We are committed to the upliftment of the economically disadvantaged section of the society through dissemination of learning and the uniform expansion of their mental, physical and moral horizons thereby generating for society an effective workforce. We aim chiefty :

                   i)       To impart quality education to the socio-economically disadvantaged students of sub-urban and rural areas of the North-East India.

                   ii)      To provide moral, civic and value-based teachings.

                   iii)     To produce workforces with self-determination and the ability to secure self-employment.



          With globally changing attitudes and public demand, the college needed rapid development.To meet this demand, the department has undertaken the following objectives:

                   i)       To provide quality and excellent education at the degree level.

                   ii)      To provide knowledge based education to the present generation and to evolve a system to awaken their latent talents and qualities.

                   iii)     To provide dynamic education required for the present lifestyle that has developed in all parts of the world.


3.  History of the Department of Accountancy (Commerce Stream):

Ø  Dispur College was established in 1978, The College came into existence to meet the growing demand for higher education due to the shifting of the capital of Assam from Shillong to Dispur. During the tenure of Principal, Shri Reba Kanta Hazarika the college shifted to its present premises in 1987, at the foothill of Narakasur Hill near Ganeshguri Chariali, Dispur, in the heart of Guwahati City.

Ø  From the academic session 1991-92 the Commerce Stream was introduced at the Higher Secondary level in the morning shift to meet the demands of the students of the locality.

Ø  From the academic session 1994-95 the commerce stream was introduced at the degree level in the morning shift. GU Permission to introduced TDC 1st Year in Commerce from 1994-95 EC Res No. 94/24/292(39) dt. 17.12.1994.

Ø  The College was recognized by the UGC U/S 2 (f) and 12(B) in 1996 and received regular UGC Grant from 8th Plan onwards.

Ø  Major courses in Accountancy were introduced from the 1996-1997 session for all morning shift degree students.

Ø  Govt. Concurrence also received for TDC 1st Year (General Course) in 2000; TDC 2nd Year (General Course) and TDC 3rd Year (General Course) in 2001.

Ø  National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore recognized the college at the National level in 2004 and was Graded “B”

Ø  The Commerce Stream has been getting Government Financial Assistance from the session 2006-07 at a regular interval till 2012-13.

Ø  Gauhati University grant permanent affiliation for the TDC General Course from the session 2007-2008 and Major courses in Accountancy also introduced in Evening Shift from the session 2007-2008.

Ø  From the session 2011-12, the college has started following the semester system both in major and general courses at undergraduate level as directed by the Gauhati University.

Ø  On the same session i.e. 2011-12, due to increasing workload under semester system and decentralization of commerce stream, the Governing Body of the College created four separate departments e.g. Dept. of Accountancy, Management, Finance & Mathematics in conformity with other affiliating colleges and classes are held in day shift.

Ø  Gauhati University granted permission for TDC 1st Year Commerce (Major Course) in Subject – Accountancy from the session 2004-05.

Ø  Services of 10 faculties, 1 Junior Assistant, 3 Grade IV of Commerce Stream have been Provincialised by Govt. Sanctioned Order No. AHE.133/2013/428 dated 4th January 2014 and become Govt. employee w.e.f. 1st January 2013.

Ø  Gauhati University granted permission for TDC 2nd Year Commerce (Major Course) in Subject – Accountancy from the session 2012-13 Vide EC Res No. R/EC-04/2014/35 (4)  Dated 27/05/2014





Date of joining

Contact No.

Dr. Jyotish Goswami

Associate Professor, HOD




Dr. Ajay Kumar Deka

Associate  Professor




Mr. Kuladhar Patowary

Assistant Professor




Mr. Mriganka Shekhar Pathak

Assistant Professor






5.Subjects of Commerce STREAM:


          TDC General Course : New Course Session 2009-2010 (1+1+1) old course

          Part - I       :        Business Communication or MIL, Fundamentals of Insurance or business Mathematics, Financial Accounting, business Organisation and Entrepreneurship Development, Company law.

          Part - II      :        Environmental Studies, Business Economics, business Statistics, Corporate Accounting, Principle of Management.

          Part - III     :        Information Technology in Business, Business Environment, Marketing Management, Business Regulatory of Management.

          For TDC Classes : Major Course (Accountancy, Management, Finance) :

          Part - I Compulsory                    :   Business Mathematics, Modern Banking Practice, BCC / MIL, FA, BOED, CL

          Major Paper (Any one paper)   :   Cost Accounting, Human Resource Management, Indian Financial System.

          Part - II Compulsory                   :   Financial Service and Service Marketing, CA, PM, EVS, BE

          Major Paper (Any one paper)   :   Management Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Rural and Micro Finance.

          Part - III Compulsory                  :   Taxation and Auditing, IT, BE, MM, BRF, FM

          Major Paper (Any one paper)   :   Advanced Financial Accounting, Customer Relation and Retail Trade Management, Financial Market Operations & Foreign Exchange.

