014-15.

        r)     In-charge, Student Union, DCSU.

        s)     Convenor, Alumni Association, Dispur College.

        t)     Life Member, Ram Saraswati Adyayan Chakra, Pacharia, Kamrup.


Dr. Namita Deka

        a)     Life Member, Assam Sahitya Sabha.

        b)     Life Member, Sadau Asom Lekhika Somaroh Samittee.

        c)     Life Member, Asom Lekhika Sanstha.

        d)     Vice President of Poetry - Peace & Friendship.

        e)     Member of Brahmaputra Civilisation.

        g)    Associated with Major Education trust for Assam Valley Literary Award.

        h)     Member of Library Committee of Assam Sahitya Sabha.

        i)      Member of Suravi Sahitya Samaj.

        j)      Convener of Prakasan-Upa-Samiti under Jyotiprasad Agaralaw’s Centenary Programme of Assam Sahitya Sabha.

        k)     Life Member of Kamrupa Anusandhan Samiti.

        l)      Vice President of ‘Biswakosh Prakalpa’ of Asom Sahitya Sabha.

        m)    Vice President of Asom Lekhika Sangstha.

        n)     Member of Akhil Bharatiya Sahitya Prarishad.

        o)     Member of Assam Prakashan Samiti and Sishu Siksha Samiti.

        p)     Jury member of Sahitya Akademy.

        q)    Vice President of Viswakosh Prakalpa, Asom Sahitya Sabha.

        r)     Member of AHSEC’s Text Book Expert Committee.

        s)     Member of NIOS’s Text Book Expert Committee.


Dr. Reena Choudhury

        a)     Life Member of Assam Science Society (Estd. 1953), Latasil, Guwahati-1

        b)     Life Member of Karmupa Anusandhan Samiti (Estd. 1912), Guwahati.

        c)     Life Member of Asom Sahitya Sabha. (Estd. 1917)

        d)     Life Member of Adhyayan Mancha of ‘Jonaki Baat’ a Progresive Women Magazine of Guwahati.

        e)     Member of Dimoria Sahitya Sabha, Kamrup.

        f)     Life member of Ram Saraswati Adhyayan Chakra, Pasaria, Kamrup.

        g)    Member of Nahargurighat Sahitya Sabha, Kamrup.

        h)     Life Member of Oriental Study of India.

        i)      Life member of Asom Janakristi Samaj.

        j)      Hitaishi Member of Kamrup Zila Sahitya Sabha.


Mrs. Malabika Bhattacharya

        a)     Life Member of Asom Sahitya Sabha.

        b)     Life Member of Asom Janakristi Samaj.

        c)     Hitaishi Member of Kamrup Zila Sahitya Sabha.

        d)     Life Member of Ram Sarswati Adhyan Chakra, Pasaria, Kamrup.


Mr. Ajit Prasad Sarma

        a)     Life Member of Asom Sahitya Sabha.

        b)     ‘Hitaishi Member’, Kamrup Zila Sahitya Sabha.

        c)     Life Member, Asom Janakristi Samaj.

        d)     Life member, North-East India Language and Literary Society.

        e)     Secretary, Ramasaraswati Sahitya Adhyayan Sakra.


7.     Admission Process :

        Students are admitted on overall merit basis of General courses. The Department conducts only the Major selection text. (50% is cut of marks in related subject for appearing in selection text) There are thirty two seats for major students in the department.

8.     Internal Assessmenet System :

         Internal Assessment has been conducted through sessional exam (2011-2012)

9.     Facilities Assets :

        Students are our main assets, along with them a small heritage museum and a small library is the other assets of the department. There are 857 books, 9 Assamese journals, 9 English journals and a view collection of old magazines in the departmental library.