          Ist Semester:

                   General Papers :

                   101 Business mathematics / Fundamentals of Insurance.

                   (Business Mathematics Compulsory for Major)

                    Core Papers :

                   i)       102 Financial Accounting - I

                   ii)      103 Business Organization & Entrepreneurship Development

                   iii)     104 Indian Financial System

                    Specialized Paper :

                   i)       50 seats for each Major Subjects

                   ii)      105 Cost Accounting (Accy)

                   iii)     105 Human Restource Management (Mgt)

                   iv)     105 Rural & Micro Finance (Fin.)

                   v)      Internet & World Wide Web

          IInd Semester:

                   General Papers :

                   201 Communicative & Functional English -I / Functional MIL-I*

                    Core Papers :

                   i)       202 Financial Accounting-II

                   ii)      203 Principles of Management

                   iii)     204 Business Statistics

                    Specialized Paper :

                   i)       205 Management Accounting (Accy)

                   ii)      205 Human Resourse Planning & Development (Mgt.)

                   iii)     Micro Credit Institutions (Fin.)

                   iv)     E-Comerce


                 IIIrd Semester:

                   General Papers :

                   i)       301 Environmental Studies

                   ii)      302 Communicative  & Functional English-II / Functional MIL-II

                    Core Papers :

                   i)       303 Corporate Accounting

                   ii)      304 Direct Taxes Laws

                   iii)     305 Corporate Law

                    Specialized Paper :

                   i)       306 Advanced Corporate Accounting (Accy)

                   ii)      306 Industrial Relation & Labour (Mgt)

                   iii)     306 Financial Institutions & Markets (Fin)

                   iv)     306 Essentials of E-Commerce


                  IVth Semester:

                   General Papers :

                   401 Business Economics

                    Core Papers :

                   i)       402 Auditing & Assurance

                   ii)      403 Indirect Taxes

                   iii)     Financial Services

                    Specialized Paper :

                   i)       405 Advanced Financial Accounting (Accy)

                   ii)      405 Cost & Management Accounting (Mgt)

                   iii)     405 International Banking (FI)

                   iv)     Web-Designing


                   Vth Semester :

                   General Papers :

                   501 Business Environment

                    Core Papers :

                   i)       502 Marketing Management

                   ii)      503 Financial Management

                   iii)     Regulatory Framework of Business- I

                    Specialized Paper :

                   i)       505 Financial Statement Analysis (Accy)

                   ii)      505 Customer Relations & Retail Trade Management (Mgt)

                   iii)     505 International Trade (Fin)

                   iv)     505 Practical ( 1 Credit = 2 hours for Practical)


                   VIth Semester:

                   General Papers :

                   601 Information Technology in Business

                    Core Papers :

                   i)       602 Marketing of Service

                   ii)      603 Modern Banking Practices

                   iii)     604 Regulatory Framework of Business -II

                    Specialized Paper :

                   605 Project Report (on any topic of Commerce, Economics, Business, Industry of Services Sector)

                   (Common for all Major Students)

                   *MIL in Hindi, Bengali, bodo can also be offered (Arts and Commerce) if sufficient number of students are available*


3.   Admission Process:

                    For the general course the students are admitted on overall merit basis. But for the Major course students, there is a provision of entrance with cutoff marks at 50% and preference are given to good marks of accountancy in HS level and according to the availability of seats, students are admitted in the department of Finance.


4.   Internal Assessment System & Attendance: -

                 Internal assessment has been conducted through unit test both for Major and General Students. It was started from the year 2008. In internal assessment 20 marks are given for TDC students. It is given on the basis of guidelines given by Gauhati University. Unit test are held regularly according to the college prescribed date. Internal Assessment for the semester students is done as per instruction from G.U. 2 sessionals are held for each semester and better of the two is given as internal assessment. The average of the total marks obtained is calculated and given. In the same way total attendance is found out and the average calculated. Students must have compulsorily attendance of 75%.


5.   Discipline and Academic Counseling:

                       Discipline is strictly maintained in and around the campus. Students are prohibited from taking Gutka / Panmasala, etc. within the campus. During college hours, students cannot use mobile-phones. Counselling both for academic and personality development                            is carried on by the teachers from time to time. Above all, a friendly environment is maintained both in the class room and outside to make the process of teaching- learning more fruitful. Students have always been given formal counseling both within and outside the class room. Now, however, academic counseling is being undertaken through the Career Counseling and Guidance Cell. Academic course link include on methods of answering the questions, generally before and after the unit test and final examination. Students are also counseled before every project work, seminar as how to do the work and also after the completion of the work on the loopholes in the work done.



                   The following programs are attended by the students of accountancy department which are being organized by the Career Counselling Cell, Dispur College and IQAC cell. The particulars of the activities are given in details as follows:

Ø  Departmental Annual Journal Banijya Prabha:-

The first volume of Banijya Prabha, the annual journal of the department of Commerce was inaugurated by the President of the Governing Body on 28-6-2013 in the presence of all the faculty members (Arts and Commerce) of the college

Ø  Workshop on Revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act:-

Four students of third semester namely, Bikash Choudhury, Kundan Kr. Jha, Nirmal Kr. Nath and Anju Ara Nath along with Prof. Ajay Kr. Deka and Kuladhar Patowary participated in a one day workshop on Revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956 organised by Royal School of Commerce affiliated to GU held on 17th August, 2013. The group of our college was led by Dr. Jyotish Goswami, HOD, Department of Accountancy.