10.   Its Strategy for Future :

        i)      To expand the departmental heritage museum.

        ii)     To undertake some Research Projects.

        iii)    To upgrade the Departmental Library.

        iv)    For the improvement of our students and faculty members, we will take some departmental activities which are given below -

               a)    Guest Lecture.

               b)    Professors’ Seminars : where each professor will present a paper on each topic.

               c)    Group Discussion between TDC 1st year Major students and TDC 2nd year major students.

               d)    Home Assignment.

               e)    Students’ Seminar

               f)     Departmental Educational Excursion.

11.   Teaching techniques :

        Teaching in classrooms is done using conventional aids through group discussion and interaction.

12.   Academic Counseling :

        Students are always been given informal academic counseling.

13.   Extension Services :

        The department has planning for doing some services for the culture and linguistic survey in some urban / rural areas of the greater Guwahati. For future days, the department has already undertaken some cleanliness drive through Nature club at Basistha, Ganeshguri and Dispur premises.

14.   Placement of the Students (Jobs and Further study) :

        There is no resource for the placement of the students in the department but the counselling for the higher study is being provided.


Result of Major

        The final year results of the last 3 years are as follows:


               2008 – 2009

                2009 - 2010






















Result of the Dept. of Assamese Major

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Departmental Activities of Assamese Deptt. (2011)

        Date : 12-08-2011

        Departmental Freshers observed.

        Date : 29-09-2011

        A lecturer programme on the topic

        “Asomiya Bhasar Bikriti Aru Amar Dayatwa” Delivered by Dr. Ramesh Pathak, Retd. Professor of Cotton College and renouned Linguist.

        Date : 05-12-2011

        Inugeration of Depertmental Journal ‘Dispur’ by Dr. Parag Kumar Bhattacharyya, Retd. Principal of Nagarbera College and renouned Literature.

        Date : 14-08-2012

        Departmental Meeting.

        Date : 17-08-2012

        Departmental Freshers.

        Date : 07-09-2012

        Departmental Seminar for the student of IIIrd Year.

        Date : 15-10-2012

        Departmental Seminar fo rthe student of 2nd Year III semester.

        Date : 05-02-2013

        A Lecture was organised for the 2nd year students. The topic was ‘Field Study’ The lectur was delivered by Dr. Prabin Chandra Das.

        Date : 21-03-2013

        Inugeration of departmental Journal ‘Dispur’ by Dr. Jatindra Kumar Borgohain.

        Date : 11-04-2013

        A seminar was held for the student of 4th Semester.

        Date : 29-06-2013

        A departmental meeting was held.

        Date : 24-08-2013

        Departmental Fresher.

        Date : 02-09-2013

        A lecture was delivered by Dr. Nagen Saikia, Retd. Professor of Dibrugarh University and former President of Asom Sahitya Sabha.

        Date : 07-10-2013

        Departmental Seminar for the student of 3rd semester.

        Date : 21-01-2014

        Inugeration of Departmental Journal ‘Dispur’ by Mr. Robin Barthakur.

        Date : 29-03-2014

        A Field Study trip to Saraswati Dr. Nirmalprabha Bardoloi’s resident.

        Date : 17-05-2014

        Parents teachers met held

        Date : 01-08-2014

        Departmental meeting.


NAAC Visit

NAAC Peer Team visit to Dispur College, Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati-6, Assam during 31st August 2015 to 2nd September 2015 for accreditation (Cycle-II).


The College Authority will verify only the certificate issued by the College Authority on submission of hard copy of the document together with bank draft of Rs 100/- in favour of "Principal, Dispur College" payable at BOB, Dispur Branch, Guwahati and send to the college postal address. There should not be any communication through email or telephone.

College Address:
Office of the Principal
Dispur College
Ganesguri, Dispur
Guwahati 781006
Kamrip (M), Assam


All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords

Students from the College participated in All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords competition and won the 2nd prize on 26.10.2014.


Vision & Mission

To attain and ensure quality enhancement in higher education to produce qualitative productive and expert human cpital for an excellent economic and social life of the state in particular and nation as a whole.

We are committed to the upliftment of the economically disadvantaged section of society through dissemination of learning and uniform expansion of their mental, physical and moral aspects thereby generating for society an effective workforce.

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