Ø  Lecture on computation of income from salary and Tax Liability:-

The IQAC, Dispur College, organized a lecture on 27-12-2013 on computation of income from salary and Tax liability. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Jyotih Goswami, HOD, Department of Accountancy in the presence of Principal Dr. Amar Saikia, Vice Principal Dr. Nandini Barua Sarma, all the faculty member of Arts and Commerce and Office Staff of our college.

Ø  Workshop on script evaluation and paper setting organized by G.U., Faculty of Commerce:-

One day workshop was held on evaluation and paper setting under semester system of Gauhati University organized by Faculty of Commerce, G.U.

Ø  Lecture on SEBI by Dr. Debabrata Das, Professor, Tezpur University:-

Guest Lecture on “Securities Exchange Board of India” (SEBI) guidelines was delivered by Dr. Debabrata Das, Professor, Tezpur University. The lecture was attended by all the faculty of Commerce stream and students of our college.

Ø  Parents-Guardian meet held on 3-9-2014

A Parent-Guardian meet was held on 3rd September, 2014 to discuss various problems and prospects of their ward. A total of 32 Guardians attended the meet and they put forward their views and opinions about the college.

Ø  Axis Bank Seminar on Young Banker’s Program held on 5-3-2014:-

A one day awareness program was organized by Career Guidance Cell, Dispur College on 5-3-2014. The lecture was delivered by Rajiv Kumar Dutta of Axis Bank, as Resource Person of the Seminar.

Ø  Campus to Corporate, A training Program from 7th March to 16th March 2014:

A training program, “Campus to Corporate” was organized by Orion Edutech Private Limited and attended by the B.Com students of Dispur College. The resource persons included Smita Nag, counselor, Orion Edutech, Guwahati and Simanta Bora, IT Trainer, Silpukhuri and Amiya Dhar. A total of 19 students participated in the program from accountancy department, Dispur College.

Ø  Orion Edutech Program on Skill Development held on 21-01-2013:-

A total of 21 students from accountancy department, Dispur College attended a skill development program organized by Orion Edutech Program. The program was held with the initiative of the Accountancy department of Dispur College.

Ø  Workshop on ethical hacking and robotics:-

A workshop was held on Ethical Hacking and Robotics by APPIN technology on 28-9-2013. 23 students from Accountancy Department of Dispur College attended the workshop.

Ø  Awareness Program on Computer Accounting and Robotics:-

An awareness program on Computer Accounting and Robotics was organized on 24-8-2013 by the Institute of Computer Accounting, Bhangaghar Center, Guwahati. 17 students from Accountancy Department attended the program.



Ø  Hardware and networking workshop:-

A Hardware and networking workshop was organised on 27-08-2011 by Orion Edutech, a 9001:2008 Certified Vocational Training Institute in India, Gauhati Branch. A total of  13 students attended the workshop. The students were all from Accountancy Department, Dispur College.

Ø  Seminar on Mock Interview Skill:-

A seminar was held on the topic Mock Interview on the date 03-09-2011, which was organized by ICFAI. The seminar was conducted to help and prepare those B.Com students which were appearing for MBA entrance appearing students.

Ø  Workshop on Career Counselling organized by Directorate of Employment and Craftsmen Training, Government of Assam:-

A workshop on Career Counselling was held on 15th October 2012 organised by Directorate of Employment and Craftsmen Training, Government of Assam. Lecture was delivered by Jayanta Sarma of I.Q, Guwahati, Mr. Santanu Choudhury of Pragati Institute of Hospitality Management, Corporate Trainer Basanta Gogoi as resource person.

Ø  Graduate Employability Quotient Test organized by CMC Academy:-

A Graduate Employability Quotient Test was organized by CMC Academy, Bora Service on 20-9-2013. 13 students attended the test from Accountancy Department, Dispur College.

Ø  Spot Essay Writing Competition on the Topic, “Philosophy of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan”

A spot essay competition was organized by the Department of Accountancy on the occasion of Teachers Day, 5-09-2014 on the topic, “Philosophy of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan”. The participants were the 5th Semester students of both Arts and Commerce Stream. There were a total of 25 students and the holders of First, Second and Third positions were given prizes by the College.

Ø  Skill Development Program :

Two days Induction Level Workshop was held and lecture was delivered by Chief Life Insurance Advisor of LICI on 25th and 27th Feb, 2013. 20 students of Accountancy Department participated in the workshop.

Ø  Guest Lecture on Capital Market :

One day workshop on “Awareness about Capital Market” was held on 10th Sep. 2011. Altogether  59 students participated in the workshop. The lecture on workshop was delivered by Dr. Debabrata Das, Professor of Business Administration, Tezpur University and SEBI certified Financial Education Trainers.




Ø  Workshop on Persona Enhancement and Stress Management :

A workshop on Persona Enhancement and Stress Management was held on 10-04-13 in associateion with Future Sharp - a joint venture of Future group and NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) Altogether 11 students attended the programme.

Ø  Workshop on Employment Generation Mission :

Altogether 4 students have been sponsored for free course for 200 hours sponsored by EGM (Employment Generation Mission) Assam. It is a joint venture of Future Sharp and NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) a Government of India Body for skill development and employment generation.

Ø  United We March-A National Youth Summit :

Mr. Ravi Kr. Choudhury of B. Com 3rd year participatged as Youth Delegates in the “United We March-A National Youth Summit” B & The Mass Media Grand Final, February 2nd-3rd, 2013, New Delhi organized by The Art of Living.

Ø  Stress Elimination Programme :

Stress Elimination Programme by Swami Alexander of The Art of Living from Netherland. Altogether 12 students and two numbers of teachers attended the programme.


7.DEPARTMENT Library :

          The library is a learning resource centre for our students with access to a wide range of titles by Indian and international authors. It has a collection of about fifteen thousands text books, reference and general books covering a wide range of subjects. It also subscribes to various journals and trade magazines and periodicals. A computerised management package system has also been initiated.

        Books / Journals on Departmental Libarary :    738 Books

          a)      Financial Accounting                    -          47

          b)      Corporate Accounting                   -          51

          c)      Cost Accounting                             -          25

          d)      Management Accounting             -          22

          e)      Anditing                                           -          22

          f)       Taxation                                           -          33

          g)      Advance Financial Accounting   -          25

          h)      Accountancy - H.S. 1st year          -          27

          i)       Accountancy - H. S. 2nd Year        -          39

          j)        Other reference books                   -        447




Detailed Enrolment Position (Stream wise, Class wise) of TDC in major in Accountancy for theCurrent and the last four years

         Stream                   Year                                   Class wise                                     Total

      Commerce                                      1st year                2nd year              3rd year

     Last 4 Years                2011          109 (2nd sem)        102 (1+1+1)           50 (1+1+1)      261

                                       2012          153 (2nd sem)         93 (1+1+1)            68 (1+1+1)      314

                                  2013 (Sem)      89 (2nd sem)        119 (4th sem)          90 (1+1+1)      298

                                  2013 (Sem)      89 (2nd sem)        119 (4th sem)          90 (1+1+1)      298

                                  2014 (Sem)      54 (1st sem))         78 (4th sem)           95 (6th sem)    235


Detailed Results of TDC in Major Course (Accuntancy) in Final Examinations of the las four years.

         Stream               Year                Result in Final Examination              Percentage of pass

                                                        Total appeared          Total passed

      Commerce      2011 (1+1+1)                         50                            44                         88%

                             2012 (1+1+1)                         68                            62                         91%

                                       2013 (1+1+1)                         90                            83                         92%

                                    2014 (SEMESTER)                      95                            95                         100%


Enrolments and Results of the Department of Accountancy

B.Com (major) Result :


No. of students passed with %

                                              Total                 60%            2nd class           Simple            Fail

                                            Appeard             above         40% above             

2012         3rd (1+1+1)                 68                     5                   54                    3                  6

                1st (1+1+1)                93                    10                  78                    2                  3

                2nd sem                     153                   11                  125                   5                 12

2013         3rd (1+1+1)               90                    Nil                  58                   25                  7

                4th sem                     119                   10                  68                   21                 20

                2nd sem                     89                     8                   52                   12                 17

2014         6th sem                      95                     6                   83                    2                  4

                4th sem                      78                    10                  52                    7                  9

                2nd sem                    54                              Result not declured



         Academic Result - 2010

          i)       1st Class in Accountcancy Matojr - One, 1, Roll C-10614, No. 0033

          ii)      2nd Class in Accountcancy Matojr students - 26

          iii)     Simple Pass  10 students


        Academic Result - 2011

          i)       1st Class - no. of students- 1, Roll C-11614, No. 0221 with distinction

          ii)      2nd Class - 36 in Accuontancy Major

          iii)     Simple Pass in Major 7 no. of students


1st Class in Accountancy (B.Com 3rd Year) for the year 2012 under G.U.

1.    Namita Talukdar         Roll  C-12614          No. 0217                1st Class Distinction

2.     Bablur Rahman           Roll  C-12614          No. 0032                1st Class Distinction

3.     Rajesh Sharma           Roll  C-12614          No. 0154               

4.     Prakash Kr. Sah         Roll  C-12614          No. 0124                1st Class Distinction

5.     Ashim Kr Deka           Roll  C-12614          No. 0020                1st Class Distinction

2nd Class in  Major subject (Accountancy)

          Total No. of students- 54

          Simple pass in major subject (Accountancy)- 3 nos students.


         Academic Result - 2013

          i)       1st Class in Accountcancy Matojr - Nil

          ii)      2nd Class in Accountcancy Matojr students - 58

          iii)     Simple Pass  25 students


         Academic Result - 2014

          i)       1st Class - 6 no.

                   Imran Ahmed, Percentage 69.29%, (Roll No. 100)

                   Md. Aftab Hussain, Percentage 61% (Roll No. 002)

                   Anirban Sarma, Percentage 60% (Roll No. 013)

                   Shoidul Islam, Percentage 60.35% (Roll No. 255)

                   Priyanka Kumari, Percentage 60.25% (Roll No. 317)       

                   Sarita Kumari, Percentage 60.63% (Roll No. 358

          ii)      IInd Class - 83 studens

                   Simple pass : 2 nos.

                   Total appera : 95

                   Percentage : 100% pass in major students

9. Detailed about classes held during the last three years

(Separate Sheet for each Major)


Academic    No. of          Name of the month  Effective no        No. of          No. of       Remarks

Session       working                                       of teaching      Holidays     Holidays

                   days                                           days during     during the   during the

                                                                       the month         month         month


2010 - 11      00               July’10                        Vacation              31              N/A

                   25               August’10                        20                  05

                   25               September’10                   24                  02

                   13               October’10                       16                  11

                   24               November’10                    24                  02

                   25               December’10                    25                  02

                   18               January’11                       21                  06

                   24               February’11                   Exame               01

                   24               March’11                       Exame               01

                   20               April’11                         Exame               04

                   23               May’11                             26                  01

                   26               June’11                            11                  15

2011 - 12      00               July’11                        Vacation              31              N/A

                   25               August’11                        22                   5

                   25               September’11                   25                   1

                   13               October’11                       14                  12

                   24               November’11                    24                   2

                   25               December’11                    25                   2

                   18               January’12                       20                   6

                   24               February’12                      24                   1

                   24               March’12                          26                   1

                   20               April’12                            22                   3

                   23               May’12                             26                   1

                   26               June’12                            26                  Nil


2012 - 13      00               July’12                        Vacation              31              N/A

                   25               August’12                        23                   4

                   25               September’12                   22                   3

                   13               October’12                       16                  11

                   24               November’12                    24                   3

                   25               December’12                    25                   1

                   18               January’13                       22                   5

                   24               February’13                      23                   1

                   24               March’13                          22                   3

                   20               April’13                            23                   3

                   23               May’13                             23                   2

26    June’13  25                                    Nil

10.  Profile of Faculty Members:




1.         Name                                                    :            DR. JYOTISH GOSWAMI.

2.         Father’s Name                                  :            Sri Gopal Ch. Goswami

3.         i)        Present Address                   :            Dr. Binoy Kr. Tamuly Path, Gotanagar, Rongbhumi, Ghy-11

                                                                                                                Ph. No-9864136809, 9435306043

             ii)       E-mail ID                                    :            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

             iii)      Permanent Address             :            Vill: Baredala, P.O. Kendua, Via – Bezera

                                                                                        Dist: Kamrup, Assam.

             iv)     Date of Birth                            :            01-04-1966

4.         Educational Qualification             :            M.Com. from Gauhati University in 1991 securing  1ST Class, Ph. D.

5.         (a) Research Contribution (Ph.D)           :      Awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D)

                                                                                                                 By the Gauhati University in the year 2006.

          (b) Title of Research

             Paper (Ph. D)                                      :        “Human Resource Development – a Case Study on Compensation Planning in Few Select Organizations.”

6.         Teaching Experience                     :            Ihave been working as Assistant Professor (HOD) in the Commerce            Stream (Accountancy) ofDispur College since Aug. 1995  (Accredited “B”  by NAAC)


7.      Guideship of Ph. D. /  M.Phil (Commerce ) and Ph. D.:

          Recognized as a guide for 6 scholars in Commerce Course leading to the award of  M.Phil degree by Vinayaka Mission University, Salem,and a guide for  4 scholars in Commerce & Management Course leading to the award of Ph. D . Degree by  Singhania University, Rajasthan.



8.      Field Survey in various organisation :

          Case Study in the field of various Corporate House & Private Organisation to know the Economic Activities, Accountability and Financial Results of the Organisation along with students of 6th Semister of Dispur College as per G.U. guidelines in the year of 2014.

9.      Course Coordinator / Convenor :

          I.        Course Coordinator of Remedial courses for only minority students at Dispur College   sponsored by UGC Xth Plan 2006-07

10.    Paper Presentation & Publication:                                               

          I.        UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Migration and Assam from Pre-Historic Period to Present Day” held on 23rd & 24th Sept., 2013 organised by Dispur College.

          II.       Paper published under UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Importance of Vocationalisation in the Higher Education in View of Changing Trend in the Socio-Economic Aspects” Organized by R.G.Baruah College,

                   Guwahati on 9th & 10th January, 2004

          III.      During the  Silver Jubilee Celebration of Dispur College on 29th Aug, 03 former V.C. Dr. D.P. Baruah, formally released my paper entitled “New Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education”.

          IV.     Silver Jubilee Celebration by Gauhati University Workman’s Association. Title of my article:   “Human Resource Development with Special Reference to Compensation Planning in an   Organization”.

          V.      Paper Presented under UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Migration in the content of Exonomic and Socio-Political Problems in N.E. Region” - Organised by Dispur College in Collaboration with ACTA, Kamrup Metro Zone, Guwahati.

          V.     Souvenir on Alumni Meet organized by Gauhati Commerce College on 30th Nov.2003. Title of    Article: “ New challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education”

          VI.     Seminar paper presented in the faculty of Commerce in Gauhati University for Ph.D. final Registration.

          VII.    Various Publications in daily news papers/magazines on Socio-Economic Problems.

11.   Publication of Thesis by ICSSR :

          I.   Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) New Delhi has accepted to publish my thesis for the research scholars under National Science Documentation Centre (NASSDOC Library) .

12.    Workshops / Seminars attended:

          I.        International level – “One day international conference on “Business Process Outsourcing” organized by the Deptt. Of M.B.A., Gauhati University on 31st January, 2004

          II.       National level

          (a)     Participated in the UGC sponsored National level seminar organized by Dispur College on 30th & 31st Jan/08. Title of the seminar was “ Development of youth and role of higher  education with special reference to Assam.” 

          (ii)      National level seminar on “Global Convergence of Commerce Education”Jointly organized by  the Deptt. of Commerce, GU and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi  on 28th June, 2006.

          III.      North Eastern Council (NEC) sponsored national level workshop on “Undergraduate Commerce Syllabus in the Context of Changing Business Scenario” held at Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati on 29th & 30th May 2007. 

          IV.     A Joint Seminar on “Commerce Education in the Millennium” organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. New Delhi and Tezpur University (Central) April 26th & 27th, 2003.

          V.      Participated in an ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on “Rural Transformation with special reference to North East Region” organized by Dept. of Commerce & Economics, Gauhati University on 27th & 28th February 2004.

          VI.     Participated in a conference cum-workshop of the Career-oriented Programme at the first Degree level on “Vocationalization of Higher Education” on 28th January, 2004 at Dispur College organized by University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi. 

          VII.    UGC sponsored National Seminar an “Convergence of Accounting Standard” - organised by Shillong College & Shillong College Academy Society held on 24th May & 25th May, 2013.

13.    North East level Seminar:

          Joint seminar on “Challenges Before Accounting Profession” organized by Gauhati University and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. (East India Regional Council Guwahati Branch) on 20 September, 1997.




14.    State level Seminar / Workshop:

          I.        Participated in the Seminar on “Commerce Education and Job Market” organized by K.C. Das Commerce College on 11th Nov. 1999.

          II.       Attended a state level lecture on “Library and Information Science” Organised by Dispur College on 3rd May, 2003.

          III.      Attended a lecture on “Entrepreneurship Development” by resource person Dr. Sunil Kr. Saikia, Faculty member of Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship on 30th Nov. 2003.

          IV.     One day workshop on “Impact of Climate Change on Urban Life with Special reference to Guwahati” Organised by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June, 2014 at Guwahati.

          V.      One Day Workshop on Revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act., 1956 Organised by Royal School of Commerce, Royal Group of Institution, Affiliated to G.U. held on 17th August, 2013.

15.              Academic  / Examination Activities :

          1       Guest Editor of  “International Journal of Computer Applications in Engineering Sciences”

                   (IJCAES) ISSN : 2231-4946 Special issue on Basic, Applied & Social Sciences, July, 2012.

          2.      Chief Editor of “Banijya Prabah” an Annual Journal of Commerce Stream, Dispur College.

          3.      Head Examiner of 3rd Semester (Accountancy  Major) Examination 2013 of G.U. at Gauhati Commerce College Zone.

          4.      Head Examiner of H.S. Final Exam. / 2013 (Accountancy) at Guwahati Commerce College.

          5.      Examiner  of B.Com. 3rd Semester, B. Com. Part II & Part III Exam. 2013 & H.S. Accountancy Final Examination, 2013.

          6.      Writer of the book of Financial  Accounting 1st Semester, G.U. as per G.U. Syllabus, Core Course.

          7.      Writer of a book on Human Resource Development (1st & 2nd Semester, G.U. as per G.U. Major Course Syllabus.)

          8.      Member of Syllabus Committee of G.U. for undergraduate Course of Commerce.

          9.      Member of New Syllabus Committee of Higher Secondary Level of Assam, Higher Secondary Education Council.

          10.    Supervisory Officer of TDC Part II & Part III Examination, 2013, G.U. at North Guwahati College.

          11.    Supervisory Officer of 2nd Semester Exam. 2013, G.U. at S.A. Academy for B.Com. IInd Semister Exam. (G.U.) and North Guwahati College for B.A. / B.Sc. Part - II & III Final Exam. (G.U.)

          12.    Officer Incharge of B.Com Part - I, II & III from 2007 to 2012 and B.Com. Semister Exam. (G.U.) from 2011 to 2012.

          13.    Member of C.C.S. undergraduate Course of Gauhati University.

          14.    External Examiner for the viva-voice to the major project of MBA 4th Semester held on 21st May, 2012 at NEF college of Management & Techinology under Dibrugarh University.

          15.    External Examiner for the viva-voice for final semister of MBA students on 20th June, 2010 and 11th June at Central IT College under Sikkim Manipal University.

16.              Socio-Economic Activities :

          i)        Presiding Officer of Polling Station No. 48 of 54 West Guwahati, Assembly Constituency Comprised in the 7th Guwahati Parlimentary Constituency Election (MP) held on 24th April, 2014.

          ii)       Presiding Officer of Guwahati Municipalty Corporation Election for Councilar held on 19th June, 2013.

          iii)      Member of Dispur College Students Union Election for the session 2014-15 held on 14th September, 2014.

          iv)      President of Rangbhumi Unnayan Committee for the last five years.

          v)      President of Greater Jalukbari Bihu Committee for the last three years.

          vi)      Member of Construction Committee of West Guwahati Commerce College.       

17.    Awarded  Ph. D.  under my guideship from Singhania University :

          a)      Dr. Kaustury Borah, Assistant Professor, N.E.F, Law College, Guwahati, Affiliated to G.U.  from Singhania University, Rajasthan. Jhunu Jhunu established u/s 2 (f) of UGC Act., 1956.

          b)      Dr. Rinku Agarawal, Assistant Professor, N.E.F, Law College, Guwahati, Affiliated to G.U. from Singhania University, Rajasthan, Jhunu Jhunu established u/s 2 (f) of UGC Act., 1956.

18.    Awarded M.Phil  under my guideship from Vinayaka Mission University, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India :

          a)      Mr. Safiqul Rahman, Assistant Professor , Pachim Guwahati Mahavidyalaya, Dharapur from Vinayak Mission University, Saleem.

          b)      Mr. Ajay Kr. Deka, Assistant Professor, Dispur College from Vinayak Mission University, Saleem.

          c)      Mr. Hirandra Kr. Sarkar, HOD, Dept. of BBA, Dispur College from Vinayak Mission University, Saleem.

          d)      Sri Kuladhar Patowary, Assistant Professor, Dispur College from Vinayak Mission University, Saleem.

          e)      Mrs. Hama Gogoi, Assistant Professor, N.E.F., Law College from Vinayak Mission University, Saleem.

          f)       Dr. Rinku Agarawal, N.E.F., Law College from Vinayak Mission University, Saleem.

19.    Research Scholar  for Ph. D. under my guideship :

          a)      Mr. Novajyoti Dutta, Assistant Professor, Naharkotia College.

          b)      Mr. Parash Moni Das, Singer


B.   Dr. Ajay Kumar Deka, Assistant Professor



Father’s Name               :    Late Ranidhar Deka

Address                           :    Rupnagar, Near Rupkala Sanskritik Sangha


Communication Add.   :    Rupnagar, Near Rupkala Sanskritik Sangha


Phone                              :    9864015629

Date of Birth                   :    27-10-1972

Nationality                      :    Indian

Religion                           :    Hinduism



Academy Qualifications   :

Exam Passed          University         School/College/        Year of         Percentage/       Division/

                                  Board                 Institution            passing          CGPA (%)           CI ass

H.S.L.C                       SEBA                 Milan High              1988                 47%                  2nd



H.S (Commerce)         AHSEC             Sarthebari H.S           1990                 50%                  2nd


B. Com                      Gauhati          Gauhati Commerce        1993                 56%                  2nd

(Accountancy)          University

M.Com                       Gauhati          Gauhati University     1995 held             63%                   1st

(Accountancy)          University                                          in 1996

B.Lib.Sc.                    Gauhati          Gauhati University         1997                 57%                  2nd

M.Phil                         V.M.U.                   V.M.U.                 2009                 61%                   1st

Ph.D                            G.U.                       G.U.                   2013

Project Work :

          Prepared and submitted dissertation as part of M.Com Course Curriculum on “Entrepreneurship as a Career Option for Commerce Students : A Study with special reference to the undergraduate students of Gauhati University”



1.         Name                                                    :            Kuladhar Patowari

2.         Father’s Name                                  :            Late Bhupen Patowari

3.         i)        Present Address                   :            Hengrabari, Near Kali Mandir, Guwahati – 36

             ii)       E-mail ID                                    :            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

             iii)      Permanent Address             :            Vill – Chenga, P.O.- Chenga, P.S.- Bahari

                                                                                        Dist.- Barpeta (Assam)

             iv)     Date of Birth                            :            01-03-1974

4.         Educational Qualification             :            M.Com. from Gauhati University in 1998 securing  1ST Class,

5.         Teaching Experience                     :            Ihave been working as Assistant Professor in the Commerce Stream (Accountancy) ofDispur College since Aug. 2004.


6.      Field Survey in various rganizedon :

          Case Study in the field of various Corporate House & Private Organisation to know the Economic Activities, Accountability and Financial Results of the Organisation along with students of 6th Semister of Dispur College as per G.U. guidelines in the year of 2014.

7.      Paper Presentation:         

          I.        National Level UGC Seminar on Development of  Youth & Role of Higher Education with Special Reference to Assam, organized by Dispur College on 31st January, 2008.

          II.       Various Publications in daily news papers/magazines on Socio-Economic Problems.


8.      Workshops / Seminars attended:

          I)       One Week Training Course on “Participation of College Disaster Management Plan” at Centre for Natural Disaster Management, Assam Administrative Staff College, Khanapara, Guwahati – 22.

          II)      UGC sponsored National Seminar an “Convergence of Accounting Standard” – rganized by Shillong College & Shillong College Academy Society held on 24th May & 25th May, 2013.

          III)     UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Migration and Assam from Prehistoric period to present day organized by Dispur College on 23rd & 24th September, 2013.

          IV)     Workshop on “Paper Setting & Evaluation of Answer scripts in Commerce” held on 22nd May, 2014 in the Department of Commerce, Gauhati University.

          V)      The Workshop on “ Impact of climate change on Urban Life with special reference to Guwahati” – organized by Assam State Disaster Management Authority on 5th June, 2014.

9.                Academic  / Examination Activities :

          1.      Examiner of 3rd Semester (Accountancy  Major) Examination 2013 of G.U. at Gauhati Commerce College Zone.

          2.      Examiner  of B.Com. 3rd Semester, B. Com. Part II & Part III Exam. 2013 & H.S. Accountancy Final Examination, 2013.

10.              Socio-Economic Activities :

          i)        Presiding Officer of Guwahati Municipalty Corporation Election for Councilar held on 19th June, 2013.





1.      Name:                                                 Mriganka Shekhar Pathak

2.      Father’s Name:                                   Dr. Rati Kanta Pathak

3.      Home Address:                                   Pushpalaya, House Number 14,
                                                            Bhaskar Nagar, Guwahati- 781021

4.      Address for Communication:           C/o Dr. Rati Kanta Pathak,
                                                            HoD, Business Management,
                                                            Gauhati Commerce College.
                                                            R.G.Baruah Road, Guwahati-781021

5.      E-mail:                                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6.      Phone:                                                            8402844105 / 8876506760

7.      Date of Birth:                                                02-02-1991

8.      Nationality                                         Indian

9.      Religion                                              Hinduism

10.   Academic Qualifications:                                                                                                                              

Exam Passed

University/ Board


Year Of Passing

Percentage / CGPA                (%)




Modern High School




H.S (Commerce)


Gauhati CommerceCollege




B.Com (Accountancy)

Gauhati University

Gauhati Commerce College




M.Com (Accounting & Finance)


Gauhati Commerce College




11.  Other Achievements:

a.      NET qualified December 2013

b.      SLET qualified December 2013

12.  Project Work:

Prepared and submitted dissertation as part of M.Com 3rd Semester Course Curriculum on “Entrepreneurship as a Career Option for Commerce Students: A Study with special reference to the undergraduate students of Gauhati Commerce College”

13.  Participation in Seminar:

a.      Attended UGC Sponsored Seminar on TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT OF ASSAM organized by KRB Girls College, Fatasil, Guwahati and presented a paper on “Promotion of Tourism with Special Reference to Arunachal Pradesh”.

b.      Attended UGC Sponsored Seminar on “ROLE OF NGOs IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE NORTH-EAST ECONOMY” organized by Pragjyotish College, Guwahati and presented a paper on “Roles and Challenges of NGOs with special reference to North-East India”.

c.       Attended UGC Sponsored Seminar on “ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT OF RURAL FARMERS: PROSPECTS AND PROBLEMS IN THE NORTH EASTERN REGION” organized by DHSK Commerce College, Dibrugarh and presented a paper on “Problems of Vegetable Farmers: A Study of Gobardhana Development Block Under Barpeta District”.

14.  Research Papers:

The following research papers are submitted and expected to be published soon:

a.      DHSK Commerce College Research Journal, Dibrugarh holding ISBN entitled “Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh: Bottlenecks and Prospects”

b.      Tinsukia Commerce College Research Journal, Tinsukia holding ISSN entitled “Entrepreneurship as a Career Option for Commerce Students: A study with Special Reference to the Undergraduate Students of Gauhati Commerce College”

15.  Other Achievements:

Passed Common Proficiency Test (CPT) conducted by Institute of chartered Accountants of India on 2009.

16.  Teaching Experience:

Presently working as an assistant professor of accountancy at Dispur College, Guwahati.


NAAC Visit

NAAC Peer Team visit to Dispur College, Ganeshguri, Dispur, Guwahati-6, Assam during 31st August 2015 to 2nd September 2015 for accreditation (Cycle-II).


The College Authority will verify only the certificate issued by the College Authority on submission of hard copy of the document together with bank draft of Rs 100/- in favour of "Principal, Dispur College" payable at BOB, Dispur Branch, Guwahati and send to the college postal address. There should not be any communication through email or telephone.

College Address:
Office of the Principal
Dispur College
Ganesguri, Dispur
Guwahati 781006
Kamrip (M), Assam


All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords

Students from the College participated in All Guwahati Ridip Dutta Memorial Chords competition and won the 2nd prize on 26.10.2014.


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